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Tropical summer frost. Feather heat and hibiscus flowers. Rich oranges and purples in the air. Textured plants. Reflective sunglasses, crystal blue mirror images. Get ready for the summer frost. Wear flowers on your shorts and in your hair with liquid blue in your eyes. Summer's hot, are you?

I'm so inspired when it comes to the weather getting warmer. I start building my outfits around my sunglasses. What are your favorite type of sunglasses for this season? As I've said before, I'm really feeling the blue tinted mirror frames. I'm thinking of getting an aviator pair.

Let summer and sunglasses inspire you, kisses from Manhattan.


mirror sunglasses by Nastygal

fur crop jacket by B.B. Dakota 

tropical shorts by Nastygal

easy cream moto tee by Nastygal 

hellbound shoes by UNIF 


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When I'm not running from Starbucks to the subway in a little sweater, aviators and platforms, you can usually find me in all black and white. Nothing is better to me than a pair of leather pants paired with a really nice white tee by Cheap Monday or Diesel. Not only is it subtle, but it's easy cool. Although with the heat coming our way, leather pants seem to become less and less of an option. I wanted to come up with a few summer looks that still keep that black and white cool, but matched with the rising temperatures. Here, I'm wearing mirror sunnies (one of my summer staples!), paired with a mesh tee by Nastygal and white zip shorts. I love mesh and zippers for summer as well. I like the harsh feel of them on a lightweight summer garment. What are your June staples?

mirror sunglasses from Nastygal 

black summer mesh tee by Nastygal 

white easy zip shorts by Nastygal

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Y.O for Products of Mars


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1-Cover 2-inside cover4-credits 5-TitlePage 6-hello-kitty1 7-hello-kitty2 8-Candy1-1 9-Candy1-2 10-Candy2-1 11-Candy2-2 12-Prom1-1 13-Prom1-2 14-Prom2-1 15-Prom2-2 16-711-1 17-711-2 18-beach1-1 19-beach1-2 20-beach2-1 21-beach2-2 22-Gallery-1 23-Gallery-2 24 25 26-3-edit 27-1-edit 28-4 copy 29-5 copy 30-6 copy 31-7.5 copy 32-8 copy 33-9 34-13 copy 35-12 copy 36-back

School Daze. Raising hell in the hallways. High heels and uniform skirts. Drug store makeup and Lisa Frank stickers. Covering notebooks in boys names and glitter. Skipping lunch to ride to the beach. Boys in cars. Drinking champagne at prom. Girls in leggings in the hallways. Lunch time gossip. Ice cream and candy as a meal. Being girls, no boys allowed.

As many of you know, Rebecca Michelle worked with me this semester for her high school internship. She is a beautiful soul and a talented artist. I was so lucky to have her work with me for I HATE BLONDE. We had so much fun creating all the lovely images for this zine. Each photoshoot was an adventure. We actually had a prom, a beach adventure, etc, etc. All of this is just what we captured from the few days we spent together. I'm excited for to go off to art school in New York and discover herself as the beautiful artist she is.


temporarily out of fucks

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IMG_2483 copy night1 night4 night2 IMG_2608 copy IMG_2472 copy IMG_2482 copy IMG_2487 copy IMG_2569 copy night6

Coolest girl on the block. Ride with me, shotgun. Windows down when the weather's hot. Drinking up with the AC on. Dolled up, makeup, she don't need a lot. Cute attitude with a her hands on her hips, licking all up on her lips, while she twists the la.

american girl shorts by melancine moon

black and white fur jacket by lux 

shoes by jeffrey campbell 

stud shoes by UNIF 

red sunglasses by Zero UV 

deep sea sands

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beachedit6editbeach1 beachedit55 beachedit99 beachedit210beachedit7 beachedit12 beachedit13 beach77 beachedit2 beachedit3 beachedit4 beachedit6 beach11 beach150118920-R2-036-16A copy 0118920-R2-038-17A copy 0118921-R2-032-14A copy 0118921-R2-034-15A copy 0118921-R2-036-16A copy 0118921-R2-038-17A copy 0118921-R2-040-18A copy 0118921-R2-042-19A copy 0118921-R2-050-23A copy 0118921-R2-052-24A copy0118921-R1-028-12A copy

Rock and roll. Let summer burn on your skin. Deep sea sands and surfer blood on repeat. Aviator sunglasses and a sense of adventure. Hope brings adventure and vice versa. School's out for summer, hit the beach. Find your friends and walk along the coast. Tomorrow won't always be promised, so be the person that you look up to today.

hope tee by Mystique Boutique NYC

rock and troll tee by Mystique Boutique NYC

jean shorts by Mystique Boutique NYC

stud shoes by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV


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0118920-R1-024-10A 0118920-R1-026-11A 0118920-R1-028-12A 0118920-R1-030-13A 0118920-R1-032-14A 0118920-R1-034-15A 0118920-R1-038-17A 0118920-R1-040-18A 0118920-R1-042-19A 0118920-R1-044-20A 0118920-R1-050-23A 0118920-R1-052-24A

Grow young. We're up all night to get lucky. The gift of life keeps on giving. We've come to far to give up who we are, so we say screw a day job. Screw doing anything that involves sitting behind a desk. The human body was made to do great things. It was made for exploring the world. The heart is too strong to hide under a tie behind a desk. Grow guts, and work for yourself. Make you dream a reality and let go. No one person writes the rules for life, you have to be your own author. You have to live with all your heart until it pours out of you.

Sorry I've been away my loves, but... I am proud to announce to you all that I am officially a college graduate! It feels so so good! My graduation weekend was so beautiful. My family came into town and we spend the weekend in a penthouse on the 25th floor downtown laying in bed, ordering room service and laughing together. I don't know what I would do without them. They make it possible for me to follow my dreams. I think the day I grew up was the day I stopped believing that they were somehow trying to hold me back or work against me. I realized that they really just want me to be happy. They want me to be healthy and wear a big smile. My dad always says, "I'd love you if you just breathed in and out." I think that's important. It makes it so that everything I accomplish, I do so for me. Not for Mom, Not for Dad, Not for Uncle Ed, for ME!

Basically what I'm saying is follow your passion with all your heart. Let your art kill you. Express yourself until you pass out and then wake up and do it all over again. I plan on spending this summer figuring out just what I want to do with this blog, where my next steps are, and loving the people around me.

Remember, if you are an artist, that's incredibly powerful. People are scared of you. People are frightened by people who actually have what it takes to live what they love.


bracelets by Jac Vanek X Element 

grow young shirt by Jac Vanek X Element 

sunflower duffle bag by Jac Vanek X Element 

Quit Your Day Job jacket by Jac Vanek X Element 


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Wednesday Weed Ambition. Think what the fuck I do, go anything to do with you? Hat low in drive mode. Eyes wide open for the fakes. Fuck you, I don't know you. Wake up in the morning with no weed to smoke, but I got ambition to toke. One dream. In the front now, cause I passed you. Stand alone in your section. Drew a line, then I crossed it. Cruise slow, don't look back. Focused and I'm on. Know what you're chasing and enjoy chasing it.

plastics snapback by Jeffrey Star 

sunglasses by Wildfox

weed pants by OMIGHTY

photos by Y.O! for Product of Mars


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high1 high2 high3 high4high7 hugh6 hugh9IMG_2329 copy IMG_2341 copy IMG_2351 copyIMG_2362 copy IMG_2368 copy IMG_2388 0118951-R1-046-21A_1 0118951-R1-050-23A_1 0118951-R1-048-22A_1 0118951-R1-020-8A_1 0118951-R1-022-9A_1 0118951-R1-024-10A_1 0118951-R1-026-11A_1 0118951-R1-030-13A_1 0118951-R1-018-7A_1 0118951-R1-010-3A_1 0118951-R1-012-4A_1 0118951-R1-016-6A_1

We higher than the milky way. The moon is shining up in the sky, and we're right there with it. Milk + pizza for dinner, then you head out for the night. Stepped outside on some, "yep, let's start this." But you didn't get very far. Rather jump on the bed and throw smile face cookies down the street. And then we're drifting off to the land of dreams, magical mushrooms, life-sized medical plants. For now everything seems right, so hit the lights please.

Bud-wiser sweatshirt by Petals and Peacocks

Bud-wiser tee by Petals and Peacocks 

crop fur jacket from Miss KL

90s kid platforms by Jeffrey Campbell  

smiley face cookies by 7/11 


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portrait-edit 253301_10201148947192727_246636386_n prom queen-edit IMG_1826 copy IMG_1829IMG_1837 IMG_1859 copy IMG_1863 copy IMG_1866 copyIMG_1886 copy IMG_1902 copy IMG_1918 IMG_1957 IMG_1971 IMG_2041 copy IMG_2068 copy IMG_2078 copy IMG_2141_edited-1 dancing-Rachel-edit gang-edit Rachel&Kiara-edit outside-edit

The magic of prom. As many of you know, the wonderful artist and high school student, Rebecca Michelle has been working alongside me for the past couple weeks. Last weekend, she was suppose to go to her prom on Saturday night. Since she's wise beyond her years, and out of every boy's league at her school, we decided to throw our own prom. Inspired by Tavi + the Rookie Yearbook, we decorated my apartment in pastels and lights. We served chocolate strawberries and champagne. We played 90s music and wore plastic crowns. Rebecca was the prom queen of course, and I decided to dress up as her boy date. Thanks to our prince of peace, for conveniently sending me a bunch of bow tie inspired dresses just a prior. And thank you to all my lovely friends for coming out and making it a magical evening. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful and artistic people.


prom dress by MacTack Market 

bow tie dress by Our Prince of Peace

rose garter by Alien Doll Creations 

army jacket by Jac Vaneck X Element 


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titlepage FH010014 copy FH010026 copy japan1 japan2 japan3 japan5 japan9 japan11 japan13 japan14 japanla6 japanla7 japanla8 japan15 japan17 japan18 japan19 japan22 japan24 japan27polaroid2 polaroid3

Candy overdose. Sour gummy sunshine. After-school adventures. Thirteen and cursing down Melrose. Running on nothing but a sugar high. Covered in all pink, plush animals and little leggings. Stealing skittles with hearts in our eyes. Big sunglasses and plastic purses. This is the American Teen Dream.

badtzmaru suspender skirt by Japan LA 

hello kitty cosmic leggings by Japan LA 

hello kitty skirt by Japan LA 

hello kitty notebook + pen + plush by Japan LA 

California girl tee by Wildfox Couture 

Neon Pink shoes by UNIF


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Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-2Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-3 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-4 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-5 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-6 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-7Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-10 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-12 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-13 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-14 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-15 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-16 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-17 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos-18 Rachel Lynch Apr 16, 13 10photos

My daddy raised one hell of a bitch. He said that everything that shines ain't gold. And I don't pray out loud like him, but I know that my God heals. Heart switches to cold. Radiate vibes off the sun, not a human being. Here comes the sun. Don't give a fuck, simply.

cult tee by feather hearts

spam leggings by poprageous

fuck you heart tee by feather hearts

club kid platforms by Jeffrey Campbell  

pray hat by UNIF

photos by TEN 


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8665079933_723140e950_b 8665083517_6e43d5396a_b 8665084583_e97892633e_b 8666175872_0a8b2f9d82_b 8666177434_56b2fddcf7_b 8666180592_df8df16e6c_b 8666184498_0705122bb7_b 8666186622_03066203b9_b

Fuck all the talk, we're dripping acid. Technicolor girl. Snapback and bad bitch cuff, you know the uniform. It's not my style to be taken alive. I'm out of my mind all the time. Surely, I'll do what I want. Crystal clear clouds and gold. A rainbow hurricane, dripping colors falling into your brain in pallets of your past. Suicide blonde. Kill everyone you have been and create something new.

Vapor Moto Jacket by UNIF

rainbow cake top by UNIF

whatever tie dye tee by UNIF

rainbow cake shorts by UNIF

blue sparkle sunglasses from Nastygal

Bad Bitch ring from Nastygal

sneaker platforms by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Y.O! for Product of Mars


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IMG_9725 copy IMG_9750 copy IMG_9801 copy IMG_9805 copy IMG_9818 copy IMG_9911 copy IMG_9918 copy IMG_9707 copy weed1 weed2weed4 weed5 weed6 weed8 weed9 weed10 weed12 weed99 weed999 weedbe15

Trap all day, play all night. Every time I go out, you know I gotta show out. Light up platforms. Take me to your dealer. Up all night. Underground girls. Club kids that look out of this world. Black eyes. White hair. Crushing on girls who are boys and boys who are girls. Neon adventure kids. Weed don't give a fuck. And bitch, keep your chin up. Turn this music up. Leave the crib, out of your league. Dedicated to life on earth. High rider with a hell of an aim. I am what I am, you can like it or love it.

**** I hate blonde does not condone the use of any substances.*****

Weed Burning Tee by UNIF

Take Me to Your Dealer Sweatshirt by UNIF 

Pray Snapback by UNIF

Weed High 5 Muscle Tee by UNIF 

Light Up Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell