Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

by Rachel Lynch in ,

Lucy's in the sky with diamonds. Lucy's high on the things she don't have. Her mind holds the key. There are flowers on the walls, and flowers in the window and flowers on the floor. Smashed petals blend into the leopard carpet, the spirit is lifted by the mere presence of another.

And she lives in magic, floating above it all. Nothing can touch her. It's all music, constant sounds and playing dress up. Wandering the streets of New York isn't as lonely as it seems, because she is filled with the perpetual desire to see more, do more, create more.

x x

disco stevie nicks coat by Dolls Kill

little white dress by Dolls Kill

boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Gina Frey

The Ace Hotel

by Rachel Lynch in

rachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrDuring fashion week, Shooka and I stoped by the Ace Hotel to visit our friend Justin. He and I both moved out of Chicago around the same time. In Chicago, Justin owned the most amazing gallery in Wicker Park. He held gallery openings and shows that really gave the most relevant artists in Chicago a voice and a place to display their work. Since then, he's moved to Los Angeles and started collecting vintage clothing. He's always had the eye for eccentric and amazing pieces. The first time we ever shot (back in 2010 maybe?) he dressed me up in some awesome threads!

He's going to be traveling a lot more now between NY/LA and hopefully will start selling his clothes at the Williamsburg flea or opening a store of the like.

It's amazing to grow up with artists around you and watch them develop and change as well. I hope you guys enjoy these few film photos of me and my #1 girl dressed by the lovely, Justin Markin.