Blondie Fox

by Rachel Lynch in

We are the makers of dreams, the dream makers. Magic in our eyes that we put on paper and manifest into reality. We live the stuff that starts in our heads.

Create a world of your own in which to dwell, flowers on the wall and glitter in your hair. A leopard rug to roll around in on the floor and a silver mirror fit for a blonde castle. Let your closet spill onto the bedroom floor, pinks furs, lace lingerie, and kitten heels. Let your bed drip layers of soft white blankets like acid in the winter. Keep as many plants as you can in your house, let them grow into a garden in your kitchen. In the fridge, only an endless supply of pink champagne.

Love adorns the walls here, and the East Coast sunset fills the room with sea salt and shades of pink. Pink spilling over the baby cactus in the window, the sun-drenched sheets and the rainbow shoes on the floor. This is a place of magic, where any dream can be pulled into reality.

pink fur vest from Foxiedox only available at Nordstroms

lace bra + underwear by For Love & Lemons

pink shoes by O-mighty Weekend

barbie sunglasses by Wildfox 

photos by David Aronson