dreamy winter coat

by Rachel Lynch

Got the winter coat of my dreams last week from Burberry. It’s now on sale here! It’s just divine, and I couldn’t imagine anything more my style. I’m a really big fan of the free people fancy long coats, but this is a step up for me!

I’ve styled it with this older yellow velvet dress I’ve had in my closet for years! I wish I had a link for you guys, I received so many dm’s about it.. the truth is, it was a gift from a brand and I can’t remember! It doesn’t have a tag!

I might sell it on my depop soon, so there’s that!

Anyways, lots of love!



printed skirt: two ways

by Rachel Lynch

One skirt - two ways.

The first look, I styled this skirt by Réalisation Par with a cropped vintage angels sweatshirt by Fiorucci. The newsboy hat I picked up in Beijing in the 798 Art Zone. I also paired it with a Moschino bag and Wildfox boots. I’d wear this look to a lunch, dinner, meeting, etc. It’s a little more polished.

The second is more grungy/street style. I would wear this running around Soho/taking the subway/grabbing coffee/etc. It feels really relaxed paired with the hand-cut vintage tee and oversized recycled leather jacket. There’s more of an ease to this outift.

Which way would you wear it?


cape town + johannesburg, south africa

by Rachel Lynch

Here’s a little scrapbook of the last two weeks of my life.

We spent one week in Cape Town, and then kicked off the new year with a week in Johannesburg. I’m really grateful for this time away from my routine, my schedule. New thoughts and ideas emerge when you put yourself in new environments. I’m such a New Yorker, it’s good to let that go once and a while.

Cape Town has probably the most beautiful beaches in the world, (although I have yet to go to Australia!) My only regret is that we didn’t spend more time there. The waves were insane though, I’m so impressed by the bravery of the surfers. I’ve only surfed in Hawaii, and don’t think I’d dare try these South African waves.

We cooked so much food, for Christmas and New Years. It was really nice to live in a house, (i’m so used to city life.) And South African red wine is just to die for! I think it’s my new favorite wine in the world! Although, I’ve never been a huge fan of european wine to begin with. Except for Champagne, what a blessing, what a gift, amen Champagne.

It was cool to shoot photos every day, and take a lot more stuff that’s stripped down + real life. My boyfriend has become quite the photographer in the past year, it was hard for him to put the camera down.

I’ll be traveling again in February, I’ll fill you guys in about locations as soon as I book tickets! For now, it’s back to fashion and new york and preparing for fashion week.


teal butterflies

by Rachel Lynch

My most recent piece I finished before the holiday.

My art will be for sale on my depop soon & I’ll be in an art show in Williamsburg on the 15th!

I’ll keep you posted for the details.


bringing in the year <3

by Rachel Lynch

Bringing in another beautiful year on the blog. Thankful for all of you who have been with me since I was 18. Getting ready to leave for South Africa tomorrow & I can’t wait to make art and photographs there.

Excited to trust my vision more for the next year, and stop giving a shit about what everyone else wants from me. I want to trust myself so deeply, I know I can.

heart on fire,

see you in the new year


montauk, new york

by Rachel Lynch

On the first day of December, we decided to take a road trip out to Monatuk. I’ve never been before, I’ve actually only been to long island 3 times in my entire life. When I leave New York City, I’m usually leaving the country, or flying to Los Angeles. It was cool to do something so nearby, but so different.

The sunrise was absolutely beautiful the morning we drove out - all kinds of wild pinks. I was hungover, regretful but grateful. We stayed at a really old motel. I loved the interior, and we had a little balcony where the sun shone in like wild. We ate french fries and crab for lunch, walked down to the beach for sunset. I took my clothes off and danced around in the cold, while sean shot film and medium format.

It was a good day - it’s been a good year. I went through so many hard things, a lot of which I can see I caused myself. There’s something so freeing about that. Knowing we have the power to change the way our life is going.


for love and lemons sin city triangle bra

for love and lemons sin city high waisted panty

for love and lemons sin city sequin panty

sweet daydream checkered cardigan by sugar thrillz

celestial feeling

by Rachel Lynch

i’ve got a celestial feeling. a movement through my veins. angel of small death and the codeine scene.

a look that i know, i love you more than ever now. is this what it comes to? a familiar feeling.

i am the wildest of hearts, my sweet spade. but you already know all that you’re in for.


delight cream set by gooseberry intimates