by Rachel Lynch in

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A long flight from New York to Paris, and a new adventure on her hands. She'd rent a baby blue apartment on the West End, and read Hemingway over morning espresso on her balcony. She'd meet new friends, new artists and lovers. She'd wander the Champs-Elysees in her rose-colored dress and play with the silver necklaces hanging as she pondered concepts proposed by Vladimir Nabokov.

It was almost as if she could taste this daydream as she sunk back into her Brooklyn studio. "It was too good here," she thought. Too filled with colors, and sounds, and inspiration and love. New York was too good to leave, even for Paris.

Sangria Dress by For Love & Lemons

Bat Your Lashes Underwear by For Love & Lemons

X Revolve Little Kitten Slip Skirt by For Love & Lemons

Infamous Bra by For Love & Lemons

photos by Roon