i left my heart in tokyo

by Rachel Lynch

Little weetzie bat blonde in Los Angeles. Sipping cappuccinos in silverlake and eating dinosaur-shaped pasta. She dreamed about falling in love every night. The city of angels was upon her, and she spent most her nights out around the city. Sunset and Hollywood, she drank margaritas outside under the mercury moon with boys. Handsome hollywood dreamer types, the ones that had aspirations galore. She sat outside, eating the salt off the rims and talking about her dreams, but she wasn't really sure where she was going next. California brought her high-highs and low-lows, there wasn't really anything in the middle. 70 degree days and new friends. Long car rides to thai food and playing dress up in gothic cathedrals. LA was alive to her. It shook her little New York spirit and woke it right up. She left her heart there. 


tokyo sweater by Wildfox

makeup by Celina Rodriguez

photos by JAWNY