desert home, love stoned

by Rachel Lynch in

Lost in the wild. Never knew where we are, never needed to know just where we were. Everything was alright. Breathing the blue air, taking in where I was. We showed up in a 1960s red van, hoped out and took our black boots to the sand. Smoking and swinging in our little desert outfits. We explored the sands with our cameras, telling stories and capturing memories with our lenses. Each unique to us, mountains crawling up and touching the sky. The sun beat down upon our skin, freckles began to show, and we drove from cactus grove to cactus grove, taking in all that we could. The sky was so wide, it was as Fitzgerald said, I was overwhelmed by the inexhaustible variety of life.

But overwhelmed as I was, I found hope in every turn. I realized that in me, there laid an invincible summer.


lingerie set by For Love & Lemons

photos by Shooka