daydream trip

by Rachel Lynch in

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Hey shady baby, I'm hot. I'm sad. But I need a little sadness. Depression is like a motor for creation. I know you disagree. A surface as dry as Venus, hot enough to melt lead. Being with you is like being on a cloud of sulfuric acid that reaches 100 miles high. We're living in a time of massive change, like the Industrial Revolution on cyber acid.

 LSD burst, psychedelic slip. It was the beginning and we were creating art, creating ourselves. Dressing up and manipulating light. There's more to reality than we've encountered. Pop culture keeps you catatonic, keeps you from searching beyond that which is laid out in front of you. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe you're the chosen one.

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She's A Knockout Bra by For Love & Lemons

Femme Fatal Cheeky Panty by For Love & Lemons

Red Feather Jacket by Line & Dot

photos by David Arronson