Barbie at the Beverly Hills Hotel

by Rachel Lynch

She's a blonde barbie in a dream land. She spends her winter days poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel, depicting dreams in her sticker-covered notebook. She wrote notes of style, spirituality and love. She doodled the tao right next to a pair of thigh-high boots. Sipping rose lemonade and snacking on guacamole under teal and pink canopies, she giggled with her friends and felt the sun's warmth. She crossed her legs and touched the roses on her platform shoes. Her friends were just as dolled-up as her, covered in sunglasses, rings, floppy hats and oversized printed tees. They were quite the trio at the hotel, attracting stares and snapping phone-photos. It was a relaxed afternoon full of laughs and love in the California sunshine, and she wouldn't have it any other way. 


barbie swimsuit + tee-shirts by Wildfox

rose platforms by YRU 

makeup by Celina Rodriguez

photos by JAWNY