i cut my fingers on the way

by Rachel Lynch

I've noticed something cool about the things I love. Whenever I'm running, painting, or making photos and music, I do not noticed the passage of time. I think that's one of the most special things we can feel in this time. We're constantly holding our phones, looking at it's clocking, waiting for other people to respond. Isn't it so grand to just be by by yourself? Doing what you love, feeling passion. Everything is everything. Without a clock, without a care. 


hotel bel air

by Rachel Lynch

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too. 

The most painful thing is coming down off your high, feeling like everything, and crashing into nothing. 

They cut you open at the spine, and stardust comes out. You're made of dreams, dreams that are easily shattered by the giving of your heart. 

The human heart is failable, it loves too grand, it takes the blows too deep. 

You are the stuff of mystery, a cumulation of novels and prayers. Don't waste your heart on someone who's figured out less than you. Don't waste your spirit on someone who wants to live scared. You are wild, powerful and full of blooming essence. Don't let someone waste your glow. 


lula bra in nude and pink by agent provocateur

lula big brief nude and pink by agent provocateur

lula pink garter by agent provocateur

julie high neck bra by agent provocateur

julie brief in peach by agent provocateur

boiler suit by I.AM.GIA

photos by devinn pierre


polaroids 1969

by Rachel Lynch

you can have me again. i know we'll make magic and we'll make a mess. and at the end of the week i'll be left to make sense of it all. 

singing your songs and breaking my heart. you bring bright pastels into my paintings and smiles into my photographs. everything moves slower with you. a night can last forever. the full moon feels eternal, we'll never have to wake up. 

heart. head. flesh. i'm growing up and growing out of you. poems are just songs of the healing heart. 

i am grateful. i can smile. we design this love, it can be about what we want it to be about. it's as simple as that. 

i'm on my way, and my heart is wide open.


polaroids by devinn pierre


los angeles in love

by Rachel Lynch

When you realize you deserve more, you will do more. Let go of the people who aren't meant for you, and make it a priority to always be searching for the best in life. 

I don't think I ever understood how consistent actions and small habits make such a huge difference until this year. I was always ridding the wave of consequences, playing the victim to all that I had created for myself. 

Something in this new year woke me up, I feel present. I feel like I am in control of my life. Any unfavorable circumstances are manageable, and I can overcome them with small innovations to my thinking. The willingness to change the thought patterns in my head draws me to the conclusion that anything is possible. 

Prepare yourself in advance for all the decisions you will make today by remembering they are all really very simple. Each one will lead to happiness or unhappiness.

julie high neck bra by agent provocateur

julie brief peach by agent provocateur

julie suspender by agent provocateur

red garter by maison close


give me how it was

by Rachel Lynch

i love paint, lingerie, nicotine fingers, long runs and blush on my cheeks. i love imperfections and marks from your love on my body. i love when i am free enough to merge all my thinking - the daily routine with the creative process. when art becomes life, and there is no cognitive dissonance. 

when i am calm enough to realize that everything is everything, and painting is running, and artistic excellence is athletic excellence. 

when i am bold enough to see outside what i've been told. to release myself from a culture that tells me to define my worth through relationships with men, even though i've never much cared for them. 

self-worth is built upon through doing the things that scare us and lifting the things that are designed to weight us down. you build upon your worth by developing positive experiences in working towards your passions. that is why every day is so important - we are building, moving, progressing. every book, song, trip, person is contributing to the narrative. 

become brave enough to write your own story. be messy and own all of it. 


postcards from spain

by Rachel Lynch

Descending into Madrid with smiles from a sweet slumber. Your casual words lured me into a dreamy sleep. 

We wake to take winding roads of green to our new home. Three days contiguous with the sea.

Modern sliding glass and a shower like a waterfall, this place will do just fine. A bottle of spanish red, and I'm shower-fresh singing love songs on the balcony. 

Constantly reading books, perhaps seeing life from an introspective place. My inner-self is not a go-getter, she's deeply complicated and drowning under ideas. 

But that's not the girl you want. That's not the girl you brought on this trip. I have to lay down my anxieties and find a desire to explore. 

I'm tying up my long blonde hair and sleeping peacefully. The way I look forward to sleep in a new place makes me nervous. I guess most people want to see as much as they can. But I'd like to sit by the sea. Sip warm coffee, and sharpen my pencils before pressing them to the page. I'd like to take it all in from a place of stillness. To feel this moment, to smell the water and salt. 

You keep moving, and I try my best to keep up. I'm a slow soul. My heart is gentle and my fears are substantial. You move me out of my comfort zones into experiences I would never endeavor on my own.  

Thank you for filling in my softness. I can't make it through a trip without crying, without feeling everything. Something about a new place brings me to my knees emotionally. It is beautiful, and it is refreshing.

Simple life, and the sea. Cheers to seeing more of this world with you. 


she lived at the gramercy

by Rachel Lynch

In things austere, we come alive. Our love story is like a painting, in my mind, in my daydreams, in my idle fantasies. 

I wish I was younger, the way I used to open my heart with ease. Such a burden, the flames of your muse-like semblance. The best version of myself. 

I am lost in your heartbeat, your immovable embrace. The way you hold me says everything you can't. 

It gives me all the energy I need to press on, make magic and pursue passion. 

Life is wonder and beauty and lust. The pursuit of the things that will make every day better than the one before. 

You cleared up my scars. 


luxe triangle bra by fleur du mal

luxe cheeky underwear by fleur du mal

clementine dot buckle top by for love & lemons

clementine dot buckle bottom by for love & lemons


flower kimono by Alice + Olivia

white star 1/4 cup bra by Agent Provocateur

white star suspender by Agent Provocateur

white star thong by Agent Provocateur

west village

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a little peek into my life over the last two weeks - post returning from a much needed visit to my family in Michigan. 

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Spain. Be sure to follow along on my instagram!  
For now here's some links to shop some cute spring pieces, can't wait to show you what I'll be wearing in Spain! 



isla top by house of harlow

red skirt by house of harlow

rolling stones tee by madeworn

rouge fleur dress by Réalisation Par

the alexandra dusty blue dress by Réalisation Par

in bloom

by Rachel Lynch

My heart is ready for spring. I'm craving pastels and sheer layers. 

Last week, I purchased this gorgeous sheer teal dress from Revolve, designed by Michael Costello. I belted it to get a more ruffled layered look. 

My jacket is from Free People, and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's like something a Berlin-based Penny Lane would wear. You can get the jacket here

I'm excited to style it with some other looks - like bellbottoms. 

Have a great Wednesday babes!