I Hate Blonde is a New York-based fashion blog created by Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Lynch. Started in December 2009, Rachel Lynch had a vision from the beginning. She sought to combine her love for words with her love of fashion imagery. Synthesizing the two, she has worked to perfect her craft ever since. 

She's known for her "alien blonde" style, which is forever evolving. She brought new meaning to the expression, "no pants, no problems," with her classic thigh-high platforms, over-sized sunglasses, big fur, and no pants outfits. She's never paid attention to what anyone else has done, which is probably why she's created her own lane since she came to the internet in 2009. 

She is all about self-expression, art, poetry, and passion. You won't find a lot of commercialism in her work. She'd rather write you a story then sell you a garment. 

Staying true to self in an otherwise boring market, welcome to the world of I Hate Blonde.