give me how it was

by Rachel Lynch

i love paint, lingerie, nicotine fingers, long runs and blush on my cheeks. i love imperfections and marks from your love on my body. i love when i am free enough to merge all my thinking - the daily routine with the creative process. when art becomes life, and there is no cognitive dissonance. 

when i am calm enough to realize that everything is everything, and painting is running, and artistic excellence is athletic excellence. 

when i am bold enough to see outside what i've been told. to release myself from a culture that tells me to define my worth through relationships with men, even though i've never much cared for them. 

self-worth is built upon through doing the things that scare us and lifting the things that are designed to weight us down. you build upon your worth by developing positive experiences in working towards your passions. that is why every day is so important - we are building, moving, progressing. every book, song, trip, person is contributing to the narrative. 

become brave enough to write your own story. be messy and own all of it. 


postcards from spain

by Rachel Lynch

Descending into Madrid with smiles from a sweet slumber. Your casual words lured me into a dreamy sleep. 

We wake to take winding roads of green to our new home. Three days contiguous with the sea.

Modern sliding glass and a shower like a waterfall, this place will do just fine. A bottle of spanish red, and I'm shower-fresh singing love songs on the balcony. 

Constantly reading books, perhaps seeing life from an introspective place. My inner-self is not a go-getter, she's deeply complicated and drowning under ideas. 

But that's not the girl you want. That's not the girl you brought on this trip. I have to lay down my anxieties and find a desire to explore. 

I'm tying up my long blonde hair and sleeping peacefully. The way I look forward to sleep in a new place makes me nervous. I guess most people want to see as much as they can. But I'd like to sit by the sea. Sip warm coffee, and sharpen my pencils before pressing them to the page. I'd like to take it all in from a place of stillness. To feel this moment, to smell the water and salt. 

You keep moving, and I try my best to keep up. I'm a slow soul. My heart is gentle and my fears are substantial. You move me out of my comfort zones into experiences I would never endeavor on my own.  

Thank you for filling in my softness. I can't make it through a trip without crying, without feeling everything. Something about a new place brings me to my knees emotionally. It is beautiful, and it is refreshing.

Simple life, and the sea. Cheers to seeing more of this world with you. 


she lived at the gramercy

by Rachel Lynch

In things austere, we come alive. Our love story is like a painting, in my mind, in my daydreams, in my idle fantasies. 

I wish I was younger, the way I used to open my heart with ease. Such a burden, the flames of your muse-like semblance. The best version of myself. 

I am lost in your heartbeat, your immovable embrace. The way you hold me says everything you can't. 

It gives me all the energy I need to press on, make magic and pursue passion. 

Life is wonder and beauty and lust. The pursuit of the things that will make every day better than the one before. 

You cleared up my scars. 


luxe triangle bra by fleur du mal

luxe cheeky underwear by fleur du mal

clementine dot buckle top by for love & lemons

clementine dot buckle bottom by for love & lemons


flower kimono by Alice + Olivia

white star 1/4 cup bra by Agent Provocateur

white star suspender by Agent Provocateur

white star thong by Agent Provocateur

west village

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a little peek into my life over the last two weeks - post returning from a much needed visit to my family in Michigan. 

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Spain. Be sure to follow along on my instagram!  
For now here's some links to shop some cute spring pieces, can't wait to show you what I'll be wearing in Spain! 



isla top by house of harlow

red skirt by house of harlow

rolling stones tee by madeworn

rouge fleur dress by Réalisation Par

the alexandra dusty blue dress by Réalisation Par

in bloom

by Rachel Lynch

My heart is ready for spring. I'm craving pastels and sheer layers. 

Last week, I purchased this gorgeous sheer teal dress from Revolve, designed by Michael Costello. I belted it to get a more ruffled layered look. 

My jacket is from Free People, and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's like something a Berlin-based Penny Lane would wear. You can get the jacket here

I'm excited to style it with some other looks - like bellbottoms. 

Have a great Wednesday babes! 



"all of my life"

by Rachel Lynch

Queer queen committed beyond circumstance to a life of novels, lust and champagne. The incessant need for learning, always filling her head with books. Everything from John Milton, C.S. Lewis, to the Tao Te Ching and back again.

She remembered her life alongside the books she was reading at the time. Each personal memory taking place alongside a less personal novel. 

This is how she organized her life, her moments, her lovers. Nothing could stop her from pressing forward, and each word read remembered alongside a feeling, a place, or a taste. Avocados and the Bhagavad Gita, black coffee and Walden, almond crossiants and C.S. Lewis. Everything was romantic and nothing hurt. 


lingerie by Agent Provocateur

lynn long kimono by alice + olivia


it's affection, always

by Rachel Lynch

It's been wild, and it's been more than I've asked for. 

Everything fell apart the moment I knew I wanted you. My story didn't make sense anymore. All the lies I told myself to dilute the lightness of being failed to appease. 

I was in my body again, and it was as heavy as the ships at the bottom of the sea. 

I run from romance like this. Too broken to find meaning in a new encounter. 

But here we are, you are my muse and I am your lover. Two hearts merged into one dream. I wake with visions of you; they drive my art, passions, and hard work. Floating between our shared bed and the workings of the world. 

Sometimes our time spent together doesn't feel real, it's just fuel for the passion that real life requires. The dedication of day in and day out. The ability to follow through, sleeping with a sound mind and light heart. 

I am always in a state of longing, perhaps I believe it is better to romanticize than to let go completely. 



"nothing's gonna hurt you baby"

by Rachel Lynch

Nothing's gonna hurt you baby. All those late nights dreaming about everything and doing nothing.

New York's moving on you. Pulled into cityscapes and lost in the light reflecting off South Hudson. 

When you're all alone, you play guitar and get paint all over your fingernails. It's midnight and you're raw. Just you and all those things left hidden under the mask of strength you wear all day. 

Feelings pour from your fingers onto the strings and canvas. It's all so real and raw and beautiful. 

But you leave it in the heat of the night. New York requires a soul too strong to carry that around all the time. 


pretty attitude

by Rachel Lynch

Sharing with you guys some pieces from Pretty Attitude that I really adore! 

First off are these high-waisted leopard bottoms, I love mixing high waisted with cropped vintage tees! 

I'm also obsessed with this bitch teacup! I need 10 more, so f*cking necessary! 

And lastly, these superstar bellbottoms! I've worn these out dancing in the West Village last Sunday night, and got so many compliments! 

Hope you guys enjoy my selections, make sure to shop! 




by Rachel Lynch

you ain't got it all figured out.

and neither do i, and so we coincide. we get to write the rules to this thing, but we don't know that yet. 

feel your instincts, they're always right. all the answers are in books already written, but we want to write our own. 

and so are our mistakes are ours to make, the pleasure of having omission in your hands. 

naked as we came.