sugar-frosted sunset

by Rachel Lynch

Weetzie blonde blew down sunset in a 1950's green cadillac and her best friends. They wore matching neon platforms and oversized sunnies. After a long day of snapping film photos and polaroids on Hollywood Boulevard, they cruised through the Hollywood Hills as the pink sky filled what was left of the crystal-blue day. They spun down from the mountains and headed to Sunset Boulevard, to get dinner at one of Weetzie's favorite diners. Mel's Diner was full of classic turquoise booths and sparkle pink chairs. They drank strawberry milkshakes and shared huge plates of fries. Weetzie smiled, she was surrounded by all the love she ever needed. 

pink heels by Privileged Shoes

hamburger shirt by Wildfox

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Jessica Castro