by Rachel Lynch

The lavender moon, so heavy in the sky. And my hair is being pulled by the stars again. Everything I love, becomes everything I do. 

But angelbaby, you've got me feeling kind of blue. I wish I had done everything with you. And I try to excite myself, so I stay crazy. No one does it like you, and I fear that no life will ever be like this again. Your love kept me alive, and it made me insane. 

Your skin like velvet, your hair like butterflies. I want to touch every cell in your body, and make you cringe the way I did when you told me you didn't want me. 

But I guess a real lover doesn't discourage your growth. A real lover says, "I see who you are today and I can't wait to see who you will become tomorrow." 

If you want to find yourself, you must explore your dreams alone. You must grow at a slow pace, in a dark cocoon of loneliness, so you can fly like wings when you awaken. 

If you're looking for a dream girl, I'll never be your dream girl. 


white harness by VidaKush

sicily panty + bra by For Love & Lemons

cloud thigh-high boots by Dolls Kill

black lingerie set by Cantiq

photos by Daniel Rosenthal

make-up by Gina Frey 

black sun

by Rachel Lynch

The blackest sun, the blackest day. I will never, ever regret the things I've done. Because most days, all you have is the places in your memory that you can go. 


full look available on Vogos

photos by Christina Emilie

Mouthful of Diamonds

by Rachel Lynch

Wake up. You're getting high on your own supply. You've got a mouthful of diamonds and a chest full of secrets. You tell the truth, when you could of lied. 

And maybe when I'm smaller, I won't feel the need to get so high. But so much has happened in such a short amount of time. 

I could of gone easier on you. 

swimsuits by WOW Couture

makeup + hair by Katy Ramirez

photos by Richard Cordero

Americana Blonde Collection

by Rachel Lynch

The day is finally here where you can shop my jewelry collection online!!!!! Lots of love, rock n roll, and hard work went into designing these rose gold pieces, so I really hope you all enjoy! The quality is insane and I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos in them!! Just hashtag #AmericanaBlonde when you post so I can see how you style it! <3 



sweater weather

by Rachel Lynch

She's wearing last season's sweater, but I wore it last season better, (insert blonde girl emoji with one hand up here) 


happy friday baby blondes!! Remember that monday my jewelry line drops! 



sweater from MLTD

Metal Heart

by Rachel Lynch

Losing the reasons why I love you so. You look so satisfied, I hold back. Hang me upside-down, play me music. Sooth my soul. Hold my demons up to the light. Never had something like this. 



sweater + leggings by ASOS

photos by Dustin Genereux

pizza party princess

by Rachel Lynch

 If Marie Antoinette ate pizza, she would wash it down with rosé. If she ate chocolate cake, she would do it in Wildfox

Wildfox girls are inspired by history's most fabulous and tragic women. They shake dreams from their blonde hair and throw slumber parties. They spend all day in their baggy beach jumpers in the kitchen dancing to Grimes and preparing magical appetizers and moon dust pina coladas for their friends. 

They sleep on a cloud white bed and have a rainbow dream journal on the nightstand filled with astral projection nighttime wanderings. They don't watch tv, their imagination is far too big. They switch dimensions, and take care of their families. They are filled with so much love, light and energy. They are always creating, always dreaming, always moving. 

They are red lipstick and late nights. They are pink thigh-high boots and fuzzy coats in Manhattan. They are rainbow and alien emojis. They are blue eyes and vodka martinis. 

They are all the magic that life truly is. 


pizza party teeshirt by Wildfox

"let them eat cake" sweatshirt by Wildfox

makeup by Melibeautii

photos by Dustin Genereux

Life in the Vivid Dream

by Rachel Lynch

I could live in my own world. Maybe I have, or maybe I currently do. 

And I could tell you about what it's like here, but it would just be a lie. This place looks just like my soul. I forget to use my physical senses here, and see no separation between body and spirit. Lack of density, and colors surfing in a beautiful universe. My reality is a conscious knowledge of all twelve dimensions. I left my body in the nourishing care of the fourth dimension's etheric web to go and create my dreamworld. 

This is the place where I derive all the inspiration for my 3D art. A place of colors, clouds and love. Where I can drift around in gold glitter boots with a paintbrush for my words. Where I wear white sparkly lingerie all day with pink fingernails. Weave together some stories, some alien girls in watercolors, some eccentric sounds, and get down. I sleep on a white cloud on a silver star and my hands turn midnight blue when they connect to the sky. Butterflies land on my eyelashes and my lips taste like mint ice cream all the time. I enjoy the music, words and images of my fellow alien lovers. We are all star people here. My bed has a sheer white canopy that hangs from the web of the galaxy. This is the place where my character came to be, 

the goal is to stay in her all the time.



cotton candy coat by Nasty Gal

baby blue panties by For Love & Lemons

make-up by Melibeautii

photos by Dustin Genereux


Try It On

by Rachel Lynch

I need the moonlight to keep my thoughts from you. These starry skies I'd always hope for, spent all the hours in this bed for. I have made a rapid inventory of the universe. My dreams and reality blur into this internal proliferation. 

I feel myself changing, you hope that I'm staying the same. My mind's expansion is for my own enjoyment, but aren't I wearing it on my face already? 


blazer by BB Dakota

make-up by Melissa SanAndres

photos by Dustin Genereux

in vein

by Rachel Lynch

Don't apologize, I quite enjoy messy. Playing show after show got you goin' crazy. Little cadillac girl, ride it out for me. From New York to the Nashville City limits. It's a good vibe and I don't know what I might do. 

But I knew just what it had to be, little blonde backstage writing poetry. He wants to buy a dream, I say I don't sell it. Satisfying curiosity with cameras and late nights.  I don't have a single sober vein in my body. 

leggings by ASOS

make up by Meli Sanandres

photos by Dustin Genereux