girls in peacetime want to dance

by Rachel Lynch

Nothing could deprive her of abundant creativity, she was personally responsible for her life's direction and was aware of that. She didn't believe in karma. She believed karma was a misunderstanding, an outdate concept outside the reality that we are in total control. It was long ago that she stopped believing that things do things to you, she was part of the shift. 

The artist that takes responsibility for all their life experiences is an artist in complete control. Because thought is the creative level of things, changing our minds is the ultimate personal empowerment.

Thought trumps physical laws every time. With prayer, you can bend all the physical laws you see before you. 


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by Rachel Lynch

I am filled with gratitude for Austin and SXSW. To return to nature, to wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds -- this is living. 

In New York, I am so far removed from all these things. I'm in a constant state of conquering. In Austin, I was able to put people and nature first. My first morning, I walked through the house, smelling the roses and singing. I finished half a book on the flight there called, "A Return to Love." 

SXSW was a bit of a returning for me. To remember what it was like when human interaction and nature came first. I easily lose these things in the grip of New York. Ideas flow more freely and my heart is filled with the love for people around me first. 

I'm an artist and a romantic, and I know that. I know not everyone can bring themselves to the simplicity that my mind achieves at times. There are too many bills to pay, and things to worry about to every be as romantic as someone like me. But I do believe that when we let ourselves go there, we come back more alive that before. 


special thank you to Kimo Sabe + Pursuit of Portraits for making this trip happen


like dylan in the movies

by Rachel Lynch

If you had such a dream, would you get up and do the things you believe in? 

I've already crossed the line, he asked me if i'm single, going steady? But I'm married to my sound, my books, my art. 

Listening to Belle and Sebastian on a weekday afternoon, can you stay in the silence of a song with me? 

Lately it seems like you can find all the words to say what you mean, and I have none. I'm comfortable in the silence of my own contemplation. I think it's because before, I had said too much. I don't feel the need to explain myself anymore, my art does that for me. 


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bullet satin garter belt by Fleur De Mal

photos by Sam Livm

nobody's empire

by Rachel Lynch

We'll make our own Chelsea Hotel, a place that is always evolving, much like ourselves. 

The artist is unpredictable. Sweethearts who sleep apart. I revel in the mornings I get to wake up and make things with you, it is precious as it is infrequent. 

If you're ever feeling blue - write another song, make another painting. Teach me guitar, I'll take your picture. All the good looking boys are taken, all the pretty girls are staying inside. 

Dressed up in you, met a boy who's just like me. A manic array of ideas, a million things he wants to create. We are the same in our sentiments, in our view of the world. They write books about kids like us, so ignorant of the odds. 


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smoke & retribution

by Rachel Lynch

Rocking this incredible jacket from pretty attitude, and feeling ready for the weekend. It fits me perfect - and being the badass that I am, I paired it with leather moto pants. 

Use the link to shop the look and I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I'm looking forward to catching up on some prayer and meditation, as well as some painting and finding a new book to read. 

love to all of you


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sleeping with roses

by Rachel Lynch

Had to sleep alone cause the thrills didn't run up my back. The world is yours and you can't refuse it. I'll let you see me, I'll invade your demeanor. 

I've read more books, so I can be more characters. I was dreaming of a mistress, her spirit young and aimless. 

But I'm not waiting for the end of our story. With you in it, the words change all their meaning -- words I had once written about someone else. They shape-shift in the present, and wrap their meaning around you and I. 

You're my babycakes, and the world makes it easy for people like you. And you say people like me are too young, but I give my total energy to the work I feel moved to do. My naiveté is an asset. 

How can you blame yourself for falling in love with someone who follows their dreams? 


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photos by Jen Senn




my little lover

by Rachel Lynch

My lover and I live in a lemon world, where the Led Zeppelin always plays. Listening to "hey, hey what can i do," over morning black coffee and an exchange of creative ideas. 

We both understand our connection to the universe, which in turn helps us better understand our art. You can't give away what you don't have, and we've got a whole lot of love and songs inside. 

Over the hills and far away, I'll build a house with you in the mountains. There, we'll make music and paintings and write plays. We'll cook pasta to Mozart and the Rolling Stones. We'll never understand what it's like to not follow our dreams, cause we'll be doing just that - all the time. 

Just kids. 

all clothing by lovers + drifters club

photos by Tramaine George

the universe loves gratitude

by Rachel Lynch

They say that loves brings up everything unlike itself. Every time you think a thought, you are creating. 

So I believe that only good lies before me. The more we are grateful, the more we get to be grateful about. 

From a material perspective, what we give away we lose. But from a spiritual perspective, only what we give away do we truly get to keep.

Practice kindness, and you start to become kind. Practice discipline, and you start to become disciplined. Practice forgiveness, and you start to become forgiving. Practice gentleness, and you start to become gentle. 

We can have in life whatever we are willing to be. For ultimately, being and having are the same. When we grant ourselves the emotional permission to live the life we want, there is little in the world that can stop us. 

Limitations do not stand before the limitlessness of God. 


saffron maxi dress from For Love & Lemons

white fur from Revolve

photos by  Ally Seracki

el bandito

by Rachel Lynch

te acordaste de mi cuando viste ese tio
y fue esa noche asi cuando el no me dijo,
y ahora no me acuerdo, no me acuerdo, no me acuerdo de nada
pero eso si que se, que se, que se que no es el
es el bandido, bandido, bandido del amor
es el bandido, bandido del amor
es el bandido, bandido del amor, es el bandido
fue una noche asi, con el bandido
de Peru a Paraguay, el bandido
de Colombia a Brasil con el bandido
bandido del amor, el bandio del amor
fue una noche, conoci
que te conoci con el bandido


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photos by Bianca Gerasia

this week with you

by Rachel Lynch

I have met with a new inspiration. I do not know him by name. 

Loss of appetite - the onset of words, sounds and images. He says let me show you everything I know. I follow along - changing the meaning of everything to fit my own artistic purists. 

The artist is always selfish. 

Is this what it feels like to feel full? Taking from the mere presence of another person and making it your own. 

I never feel magic unless I'm with you. The passing of time moves forward without us. I want to believe in you and everything you do, but I'm too weathered to be a romantic. 

I'll keep on singing though, waking up each day with new ideas by my side. Ideas I only get when you're around, artistic presence as necessary as the paltry winter sun. 

x x 


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