"you in reverse"

by Rachel Lynch

I can feel your heart break, when you see it and they don't. I have walked through mountains of hurt to stand beside you now. 

All of my life just to be by your side, when your life's work includes enduring heartbreak. Wrenched into your own poetry. You helped my book write itself. 

And you knew it was going to crash and burn, but for some romantic reason, you kept yourself in suspending in disbelief. Perhaps, so you could create with it later. 

To free myself of the hurt, I turned to poetry. It wasn't a decision, but more of helpless act. The past pouring itself out onto the pages now. 

The smoke shadows on the adjoining buildings in the early mornings. Hours spent walking Soho streets, same cup of cold black coffee. Planning trips we'll never take, fantasizing art we'll never make. And I leave my artist cave to brave the day with you. The bright blue sky that rigidly begins where the buildings end. Our adjacent lofts. Cigarettes and blank canvases. The stories I've never written are hiding up there, but I need you to break my heart first. 


leather jacket by Deadwood

joan bra nude & black by Agent Provocateur

joan brief nude & black by Agent Provocateur

japan bomber by topshop

photos by Jorden Keith

polar opposites

by Rachel Lynch

You can live your life according to circumstances, or you can live your life according to a vision. From day one, you were down with mine. 

Giving new meaning to the songs we already know, filling the summer with a soundtrack we created together. You don't smoke, but you humor my insanities. Always down to keep me company, afternoons giving way to evenings out on the fire escape. We talked all night, but what did we really say? 

You have that affect on me, it's always an all over feeling. The way I'm pulled towards you when we're in the same room, inspiration at work. 

It's the details in people that I fall in love with. The way you have staples in your favorite hat, or the stickers on your guitar that hold such meaning.

Smokey voices, fire escapes stories, the pink sun washing lower Manhattan. A soul much like my own, you in reverse. Learning to connect to divine inspiration by watching others do the same. 

Now the winter's coming, but we've got so much more music to listen to. And you're the good things that come with a change of season. 

as seen in Nakid Magazine / buy ISSUE V here

shot by Scott Kaplan featuring Deadwood


by Rachel Lynch

No one made me the official spokesperson of the "slutty bunny" look, and in fact, I have never dressed as a bunny for Halloween. But ever since the Mean Girl days, I feel like excellence in the department of seductive bunny costumes have been on the decline. That film has forever inspired me to have an incredible sexy Halloween costume, and now partnering up with Yandy this Halloween, I finally get the chance.  

If success is not something we attain, but instead something we bring to everything we do, then we should certainly get wonderful at dressing up for Halloween. Here, I've provided you with examples of three very different bunny costumes depending on your vibe. Remember, vibes speak louder than words, so pick a costume that truly expresses your alter-ego. Whether you've got an inner dark side, wild side, or girly side, it doesn't matter. Halloween is the opportunity to express that with no limits or rules. That's why it has always been my favorite holiday. 

All the links to shop these bunny costumes are below. I hope you all have a sexy & safe Halloween. 


mrs. tux bunny costume by yandy

legally blonde bunny costume by yandy

naughty bunny costume by yandy

photos by Dustin Genereux


soho & the cosmos

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a look that's a little more me than yesterday's post, (but hey it's good to try new things!) If you're in Soho, you'll probably find me sipping iced coffee all day long in a pair of modern vice booties. I wear a pair of their handler boots everyday, either my white ones, gold ones, bowie ones, or these red ones. I'm literally so addicted to them. There's something so rock n roll about this style of boot, I can't get enough. Plus, they match nearly everything I wear. 

My hat is by one of my other favorite brands, Lack of Color. And this cosmos jacket is by Sugarhigh Lovestoned. You've seen this jacket circling the internet world of bloggers, and I think rightfully so. It's a fantastic piece and great design. I always get cool compliments when I wear it out. 

I just got back from applying for my Chinese visa, I'll be flying to Beijing Thursday morning. I've worked really hard to style some incredible looks for you guys while I'm out there, so get ready! I may not post on the blog as much - but I'll be updating my instagram daily. 

So much love to you all that continue to support and get inspiration from my blog, you all keep me going! 


cosmos jacket by Sugarhigh Love Stoned

hat by Lack of Color

handler boots by Modern Vice

photos by Christina Emilie

come and see me

by Rachel Lynch

I picked up this flirty little feminine dress from Nasty Gal last week in attempt to find some new cute date night outfits. My babe is a big foodie, so we're always checking out new restaurants in downtown Manhattan. As much as I love my washed denim and vintage band tees, I wanted to expand my style a bit. 

I feel this dress is feminine, but still edgy enough that I'm comfortable. I also paired it with a cute fluffy kitten heel & this jimmy choo bag. 

Hope you all enjoy, links to shop are below! Stay warm <3


dress by Nasty Gal

fluffy kitten heel by Public Desire

orange fur clutch by Jimmy Coo (similar here)

photos by Christina Emilie

iced coffee

by Rachel Lynch

Morning coffee with Phillip, I woke up 10 minutes before I was suppose to meet him! (haha!) I threw on my most cozy pair of baggy denim with my new Poppy Lissiman bag! I was suppose to get her new bags in time for NYFW, but Fedex is a bitch and we all know it. 

But anyways, yeah here's a cool cozy morning look with a dope bag! Last week was incredible and I'm so excited to get ready to head to Beijing next week! 

I hope you all are having a blessed and happy weekend! 


bedroom daze

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a little peek into my bedroom (it's hardly done yet!) but I am getting my new bed delivered tomorrow and I can't wait to show you guys! 

And since we're in my bedroom, I decided to play in my closet and throw together something casual but chic for mid-day wear. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I have a meeting or need to get a second coffee. It's nice to have a go-to slip and biker jacket to just throw on and run out the door. Put these two with a good pair of boots and some edgy sunglasses and you're set! It's super simple to do, and looks like you spent a lot of time on it! Haha! 

Links to get this look are below! Have an awesome Tuesday babes! 


rust slip dress by Band of Gypsies

women's leather jacket by Deadwood

simone leopard shades by Nasty Gal

gunmetal boots by YRU

photos by Brittanny Taylor


by Rachel Lynch

The way we wanted to be next to each other filled the bed, even though we took up very little physical space. The way my body shape fit into yours, keeping you safe and exchanging heat.

I fell into something I never really believed in before. I was so tired of being afraid of things, so I stuck it out. 

At some point, you just have to face everything and rise. 


fur by Shrimps (similar here)

loucette lace panty by For Love & Lemons

loucette lace bra by For Love & Lemons

simone leopard shades by Nasty Gal

photos by Brittanny Taylor


by Rachel Lynch

Here's a little date night go-to outfit for me! I paired a champagne color mini dress with these star booties from public desire. I also think the perfect mini bag really makes an outfit, mine is by moschino

I've also paired this mini dress with thigh-high boots for a night out bar-hopping in LES. What's your favorite thing to wear for a date-night with your boo? 


dress by fete

star girl boots by Public Deisre

bag by Moschino (similar here)