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Hey NYC bitches, I've teamed up with fellow blonde-headed babe, Miss Alissa to host an event with Depop next Thursday at Hotel Chantelle. If you're around, come by at 8pm to shop our closets and enjoy free bottle service for the first hour! Depop will be provided TONS of polaroid film, so we'll be snapping lots of photos and dancing to DJ Jus-ske's rad music!  I really hope you guys can make it out! It's going to be super special, and mostly just about drinking + dancing + having a good time!

see you there


New Year's Eve

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My first New Year's Even in Manhattan was fancy magic. I've been in LA for the past two years on NYE so it was wonderful to celebrate in my home city. My boyfriend and some of our friends headed to the Soho Grand to celebrate the night with Exit Magazine. The night of course included endless champagne (I require that) and beautiful decorations, ballons, a ginat clock, velvet seats and dancing. I don't think David and I got home until 4/4:30 am.. I can't really remember, haha! I wore a full length lace dress by Stone Cold Fox. I've literally been drooling over this dress and so happy I finally treated myself to it over Christmas. I actually wish I got way better photos of my dress, but I'm sure I'll shoot it for my blog soon.

I'm excited to start a New Year, can't believe this will be my blog's 6th year!! It's amazing to see how it's grown from just a personal pastime into an actual business. I have a feeling this is going to be my biggest year yet! Much love and blessings to all of you who continue to ready my blog and ride along on my adventures over the year, I love you all so much & I Hate Blonde would be nothing without you.

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