this week with you

by Rachel Lynch

I have met with a new inspiration. I do not know him by name. 

Loss of appetite - the onset of words, sounds and images. He says let me show you everything I know. I follow along - changing the meaning of everything to fit my own artistic purists. 

The artist is always selfish. 

Is this what it feels like to feel full? Taking from the mere presence of another person and making it your own. 

I never feel magic unless I'm with you. The passing of time moves forward without us. I want to believe in you and everything you do, but I'm too weathered to be a romantic. 

I'll keep on singing though, waking up each day with new ideas by my side. Ideas I only get when you're around, artistic presence as necessary as the paltry winter sun. 

x x 


celine maxi dress by For Love & Lemons

lorna bra in nude and white by Agent Provocateur

lorna suspender in nude and white by Agent Provocateur

lorna brief in nude and white by Agent Provocateur

jardin imperial set by Maison Close

saffron maxi dress by For Love and Lemons


california time

by Rachel Lynch

Me and my darling keep love alive, even on California time. 

We're not teenagers anymore, so we sip black coffee in the morning. The most precious hours of the day, our little worlds together. All of your attention directed my way, even if it's not what I need. 

I'd fall for you, but distance keeps us out of love. And that's probably a good thing, because I'm always in love. Always dreaming. 

Time passes so much, but it's these small moments that seem to say stuck right where they are. They're the reason I smile for what seems like no reason on the subway, or when I'm walking to my coffee shop. 

Holding on to things will only break your heart, so I move forward without knowing what I want. But sometimes, memories of you sneak up on me in the in-betweens and I'm ok with that now. 

x  x 

photos by Jen Senn




"all i taught her was everything"

by Rachel Lynch

All I taught her was everything. She dreams in colors I gave to her.

I wanted to live with a cinnamon girl. A girl that only goes outside for coffee and long runs. Tucked away in her creative chamber with Rodriquez and Van Morrison on repeat, mixing colors and reading non-fiction. Planning art she'll probably make as soon as tomorrow - dreamers like her can never wait. 

She doesn't really know what she's doing or where she's going - all she knows is she wants to bring everyone she loves with her. 

You think you have some premonition about her ways, but you won't know what she's all about till it's over. 


x x


"the things that we do to each other"

by Rachel Lynch

Say I don't do for you no more. Let me tell you what I've been through these days. Painting pictures to the sound of your music, the saddest of songs. Your fragility is in your voice, mine is in my words. 

 I think I love you way more than I need you. Separated by physical proximity, but you entertain me in my dreams. Your shortcomings makes me wild, still grasping on to the last bits of my dark side. 

I've never loved someone younger, you force me to see the limits to my capacity to love. 

The things we need to do to be together are never convenient. 

photos by Alysha Nett

girl on tour

by Rachel Lynch

Extended stay in LA, we're alone downtown with champagne and beach house. 

My prolonged time in my past life ceased because I switched coasts. A new place to remind me of how young I really am. 

Late nights and vivid dreams give way to early mornings with coffee and sunshine. Music sounds better running down the 405. 

I've given myself a little more space here, a little more freedom from my rigid new york ways. 

At the roots of it, I am the same wherever I go. I have to remember to treat myself as special as I do when I'm on an adventure. It is true nothing in this world is permanent, but we're foolish to not be in it while it lasts. 


photos by Grant Spanier

los angeles loves you

by Rachel Lynch

Sleeping in Haunted Houses with endless guitars and books. Staying up at night to the rain in the Hollywood Hills. There's something romantic about listening to the rain here - perhaps because it's so temporary, so infrequent. 

Living in my world that was yours. I'll show you such a good time, keep you up till the dark is dawn. I've filled my mind with everything you said you loved. 

Hair fading and floor creaking, morning coffee is my favorite time. I am connected to creative source and the best ideas come to mind. My art places itself in my heart before it becomes physical. 

I am no longer scared at night, I have prayed for the intercession and I have seen the light the morning brings. With each new place I get to remember how to make myself again, sober in my awareness of self. 

I get to keep you around in my mind, I get to keep expanding myself from the heart. 


rainbow lingerie by Save The Parade

little pink silk bottoms by For Love & Lemons

white feather bolero from Shopbop

pink bralette and bottom from Revolve

mermaid mug by Erin Rose

"go blonde, eat cereal" -- book release

by Rachel Lynch

The print version of my book, "go blonde, eat cereal" is finally here. It will be available for sale Feb 10th, the same day as the release party with Nakid Magazine

The book is huge! With lots of photos, but mostly a beautifully little diary that I started keeping when I first moved down to Soho in March. I'm excited to share all my stories with you. There's something so fantastic about holding a tangible book in your hands, it makes it all so terribly personal and real. 

I am so thankful to all of you - who inspire me to keep sharing my life and personal growth. I get the most amazing messages on facebook and instagram almost daily. You all keep me going - you all make me the inspired artist that I am. 

Excited for all the energy that we share on this journey, there is nothing more special in this world. 


i'll see you in my dreams

by Rachel Lynch

Lao Tzu once said, "I went to sleep and dreamt I was a butterfly, and then I awoke, and now I don't know. Was I a man dreaming I was a butterfly? Or am I a butterfly, dreaming that I am a man." 

Mozart would have dreams of his symphonys that were so vivid, he had to wake to write them down. It was almost as if something beyond Mozart's consciousness desired them to be written. 

And the same is true for those of us that desire to live in spirit, we are so connected to our calling that our art presents itself to us before it is created. 

But here's the catch, we must be willing to listen. 


butterfly bottoms by Save The Parade

photos by Brittanny Taylor

if you're feeling sinister

by Rachel Lynch

I'll see you in my dreams. Vanilla skies on a winter night, matching sapphire eyes meet in the astral plane. 

Setting my intention for a revealing night's journey- to make known the things that are not known to me now, receiving messages from the other side. 

Clairaudience, a spiritual gift. Knowing what to say and how to say it. Sensitivity to light and sound, feeling so separate from the body. 

Everyone you meet is part of your expansion - when you stop fulfilling that purpose for each other, the universe itself will separate you. 

I recognized you from my soul group, I knew we would incarnate together. You also know my twin flame, a soul up in the stars for now. 

We came into this world together, I have known you many times before and will know you many times more. The souls that are willing to teach you lessons make the greatest sacrifice, a reflection of the highest love. 

I like the way you look at me, I like the time we spend. Thank you for a cosmic sleep, a 5d dream. 


lingerie by Save The Parade

shag jacket by Lovers + Drifters Club

photos by The Glass Camera