everlasting muse

by Rachel Lynch

Carry me back to some golden day where only he remained. Silver guitar in the Los Angeles sun. The night infused by rain drifted us to sleep. We inspired each other, I wrote books and you played music. Wearing sunglasses and laughing to our favorite songs. Lovers are always in motion- the morning is their friend, the nighttime their captive. 

There were nine muses, according to greek mythology. You're the Euterpe to my Erato. I held a rose while you sang for everyone. You'll see it someday. They never wanted to believe it, but you did as much for me as I did for you.

I'd probably fall for you again. 




the peach period

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a couple of my looks from over the past month. I don't know why, but I've been a little bit confused as far as my personal style goes. Actually, I might know a little why. Usually, I don't look at instagram/other influencers that much.. it usually interferes with my own personal vision. 

But I guess over the past two months or so, I've given into the hype. I've been looking for what does well, what's trendy, what gets likes. And the only place it's gotten me is confused and frustrated. As an artist, I think it's important to not look outside yourself for inspiration all the time. You have to trust your gut. I know I haven't gotten this far by listening to other people. 

One of my favorite teachers, Wayne Dyer, once said, "You have to be independent of the good opinion of other people." 

Caring too much about what other people think has landed me with a closet full of expensive clothes, and no idea what to do with them all. I'm trying to go back to letting it all happen naturally, dressing crazy and not caring about what other people have to say. To walk down the street in 6 inch platforms and a band tee as a dress if I so please. This is who I am, and I have to fight to stay connected to that confidence. 



nouvelle vauge

by Rachel Lynch

You're doing too much, and I'm not living enough. I can count my life by the times I have alone to just contemplate. To be with myself, with my books, and my music. The presence of someone else, no matter how subtle, will always take away from my direct connection. 

Everything makes sense in solitude. I write, create, and come up with my next big ideas. Life is in perpetual motion, and I'm not stimulated by your outside attention. 

Long ago, I learned to look inward, and never found need to look anywhere else. 

x x 

floral sheer dress by boohoo

black pumps by YRU

photos by Stefania Lola

love galore

by Rachel Lynch

Love galore, rainbow spectrum. You're mine any day. 

The mother and the artist are watched over by heaven. Life is always moving us forward to higher ground. There may be setbacks, but life is in and of itself good - just look at the self-healing body. No impediment is too great for the ever-flowing life source. 

We always return to our natural state, a state of peace. When the artist channels the muse,  she reveres heaven. She aligns herself with the mysterious forces that power the universe and that seek, through her, to bring forth new life. 

It is love galore, it is overflowing and ever presence. Nothing could ever cut her off from divine inspiration. 


lingerie by Maison Close

saint mink robe by Never Fully Dressed

shoes by Charla Tedrick

photos by Gina Frey

if she wants me

by Rachel Lynch

New York was a crazy place, in which she set out to find peace. Nothing was perfect, but everything was moving. 

She was crazy, but she was grounded by a blind faith she possessed since she was young. She never doubted the existence of God, nor could she deny the presence of God in everyone she encountered. It was like she was born never separated from the oneness. 

But one does not simply rest in this - they go out into the world, they move to New York, they fuck up. 

And that's exactly what she did. Four years ago, with a one way ticket and $800 in her bank account. 

She always believed it would work out, that the gift of life was to be trusted in it's forward motion. 

New York was always moving, and so was she. It was long ago that she decided New York was a place she could be for life, if it wanted her. 

x  x 

sunglasses by Zero UV




dressed up in you

by Rachel Lynch

In a previous life, we were lovers in Barcelona. You met me in a white dress, you were a music-making man. 

All I want is the best for our love, my dear. We'll begin the summer together, well aware of our endless numbered days. 

This delicate heart can't bear much else, it's already been through the riptide. Yet it moves along still, with the sentiment of the artist, truly knowing the world is good. 

Be gentle with me, I may drift awhile. 

rose petal pumps by Charla Tedrick

white lace choker by Vanessa Mooney

white lace bra by Stella McCartney


postcards from los angeles

by Rachel Lynch

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at the Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood. It had such a beautiful french feel with a boutique aesthetic. 

The best part by far was the roof. It had a romantic restaurant half inside/half outside with little tables hidden among the trees. It also had an amazing pool with big lounge chairs and Moroccan Rugs. It felt so intimate and private up in the Hollywood sky. 

Of course, I had to bring a shag jacket and a bathing suit for the pool. I was feeling so many Lana Vibes with this look. Both the bathing suit and the jacket are by Pretty Attitude! One of my favorite online shopping destinations. 

pink flamingo shag jacket by Pretty Attitude

bring out the west in me high waisted two-piece by Pretty Attitude


led zeppelin

by Rachel Lynch

I've been feeling bohemian lately - I don't know if it's the music I'm listening to, or New York. Helping me bring this inner bohemian-child to my daily dress code is House of Harlow 1960. If you're not familiar with the brand, it's designed by Nicole Richie and sells on Revolve

The black bodysuit and sequin jacket in this look are both from House of Harlow. I waited a while for these pieces to go on sale, and was so happy to get my hands on them when they finally did. I'm going to include links to shop, because they're still marked down! 

I've been wearing a lot of indie-label bohemian pieces as well, but to be honest, the quality just isn't as high. I'm proud of these two purchases, and know I'll get a lot of uses out of them. 

My rings are a mix of Verameat and Torchlight jewelry. I've been stacking so many on my hands everyday. 

Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday, get creative and put on some good tunes! 

x  x 

sequin jacket by House of Harlow 1960

black lauren bodysuit by House of Harlow 1960

disco bells by Nasty Gal

sunglasses by Ray Ban



escape everything

by Rachel Lynch

"A composition - and every work of art is one -- is created in a wondrous interplay between imagination and reason, or between mind and reflection. For there will always be an element of chance in the creative process." 

x   x  

dress by For Love & Lemons

photos by Jesse Murch