upstate getaway

by Rachel Lynch

My love and I escaped to a cabin upstate for the weekend. We brought along two of our friends who were just married last year. The four of us had a really beautiful time - cooking, taking photographs, and drinking wine. 

We stayed at the most beautiful house where the sun soaked the entire place. There was also an incredible roof where we could star gaze at night. We went for a beautiful hike, saw a waterfall, and I did a run in the rain. 

The second day we were there my allergies kicked in like terrible, giving way to some pretty bad anxiety. I was really upset for a couple hours, exhausted and my stomach hurt. Truth be told, I just envisioned everything so differently. I wanted to finish and entire book, meditate and connected with God. But looking back now, everything happened exactly as it should of. My momentary bouts with anxiety only give way to a better and stronger person. Our suffering only serves help us better understand the suffering of others. 

I've been wanting to be a better person lately, for myself, for my partner, for my friends. But sometimes you stop and realize you're just doing the best you can in that given moment. And that's all anyone can ever ask of you, that's really all you can ask of yourself. 


abbey swimsuit top by Mandalynn Swim

crop top and sabbath mug by Gypsy Warrior

saving pepperland bra by Save The Parade 1969


"going steady with a factory girl"

by Rachel Lynch

She wanted to make her own world, start a revolution from her bedroom. Apartment like Breakfast at Tiffany's, closet full of clothes like Edie Sedgwick. All of her dresses with the tags still on them, wild imagination. 

You get up to leave from your side of the bed, it's morning in New York. Summer is coming, and we can feel it. We shift the art we make, the notes become softer, the paintings become pastel. 

Books stacked to the ceiling, I'm living in a movie. I think we're superstars, and you're becoming my best friend. You teach me to play music, and I teach you to play dress up. 

I know you want to build a world much like my own, we both came here to make things. I don't bother with other people, but you can't get enough of them. You tell me that I shouldn't be so hard on myself, and I agree. 

People are afraid of themselves nowadays. The realm of possibility is always expanding, and I try to not let my fears keep me from a revolution. You say I'm a renaissance artist. I've never really swallowed what other people told me - my only passions are books and music. 

I'm not attached to anything, I'd just like to spend my life creating. 


pink hair + coffee

by Rachel Lynch

Here's a look from my morning coffee run. Sometimes when I'm in a rush but still want to look cute, I'll go to a pair of plain black denim with a statement jacket and bag. Sometimes, I like having my clothing simple and then mixing in cool accessories. 

And of course, some bomb day-old sex hair + big sunglasses. 


jacket by Nasty Gal

belt by Nasty Gal

bag by YSL

sunglasses by Elizabeth and James

jeans by Citizens of Humanity



bond street

by Rachel Lynch

If you follow me on instagram, you know I'm obsessed with this dress. It's by for Love and Lemons and fits like a dream! I love the sleeves and floral detail, basically everything about it. 

Modern Vice also just gifted me this amazing white stud booties, and they're perfect for spring. I'm not huge on sandals or opened toed shoes, so these are a nice compromise for me. 

My hat is by Rag and Bone, and I think it's the perfect spring hat. It goes with dresses, as well as denim and blazer looks. 

Excited to bring you more spring looks! 

all my love,


dress by For Love & Lemons

panama hat by Rag & Bone

shoes by Modern Vice

love test

by Rachel Lynch

Baby's leaving New York for a summer of festivals. She spent winter locked away, high up in her Soho loft, making art and making music.

She's ready to share everything's she's learned with everyone else - so many books about love and the solar system. So many hours spent inside her own head, digesting politics through comic release. Forgetting last summer's lovers through chords and sounds. 

All of her dresses with the tags still on them. She's throwing kimonos and feathers in a vintage pink suitcase. She's bringing sunglasses and little leather dresses. Vintage bustiers and flower-detailed lingerie. Bell bottoms and baby's guitars. She's ready to not have a home for a little while. To stay up late under desert stars, and write poems on june mornings. 

Pretending it will get better with you not around. He asks her where's she going. It's a love test. 

You know you're living when it all becomes a blur. It's always been that way it seems, one love begins and another one comes undone. 


deluxe pink feather robe by Yandy

faux leather mini dress with gold belt by Yandy

ivory elegant bustier by Yandy

delicate black lace robe by Yandy

black elegant bra and garter set by Yandy

photos by Kristin Gallegos

springtime in soho

by Rachel Lynch

I'm super excited to finally put together some spring looks. I feel like I've been hiding from winter inside my apartment - reading books and painting. I'm inspired to shoot some street style now! 

I've been really into Elizabeth and James lately, especially their accessories. My pink suede bag is by them and is actually on sale now (sadly I bought it prior to that, ugh!) 

I'm also super into Marc Jacobs this season. I think his collection is just wonderful, and I just had to grab these white bootiesI think I might get the glitter ones next. 

My suede moto jacket is from Nasty Gal and the dress is of course by For Love & Lemons. You can also shop these sunglasses on Zero UV, I'll be styling a lot of their products into my looks this spring! 




pink suede bag by Elizabeth and James

white chelsea boot by Marc Jacobs

sunglasses by Zero UV

girls in peacetime want to dance

by Rachel Lynch

Nothing could deprive her of abundant creativity, she was personally responsible for her life's direction and was aware of that. She didn't believe in karma. She believed karma was a misunderstanding, an outdate concept outside the reality that we are in total control. It was long ago that she stopped believing that things do things to you, she was part of the shift. 

The artist that takes responsibility for all their life experiences is an artist in complete control. Because thought is the creative level of things, changing our minds is the ultimate personal empowerment.

Thought trumps physical laws every time. With prayer, you can bend all the physical laws you see before you. 


pink bra by Agent Provocateur

pink panty by Agent Provocateur

adah trixie panty in black by Agent Provocateur

adah bra in black by Agent Provocateur




by Rachel Lynch

I am filled with gratitude for Austin and SXSW. To return to nature, to wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds -- this is living. 

In New York, I am so far removed from all these things. I'm in a constant state of conquering. In Austin, I was able to put people and nature first. My first morning, I walked through the house, smelling the roses and singing. I finished half a book on the flight there called, "A Return to Love." 

SXSW was a bit of a returning for me. To remember what it was like when human interaction and nature came first. I easily lose these things in the grip of New York. Ideas flow more freely and my heart is filled with the love for people around me first. 

I'm an artist and a romantic, and I know that. I know not everyone can bring themselves to the simplicity that my mind achieves at times. There are too many bills to pay, and things to worry about to every be as romantic as someone like me. But I do believe that when we let ourselves go there, we come back more alive that before. 


special thank you to Kimo Sabe + Pursuit of Portraits for making this trip happen


like dylan in the movies

by Rachel Lynch

If you had such a dream, would you get up and do the things you believe in? 

I've already crossed the line, he asked me if i'm single, going steady? But I'm married to my sound, my books, my art. 

Listening to Belle and Sebastian on a weekday afternoon, can you stay in the silence of a song with me? 

Lately it seems like you can find all the words to say what you mean, and I have none. I'm comfortable in the silence of my own contemplation. I think it's because before, I had said too much. I don't feel the need to explain myself anymore, my art does that for me. 


shag jacket by Lovers + Drifters

pink bra by Agent Provocateur

pink mini briefs by Agent Provocateur

black thong by Agent Provocateur

bullet satin garter belt by Fleur De Mal

photos by Sam Livm