Black & White for Days

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b11 bw1 bw2 bw3 bw4 bw5 bw6bw7bw10Happy Tuesday guys! It's pouring right now in NYC, but I just got back from the gym and I'm feeling so energized and inspired! I have a lot of exciting things coming for you guys, including some fun shoots with my boyfriend and some big stuff on the West Coast.

Anyways, here's one of my favorite basic looks to rock on a weekday. I just got this black and white jacket by Line & Dot (absolutely obsessed!)  and I paired it with my favorite basic white tee + leather pants. There is really nothing like a big fur coat over a simple white tee shirt + leather. It's so casual yet chic.

My shoes are by UNIF & they make me like 6 feet tall (totes necessary for chic points~) & the sunnies are of course by Wildfox. The classic round frames are still some of my favorites. How would you guys style this black & white fur coat?

Much love & positive energy today guys! Get motivated and make your dream a reality.


black & white fur jacket by Line & Dot

shoes by UNIF

photos by Kara Beth Nixon

Pink Moto Fur

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8This pink Chaser Moto jacket is my ABSOLUTE favorite piece of the season. Do I even need to say that? You can tell right? I mean it's my soul in a jacket: Pink + Motorcycle + Fur = my spirit animal. So I paired it with my favorite pair of leather pants and my Brian Lichtenberg together as the perfect black base for this amazing creature jacket.

How would you wear this jacket?

x x

Pink Moto Jacket by Chaser

Homies Tank by Brian Lichtenberg

shoes by UNIF

photos by Kara Beth Nixon

Black Magic

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SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCHey guys! Here's a dope collab I shot with Courtney Parrie of C/P. She makes tees and bags with amazing photographs of beautiful women on them. I love the cut and material of the tee as well as the photography on it. I'm wearing the black magic tee + holding the shady lady clutch! Finally a cute tee places that actually uses good photos as their graphics.

Hope you enjoy

x x

photos Brittanny Taylor

Black & White Blues

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Here's a casual look I threw together with a bunch of pieces I've been gifted lately. I don't know about you, but when the winter comes, all I can do it match black with black... and maybe black with white. I have no desire to wear color, it almost feels wrong. I did a collaboration with instabrand last week, where I wore these awesome black and white leggings and mesh crop top. You can't see the top that well here (my apologizes) but I've been pairing it with high-waisted black leggings and a blazer and it looks killer!! I cut the sleeves off my blazer (so it's a blazer vest) and the mesh sleeves stick out. So like above with my favorite foxiedox black fur vest (the ultimate layering piece) the mesh sticks out and kind of gives a simple black and white outfit an edge. The beetle juice-esque pants I guess are kind of edgy too!

I've been thinking so much about how to make my winter wardrobe cool, it's hard. You all know I'm into bodysuits, lingerie, and fur. Pretty much the only winter thing I have working for me right now is the fur. Okay and maybe some thigh-high boots.. but other than that I'm so stuck! Looks like I'll have to find some warm pieces to adorn my blonde frame. I've been looking at the For Love & Lemons sweaters but I'm not sure what I really want to spend. I also need to find another pair of awesome leather pants. I have one pair from a boutique in Northern Michigan, which are my absolute fav, and one pair from UNIF, but I need more! Hehe! I think I may take a peek at the Dolls Kill sale today! Are you guys planning any big buys for cyber monday?

Lots of Love, enjoy the last day of your weekend!

x x

mesh top + leggings by Grayson

black fur vest by Foxiedox

photos by Brittany Taylor

6 God

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SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC"I'll admit it. Watch your tone boy. Get hurt boy. Aww here go another mo'fucker that don't understand the concept of puttin' money first boy. I'm 'bout to hit you with the work boy. I hate comin' through stuntin' on bitches that I know.

You haven't been the man for like a minute. I told you that I'm in it for the long haul. You can really get the business. Got me feelin' like a ball hog, I don't pass 'em when I get it.

You too worried 'bout the bitches. I got one girl, and she my girl, and nobody else can hit it. It's a OVO come through murk thing. Bitches wouldn't make it on this side. I'm not new to this."

Happy Saturday bitches! I'm posted in my new Chi Flow bomber listening to the "6 God" drake song that just dropped, about to hit the gym. I hope you all have a killer weekend. I'm stoked to be moving out of Bushwick and into the East Village on Monday. I'll be packing all weekend. I can't wait to show you all my new Manhattan apartment!!

x x

Camo Varsity bomber by Chi Flow

platforms by YRU

photos by Brittanny Taylor


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The leaves fall, watery eyes. You gave up something and got something else. You paid in some way for everything that was good in your life. Like the beautiful leaves that fall to the floor, we have to endure the months of cold darkness for a passing season of lush beauty. But the highs are so high, you welcome the lows.

Somewhere deep inside the depths of our unconscious, we are inherently connected to the seasons. We feel what they feel, we fall when they fall. They affect us much more than our modern world will ever let on. Instead of letting the winter hinder you, keep you inside, or make you anxious, I pray you see the seasons for what they are - something that is so intrinsically a part of us, as we are of it, we are all one.

x x

sweater dress by Mor Dotter

clutch bag by Brahmin

photos by Phillip Van Nosstrand


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ice princess - i hate blonde - rachel lynchice princess - i hate blonde - rachel lynchice princess - i hate blonde - rachel lynchice princess - i hate blonde - rachel lynchI'm so cold I'm dripping icicles. I go and take your man, that boy might miss you. Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear, to stand around me need to have your winter gear.

I do not feel these bitches frost bite. Colder than December my diamonds on Anna Wintour. So that's fly ice in my life. I don't see no limits so I strive and I shine twice.

Her motives is frozen. Corrosive, the coldest. Frigid princess come from cold cash and them ice chunks. Stone frost in my Celine pumps. Colder than December. Bitch white fox. Cold killer so now you know.

All hail the supreme Ice Princess.

chain dress + bracelet by Tracy Belben

photos by Brittanny Taylor

Fashion Union

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fashionunion1-2new1new4new3sec23new2IMG_0224 copy-2A few weeks ago I picked these dope pieces from the online London-based store, Fashion Union. The big faux fur leather jacket is probably my new favorite staple piece. I've been wearing it over my yoga leggings and tank for a warm transitional fall jacket.

I'm always a sucker for anything black and white, so I decided for the rest of my look to pull this cute matching two-piece set and these awesome white pumps.

teena big faux fur jacket

shimmer short

mesh top in white

photos by Jaglever