Sleepover Party!

by Rachel Lynch in ,

sleep1 sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5 sleep6 sleep7 sleep8 sleep9As most of you know, I spent last week in Chicago! I was lucky enough to be hosted by the super-chic Dana Hotel and Spa. They gave my manager and I a huge suite with two balconies! We also had a giant shower room and the most cozy bed ever (as pictured above!) We literally didn't want to wake up in the morning, it was like sleeping in a cocoon. We had friends over every night for champagne and pillow fights! It was so nice having such a long stay, I was ready to move it!

Except many more posts coming this week and next taken in and around the Dana!

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bodysuit + fur by Missguided

photos by Kohl Murdock

thank you Dana Hotel + Spa