velvet & lush

by Rachel Lynch

My holiday look is all about sexy bohemian vibes - lush textures, beads, fur and velvet. I've been embodying the hippie version of Edie Sedgwick, or so I'd like to think. I've included some links below to shop the styles I've been wearing for the past couple weeks. 

What is your holiday style? Have you been into something specific lately? It's always so easy to let ourselves go around this time of the year, but I love to do the exact opposite. I love to work on keeping my body strong, my mind sharp, and my style on point. 

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Get inside my head. 


yellow faux fur by Eaves

bold blooms dress by Free People

green olsen twin maxi top by Free People

velvet luxe bra by Fleur de Mal

velvet luxe panty by Fleur de Mal

"when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

by Rachel Lynch

I like myself best when I am creating art. I like the person I become, I like the challenges I overcome. 

I feel, in a sense, like I am at my rawest self while creating. I get so scared to start (the beginning of anything is always intimidating), but I persevere and meet a new me on the other side. You will never be the same person at the end of a challenge. You will become someone you don't know right now. 

I think that's what growing up as an artist is, you'll never like the last piece you create (we are our own worst critics.) But that's because we are always becoming someone new, someone more aware, someone more fervently self-aware in their passions.  

I like who I am becoming, and I like that I don't know who I'll be in two months. I'm comfortable enough in the chaos to ride the wave and pursue my passions. I think that's what balance is all about. 

This is the piece I created for the opening of the new Hex Watch store in Soho, it's called "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." It's a quote from my favorite spiritual teacher, Wayne Dyer. It's about seeing the world as a beautiful place, rather than somewhere that is full of fear and terror and heartache. The piece will be in the Hex Watch pop-up store for the next couple months, so go check it out. 230A Mulberry Street in Manahttan.

All my love, 



baby's night out

by Rachel Lynch

Can't think, so I'm just gonna ride the wave. Can't breathe, so i'm just gonna chain smoke through the thick of it. I don't have all the answers, and I don't have all the happiness. But, New York City is my home, and she takes good care of wild hearts like mine. 


wish you were here bomber by Georgia Mae

denim by neuw denim

sunglasses by Zero UV

seduced by a life of butterflies

by Rachel Lynch

My artistic life shifts between creating everything and creating nothing at all. Everything is inspiring, or nothing is inspiring at all. 

I don't know the driving force that wrecks my brain between these blacks and whites, but I press on. I know that I will shift, and the balance is a natural occurrence. Although, completely submerged in the black or the white doesn't feel very balanced at all. 

I love polaroids, photographs, guitars, indie songs, and big open spaces. Perhaps it's typical, but at least I know who I am. I've been the same gentle soul since high school, the only thing that changes in the world around me. 

It's lovely to feel like we just live in our little world. And I love that you're not too cool for my world. You're confident enough to play in mine, and I in yours. 

Gentle skin and a big heart, why don't you stay a little while. 



keeper of the butterflies

by Rachel Lynch

“Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

I pushed away my fascination with the world prematurely, and now I'm back seeking it's depths and it's pleasures. 

I am looking for sex, and for beauty, once again. I shift between seeing beauty in everything and not having enough beauty to surround me completley. I still want to drown in the world, I am fascinated by its depths.

Butterflies have always been deeply beautiful to me, but also deeply spiritual. They have been connected to very important spiritual turning points in my life. Often, I have this dream where i'm laying on my stomach in the sun and all these butterflies land in my hair. I go to wake up, and they all fly away. In those mornings, I feel deeply connected to God. I know that consciousness extends beyond this lifetime, I just have a knowing. 

Ram Dass says, "a person acknowledging their lust is closer to God than a horny celibate." It is far more divine to be human that it is to deny one's humanity. Like the butterfly that brings beauty into the world and then fades, only that is real which never changes. 

So what is real then? 

Once you've awaked, you can't go back to sleep. 


rayna bra by agent provocateur 

rayna brief in black by agent provocateur


frank bod on tour

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a few snaps I took in London, where I brought along Frank Body's Coconut Coffee scrub for a vacation glow. 

Frank Body's scrub now comes in 4 new delicious new scents and water-proof packages. My boo and I usually fight over these  scrubs, and they go pretty fast at our NYC apartment. I also like brining them on trips, because I don't like using anything artificial on my skin. 

Get your new scrub here, they also make perfect holiday gifts! 

kisses my loves 



by Rachel Lynch

London was a high, a perpetual movement forward sans anxiety. 

Red lips everyday, I bought a navy lingerie set just hours before the flight. Nothing makes me feel good like a new garter. Mysterious eyes with baby blue nails and dirty hair, removed from the world but so emerged in it. I can play shy, and then materialize into the physical. It's all a game in my head, but it keeps you around. 

Nothing makes sense and everything is shifting. I fall in love with the taste of the people around me, and then become overwhelmed and seek to isolate and starve myself. I feel surrounded by people, but so lonely. There's something a little lonely about traveling anyway.  

A romance to the isolation, crowded streets of Shoreditch remind me of my years spent in Bushwick. And I long for that feeling of when everything was up in the air and nothing was certain. 

But the truth is, there's no certainty at all, and I'm just as much as a voyageur then as I am now. Perhaps even more so. 


poppy navy blue plunge bra by Agent Provocateur

poppy navy blue suspender by Agent Provocateur

poppy navy thong by Agent Provocateur


accused of witchcraft

by Rachel Lynch

Accused of witchcraft, the dark side of female presence. Possessed by a lust larger than herself, she is a healer and an enchanter. 

In the earliest civilizations, witches were the women who served the goddesses. In the Middle East, witches were the women who practiced the holiest of ceremonies. 

They were healers, carriers of mother earth's magic, delivering babies and curing infertility. 

But soon the world came to recognize male Gods, which replaced female deities. Holy woman, witches, were deemed demonic. 

It feels relative today, our society still doesn't believe women. She must be a temptress, she must of seduced him, it must be all her fault. 

Society will continue to keep us down, simply because they are afraid of us. Much like they were afraid of the witches. 



un jour

by Rachel Lynch

Everyday is a dance between taming the mind, and filling it with everything. The poems of Emily Dickinson, the life work of Nelson Mandela, the music of Kurt Vile and the guitar riffs of Damien Jurado. 

I switch between feeling old, and incredibly young. Like I have all the time in front of me, and then I open my eyes to see how incredibly fast it is passing by. 

You never realize how far you're going to avoid what you fear. I've spent numbered days this year running away, not truly in touch with what I want to do with my time here. It is both a privilege and a curse. To have all the time on your hands to create anything you can dream of, but knowing that idle hands are the devil's playthings. 

I switch between conscious days, and days inside the devil's grasp. I suppose both are necessary for existence. Human existence is polarity, male and female. We were born separate, disconnected, and every second is a scramble to feel that whole again. 


photos by Sam Livm