Something Like Suburbia

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_4941IMG_4947IMG_4957IMG_5064IMG_5074IMG_5085IMG_5091-EditIMG_5116-EditIMG_5120IMG_5122She felt the slip into an alternative reality. Something she escaped long ago. A world of labels and sameness she left for a metropolis to call home. The lifestyle creeped back in, the easy mornings, lounge clothing, and hours spent in front of the television set. She felt far from everything. She looked outside her childhood bedroom window and and didn't see the busy city moving alive around her. There were trees and houses in lines and people with pets. She fell back into the day she escaped, the high-school years spent planning in her bedroom the escape to the creative life. The life of speed and style. What a waste of the time.

I'm Gonna Be Fucking Famous crop top by Golden Haze

Basic Bitches tee by Golden Haze

Scary Terry crop sleeve tee by Golden Haze

photos by David Aronson