revenge for love

by Rachel Lynch

I was so self-aware, and then you consumed me. I knew who I was, and you broke that consistency. I made these plans with you around. Lust is just a child's game. 

If you're going to walk into people's lives with no plans for staying, how do you sleep at night? Do tell. I need a little bit of that punch. To love someone and then get tossed aside, this is often how it's done. Chain smoking, painting, listening to music - everybody's saying you're no good for me. Out of my mind, out of your life. 

take me somewhere nice

by Rachel Lynch

i just want to feel everything. don't listen to a word they say. fruit. i want to dive into my mind, and bring the honey of my dreams to fruition. when you're able to convey the art you dreamed up in reality, that is the meaning of life (for the artist.) we were born mad, with the incessant need to create. unrelenting, we all have so much inside us. if we can't find ways to bring our beauty into the world, we will surely go crazy. we break things, people, ourselves. the healthiest thing an artist can do is guide her art into the world. 


disco's not dead platform boot by Dolls Kill

pink feather jacket by Jocelyn

never gonna give u up leather skirt by Nasty Gal



symptom of the universe

by Rachel Lynch

Mind on fire, come and step inside my dreams. A product of all the books I've read and rock n roll I've consumed, I'm not ready for this new world. A wave of hatred, a country divided. Human rights threatened, keeping us up at night and stealing from our creativity. 

The future still belongs to us, the artists that made it beautiful and safe for everyone. I always admire human's ability to keep going, to bring creation out of hard times. 

Our minds and hearts have been opened by the world in which we have created together, and nothing is going to change that.


black sabbath tee by Nasty Gal

white sunnies by crap eyewear

photos by tutes

the less i know the better

by Rachel Lynch

Stay the next day, the sunset pours in a few hours after we wake up. Binge-watching "it's aways sunny" by your side, made it all the way to season five. I'll always pick your clothes up off the floor. Empowered when we enjoy the present, supermoon in Taurus. It tells us the world out there can wait. 

We're building something inside ourselves now. Grounded in reality and the foundation of our connection, my fears turn into raw creative potential. Time past has given me the chance to appreciate the knowledge gained from difficult circumstances. I don't mind sharing this with you. I wear the calm you give me like a new lipstick. 

Can't tell you what I've been through these days. Smoke in the air. Now I'm you're one and only. Nothing was ever forced - and I guess that's what makes it raw, creative, and real. But where do I draw the line? Certainly there are some things I must keep just for myself - like my prayers, my songs, my books. Just because someone inspires you creatively, doesn't mean they own a part of your music. 

You have always been your own. 


camilla bralette by Naked Princess

camilla high-waisted thong by Naked Princess

black sabbath tee by Nasty Gal

crap eyewear tropic shades by Nasty Gal

Mouth off leather jacket by Nasty Gal

studded over the knee boot by Nasty Gal

photos by Jen Senn


expanding in every direction

by Rachel Lynch

"You can't get wet from the word water." An expression I have often heard from many of my teachers, but never understood. Traveling to China is the farthest I have ever been from my home - both physically and cullturally. Sometimes I think that because I watch movies, listen to music, and read books, that I understand things. But the more I travel,  I realize that nothing is as illuminating as the real thing. 

On our second day in China, I woke up to an article my love had sent me via we chat. Although he was laying next to me in bed, he still sent it in a message. It was entitled "Foreign Spouse, Happy Life."  The writer spoke of the difficulties and the triumphs she has experienced while being in a partnership with a man from France. After she shared her story, these words particularly touched my heart,

"Anyone who risks a life with someone outside of his in-group -- not only across lines of nationality, but also those of religion, race and class -- becomes a participant, whether he knows it or not, in a global experiment in developing empathy. The awareness and negotiation of small differences add up to a larger understanding about the complexities of the world." 

I never though I would date someone who grew up in a country so very different from my own. Where would the similarities lie? Where would we find common ground? But dating Sean has expanded my consciousness in every direction possible. Sean has pushed me to travel much more, and to see the world as he sees it. It seems like only a year ago my world stretched only as far as New York to Los Angeles. But with him, I have been able to experience and do things I would have never dreamed of for myself. Perhaps this is because we only become what we're exposed to. It was never my dream to see so much of the world, but I'm glad I'm getting to share it with him.



beijing babe

by Rachel Lynch

As many of you have seen on instagram, I recently spent 10 days in Beijing. I literally styled and packed 10 looks, because I wanted to make sure I had something planned for every single day. Of course, I didn't have enough clothing for the trip and regretted some of my decisions at the time of packing - but hey, it's hard to plan that far ahead.

I mostly mixed stuff from Nasty Gal with a few key pairs of shoes (there was not a lot of room for shoes in my trunk), with three bags, two fur coats and two paris of sunglasses. I find that if you bring a few accessories you can mix across all your outfits, then it makes everything simpler.

I enjoyed trying to wear skirts (I hardly wear them) a bunch of different ways on this trip. I also loved living in a hotel for 10 days, hehe! Although, I didn't order room service nearly enough. It seems like I didn't get much time to slow down, there was so much to see and do. China was a really hard place to get a grasp on in a first visit, but I'm sure I'll feel better once I go back. My favorite part of the city was of course the arts district, it was a lot like bushwick. 

Anyways, the links to shop all my looks are below! Can't wait to hear which look you like the best or which ones you wouldn't wear on a trip! 

thanks for all the love and support 


contrast lives pussy blow blouse by Nasty Gal

Maison Scotch magda pleated skirt by Nasty Gal

on a mission vegan leather skirt by Nasty Gal

after party kennedy striped tee by Nasty Gal

off the shoulder ruffle top by Nasty Gal

friend with weed tee by Nasty Gal

suede mini skirt by Nasty Gal

Jeffrey Campbell studded over the knee boot by Nasty Gal

simone leopard shades by Nasty Gal

star faux fur coat by Nasty Gal

faux fur tiger jacket by Nasty Gal

baby's wearing denim

by Rachel Lynch

Pretty Attitude gifted me this dope denim jacket and I couldn't wait to shoot it. I've been wanting a darker denim jacket, so it's perfect. I usually wear leather and denim oversized, but I love the fit of this piece. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Tutes last week and shooting with him. He's an incredible and inspiring person to be around, and I can't wait to shoot with him more. I found his work on instagram and immediately fell in love with it. I can't quite decide if it's the color, or the subject, or the composition - but it's so wonderful. I love meeting new artists in the city. 

I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying this transition into November. I've been really into the creative process - styling, planning, producing and writing. I hope you all are staying inspired as well. 


rock n roll jacket by Pretty Attitude

new york dolls tee by lovers + drifters

red leather pants from intermix

photos by Tutes


down beside your beauty

by Rachel Lynch

In an attempt to keep herself alive and magical, she built a home that represented all of these things. All of the aches, and poems, and magic inside her heart now had a physical space. A collection of vintage golden mirrors, furs, and roses adorned the open loft. She hung no pictures on the walls, her collection of Bowie and Cowboy Kate prints arranged on the floor in no specific manner. She blasted rock n roll from the early morning to the late evenings - The Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, The Strokes, and Gregg Allman. 

A place where she could pray in the morning and burn a million candles. A place where she could keep her vintage tee shirts and platform boots on the floor. A place where she could keep her favorite books in the oven. A place that only had champagne in the fridge. 

She spent her days painting in expensive lingerie, listening to spiritual teachers and Fiona Apple. Cigarettes butts with pink lipstick marks in the clear glass ashtray outside the window. She build a world of her own above the bustling Soho. A factory girl who loved herself and her life. Filled with the passion that comes from "endeavoring to live the life that she had imagined." 

To be creative each and everyday. For her, that was the highest of arts. 


tiger faux fur coat by Nasty Gal

pink stars faux fur coat by Nasty Gal

rolling stone tee - vintage

over the knee rock n roll studded boot by Jeffrey Campbell

simone leopard shades by Nasty Gal

joan bra nude & black by Agent Provocateur

joan brief nude & black by Agent Provocateur

photos by Dustin Genereux


"you in reverse"

by Rachel Lynch

I can feel your heart break, when you see it and they don't. I have walked through mountains of hurt to stand beside you now. 

All of my life just to be by your side, when your life's work includes enduring heartbreak. Wrenched into your own poetry. You helped my book write itself. 

And you knew it was going to crash and burn, but for some romantic reason, you kept yourself in suspending in disbelief. Perhaps, so you could create with it later. 

To free myself of the hurt, I turned to poetry. It wasn't a decision, but more of helpless act. The past pouring itself out onto the pages now. 

The smoke shadows on the adjoining buildings in the early mornings. Hours spent walking Soho streets, same cup of cold black coffee. Planning trips we'll never take, fantasizing art we'll never make. And I leave my artist cave to brave the day with you. The bright blue sky that rigidly begins where the buildings end. Our adjacent lofts. Cigarettes and blank canvases. The stories I've never written are hiding up there, but I need you to break my heart first. 


leather jacket by Deadwood

joan bra nude & black by Agent Provocateur

joan brief nude & black by Agent Provocateur

japan bomber by topshop

photos by Jorden Keith