wildfox saturday in the sun

by Rachel Lynch in

Morning run giving way to a Saturday in the sun. Fresh coffee & a cozy knit over your favorite bedroom set. Feeling the sun on your collarbones and nose. It leaves soft freckles on your skin. You're reading Lolita and writing down everything in your dream notebook. A collection of rings on your fingers, each one holds a different story.

The day will be what you make it, it's only 10AM and you've been up like the sun for hours. Under the trees and near the flowers, everything feels possible, everything feels like love. You throw on a teeshirt dress and some boots and hop in your friends car for an adventure in hollywood. You're in love, you're in California.

x x

lingerie set by For Love & Lemons

sweater by Wildfox

photos by Jessica Castro

the girl at the rock show

by Rachel Lynch in

"Hanging out behind the club on the weekend Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends I couldnt wait for the summer and the warped tour I remember its the first time that I saw her there

She's getting kicked out of school cause she failing Im kind of nervous cause i think all her friends hate me She's The One she'll always be there She took my hand and i made it i swear

Because i fell in love with the girl at the rock show She said what and i told her that i didn't know She's so cool when we're sneakin through her window Everythings better when she's around I can't wait till her parents go out of town I fell in love with the girl at the rock show."

jumper by Dolls Kill

swan shoe by YRU

photos by Brad Thornber