savage x fenty lucky charm

by Rachel Lynch

Here’s the entire shoot from the most recent Savage X Fenty campagin! Shot by my most dear friend, Jen Senn! <3

We had an insanely fun day, and were lucky enough to shoot at my old roomate’s new restaurant + bar! It’s called Short Stories, if you’re ever around the Lower East Side.

We had so much fun shooting this, so I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Happy Hump Day!!!




cherubs, angel wings and orange hair

by Rachel Lynch

Things that are making me happy right now: cherubs, angel wings and orange hair!

So I go my hair re-colored last week & really wanted orange hair! Instead - we dyed me blonde and did an orange tint! It’s hard to tell, very subtle, but I love the way the blonde came out!

I’m also obsessed with these cherub pants from dolls kill + crop tops + cowboy boots and white fur. Feels good to dress funky and feel spring just around the corner.


leather jackets by jakett

cherub angel bb pants by dolls kill

white fur jacket by i am gia

floral spring mini dress by for love and lemons

lovers in london

by Rachel Lynch

that day was louder than most. the kind that lets itself in and salts every wound.

i say, “lover be good to me.” but the truth is, i’d suffer hell if you told me.

when someone you love acts cruel, you feel alone. you act alone. you do terrible things in the name of anonymity, and you carry its consequences solely.

i want to be held for the fight i put up. was afraid of the punch, but that was long ago.

you’re good to me when i can’t be good to myself.


white flower tie thong by for love and lemons

white flower tie bra by for love and lemons

red playsuit by wolfsbane intimates

black lingerie set by God Save Queens

boots by modern vice

jewelry by vanessa mooney

let's get down in barcelona

by Rachel Lynch

when my love is just for me. free from everything than binds. high up in the sky, rainbows on the clouds below.

sleeping till two and staying up past three. i wouldn’t know where to start. singing songs, bottles of white wine, tomato bread and british boys.

let’s get lost and let the good times roll. sweet in the thick of it till we forget who we are.

there’s no plan, no hands on the wheel, and i like it this way.

at least for a little while.


photos by jen senn


by Rachel Lynch

Trouble’s back home in new york, after an extended stay in europe. i’m excited to get back into my routine, style some spring looks, train for my half marathon coming up.

here are some film + digital photos from an early saturday morning in my neighborhood wearing high heels suicide. fun fact: they were my first sponsored blog post back when i was 19 in college!

anyways - you can shop my jacket here!

"the dream will destroy you, let it"

by Rachel Lynch

what’s the point if you ain’t gonna kill for love? heart on fire. destroyed by the very thing you held most dear. proximity is a devil in disguise.

your wild ways will be the end of you, and him. the legacy of your alter-ego in flames.

she says, “don’t make it bad.” you fight for a common cause that doesn’t exist.

the power he has nurtured in me is a dangerous thing.

killing for love.

photos by Con Leche