the prettiest star - david bowie

by Rachel Lynch

I guess I'm in that place with art and life where I'm just waiting to hear what my music is. Maybe I've already touched my music, maybe I'm morphing into it's sounds. 

I can see that we all came here with music in us, but the world crushes us when we open our mouths to sing. So we slip silently into the day, doing what we're told to do.

I have never wanted to be quiet, I was not born to be quiet. I am a loud spirit of sound with many colors vibrating within. I started making my art very young, because it was simply what I had to do. That is the difference with the artist, they have to create. There is frankly, no other choice. 


heart beats jacket by Gypsy Warrior

Bruce Springsteen tee by Gypsy Warrior

hat by UNIF

photos by Svetlana Blasucci