Black & White Blues

by Rachel Lynch in


Here's a casual look I threw together with a bunch of pieces I've been gifted lately. I don't know about you, but when the winter comes, all I can do it match black with black... and maybe black with white. I have no desire to wear color, it almost feels wrong. I did a collaboration with instabrand last week, where I wore these awesome black and white leggings and mesh crop top. You can't see the top that well here (my apologizes) but I've been pairing it with high-waisted black leggings and a blazer and it looks killer!! I cut the sleeves off my blazer (so it's a blazer vest) and the mesh sleeves stick out. So like above with my favorite foxiedox black fur vest (the ultimate layering piece) the mesh sticks out and kind of gives a simple black and white outfit an edge. The beetle juice-esque pants I guess are kind of edgy too!

I've been thinking so much about how to make my winter wardrobe cool, it's hard. You all know I'm into bodysuits, lingerie, and fur. Pretty much the only winter thing I have working for me right now is the fur. Okay and maybe some thigh-high boots.. but other than that I'm so stuck! Looks like I'll have to find some warm pieces to adorn my blonde frame. I've been looking at the For Love & Lemons sweaters but I'm not sure what I really want to spend. I also need to find another pair of awesome leather pants. I have one pair from a boutique in Northern Michigan, which are my absolute fav, and one pair from UNIF, but I need more! Hehe! I think I may take a peek at the Dolls Kill sale today! Are you guys planning any big buys for cyber monday?

Lots of Love, enjoy the last day of your weekend!

x x

mesh top + leggings by Grayson

black fur vest by Foxiedox

photos by Brittany Taylor