by Rachel Lynch

you ain't got it all figured out.

and neither do i, and so we coincide. we get to write the rules to this thing, but we don't know that yet. 

feel your instincts, they're always right. all the answers are in books already written, but we want to write our own. 

and so are our mistakes are ours to make, the pleasure of having omission in your hands. 

naked as we came. 


the world you don't know

by Rachel Lynch

Translate potential into excellence, translate emotion into art. 

On the other side of every fear I have ever had, is a better me. If you've never experienced the other side of your fears, it is because every time you are scared, you stop. Every time you felt a little pain, you quit. 

 What happens when we push through our fears? 

The answers are all around you. Choose to see them.



"over all the others, you're the one all over me"

by Rachel Lynch

i did not know heartache until you left. sometimes i think life waited too long to break me. 
and i cannot look to you for answers, because i may never get them. looking to you will only break me over and over again, and i am tired of picking up the pieces. 
what if everything we wanted, wanted us at the exact same time. how silly that would be, how catastrophic. we would never grow. 
perhaps it was my turn to not get what i wanted. to feel the gut-wrenching pull of love-lossed. 
i can assign all sorts of meaning to our meeting, but none of them have any meaning to me. 
so i sit, broken. gutted by the sheer mention of your name. 
you are the ghost in my machine.


lorna bra in red and pink

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"i'm tripping off your love and all the other drugs we take"

by Rachel Lynch

there was something misleading about him. i think he wanted fame more than he wanted artistic expression, and i could taste it on his lips. i suppose he thought i was the same bird, but the desires of my heart did not recognize themselves in him. but i chose to delude myself, my intution is accustomed to my betrayal. 

i know i don't have to forgive you. to forgive means one has placed blame, and i never blamed you in the first place. i take responsibility for my own heartbreak. we all do the best with what we've been given. you belong to your words, and the creative process. you could never be mine. 


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"you see in the world what you have in your heart"

by Rachel Lynch

please be tender. i loved him with a rush. his solicitous voice and stage presence. 
los angeles with vigor. our two months in the city of angels. nothing is the same and everything has changed. 
mornings in our shared bed. i’d wake from our slumber to spill my heart and fill the page. you were my muse, i’m scared i’ll never find another like you. new york city is dirty, filled with hustle and heart. you were the ease of an LA morning, spilling softness and tender where i needed it most. 
i’m restless now. fire escape cigarettes and climbing the clouds. were you sent to set my soul on fire? i’m all passion and tormented ease pouring onto everyone i meet. 
i’ll always be in lust without you. 


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by Rachel Lynch

And it's just as good as I knew it would be. 

Books and tantra, enlightenment through sex. Novels taught me to seek feeling, you taught me to feel. 

I am stuck in time, between literature, and his beautiful eyes. 

Desire creates the momentum of a stream of energy, and lust has no mercy. 

You taste best when you're in full bloom, and I'm taking pictures of you with flowers on the wall. 

We must develop a willingness to feel. 

Every kiss feels like our last, and no kiss should of been our first.

Your love looks good on me. 


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by Rachel Lynch

The jacket of the season, obsessed with all it's puffy perfection. You can get it here. 

This is my go to weekend look, (when I'm not wearing a dress.) I love a military style boot and an oversized boho bag. You can get this bag on revolve by rebecca minkoff, the rose color is my current favorite, but i also have it in two others, lol! 

Sunglasses are by dior, and my bodysuit and belt are both on revolve! 

How's your winter style babes? 


for lovers, only

by Rachel Lynch

Surprise your lover this Valentine's Day with some of my favorite lingerie items from yandy! First is this amazing red bustier, i love how striking the satin is! 

I'm making breakfast in the "unwrap me" set, it's super adorable and features a bow that actually ties around your chest! 

The nightgown I'm wearing in the mirror images, is the "i heart you" apron, I love that when you lift up the back, there's a big heart on the panties! 

And lastly, but certainly not least, is this red three piece set, which I find incredibly adorable and flattering! 

Happy Valentine's Day my loves! 


bad at love

by Rachel Lynch

Your love looks good on me. Coffee kisses, and roses in bed. Champagne truffles, another Valentine's spent with you. Dirty french, and bubble baths filled with petals. You hand me a robe as I step out of the bath, you make me feel safe. You make me feel warm, you make me feel loved, you are my Valentine. 

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