f*ck love

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75530026 copy75530025 copy75530019 copy75530014 copy75530011 copy75530017 copy75530007 copy75530009 copy75530005 copy75530004 copy75530018 copy75530003 copy75530001 copyFuck love, give me diamonds. I'm already in love with myself. So in love with myself. So you want a type of a bitch that will stay at home, but I'm too busy getting mine on. I don't need your help, I can take care of myself. I might get into the money.

You can't break my heart. You can't take my pride. Oh no, that love shit, I won't do it.

Y'all dudes is a hot damn mess. I'm way too blessed to be stressed. So I don't want no boyfriend, just give me them checks. What if I'm a material girl? Can't blame me, I live in a material world. Alright, see my times gonna cost you. And all my love don't cost a thing.

sweaters by Wildfox

photos by Kayti Hurd

they want that rainbow cake

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cake3cake2cake8cake505cake1cake9IMG_3719 copycake6cake7My art pop could mean anything. Come as you are, rainbow cake sweater and all. Shoes taller than the Empire State, and you can’t understand. This is my fashion, and this is how I come alive. I am buoyant charm atop the Manhattan skyline, wicked subway walking in neon pink. Meeting Mary Jane Holland on 6th and Spring, singing through the sidewalks and streets. I keep searching for an answer I already have. Fashion is it, this is my fulfillment.

rainbow cake sweater by Wildfox Couture

teal circle sunnies by Wildfox Couture

teal fur jacket by Nastygal

photos by Jaglever



weetize bat halloween

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halloween IMG_2871 copy IMG_2872 copyIMG_2881 copyIMG_2860 copyIMG_2859 copyIMG_2868 copyIMG_2874 copyIMG_2861 copyIMG_2856 copyIMG_2883 copyIMG_2884 copybat lips and he kissed her. a kiss about the full moon. a kiss in the candlelight. a kiss about the darkness. she hung in the shadows and flew in the purple sky. it was all hallow's eve, and weetize was dancing with her bat boy. they played dress up, but didn't look any more strange than they usually do. they were an odd little match, who collected friends and silver skulls. they were going to make halloween just what they wanted to be, full of giggles, champagne, makeup and candy. throwing chocolate into the sky, they kissed and danced and kicked over pumpkins. when midnight struck they returned home, and cuddled inside their bed with glowing eyes and open hearts.

inspired by the book "weetzie bat" by francesca lia block

bats hooded billy sweater by wildfox couture 

cat sunglasses by zero uv 

bodysuit by nastygal

photos by shooka

love is kinda crazy with a spooky little boo like you

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Things are starting to get spooky. Golden skeleton and baby bats, listening to classic vinyl and dancing outside the Jane Hotel in the cool of the evening. The halls used to be haunted, spider webs hang from the ceilings and the fireplace burns all night long. It's the magic of the West Village, the only place in New York that didn't burn to the ground. The buildings crawl and creep with energy of past lovers. Just like a ghost, you've been haunting my dreams. Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.

i am gold favorite sweater by wildfox couture

black thigh high boots are vintage

black cat sunglasses by zero UV

photos by shooka

sweater weather

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sweaterweather3 sweaterweather6 sweaterweather2 sweaterweather1

 I lay on the bed and lose myself in the stories. Her stories are boring and stuff. But, her stories are better than books, and not a lot of things are better than books. And when someone goes, all you have is the stories they've shared and the ones you are a part of. One minute is not the same as the next, time lacks consistency. Sometimes an hour in the mind is a minute in the physical.

One of them was in San Francisco and the other was in Manhattan. They were jealous of each other. It always seemed much more pleasant in the other person's world. There are a hundred places where one could sleep tonight, but they safely chose places on opposite sides of what seemed to be the world. Separate coasts. They each had to have an ocean to themselves. One full of sound, the other full of color.

Fitzgerald said that you never know exactly how much space you occupy in someone's life. And when people are far away, it's even harder to tell. So the stories fade, and the seasons change, and the sweater weather moves in without warning.

So you decide the only thing left to do is wear your heart on your sleeve and hope to be found.

heart  sweater by Wildfox 

pink kitten sunglasses by Wildfox 

pink glitter shoes from Trash and Vaudeville 

photos by Juan Beltran 


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e1 e2 e3e4 e5 e6 e8 e9e10 e11

As if, I can't hear you bitch. Glitter shoes, big sunglasses, curls, pink maybach, out in your hood. You can't fuck with it, the ghost glitter queen. Make you flip. Tough walk, moon strut, mirror reflector glasses, can't see the haters. While you're daydreaming, I keep getting mine. Married to the alien hustle.

AS IF sweater by Wildfox

blue mirror aviators by Wildfox 

glitter platforms from Trash and Vaudeville 

photos by JagLever

hudson hotel

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hudson-1maybeimnotlistenign hudson-3husdon-6 wildfox-5hudson-7 hudson-8hudson21 hudson22 hudson23hudson24 w1 IMG_6502 copy IMG_6426 copyIMG_6454 copyIMG_6666 copyIMG_6693 copyIMG_6696 copyIMG_6700 copy

A New York Wildfox sleepover party isn't complete without a noise complaint from the Europeans next door. You're also going to need pink champagne, strawberry dipped candies, pillows for pillow fights and a late checkout time. Wildfox has been making some of my favorite pieces this summer to party, play and work in. It was so exciting to see what they brought to MBFW Swim in Miami last night. If you're looking for cute, lazy and oversized summer goodies, then look no further.

Santa Barbara Lenon sweater by Wildfox

The Yacht Club Maldives Dress by Wildfox 

Kitten Frame in Pink by Wildfox

Marie Antoinette One-piece by Wildfox 

lullaby, let it fly

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asif1magic1 nightmare2 lullayby1 nightmare3sun1 nightmare5

Lullaby, let it fly. Hearts on fire, little nightmare lolita. I spend my days telling love stories that I lived in Los Angeles. You make me want to burn in the sun. She had known happiness, it light through her like the dusk. The sun falls back into the sky and you're way beyond the waves. The blue fell out of the sea and the sun came down in billows of lemons. She tasted the sky, and it was enough.

AS IF sweater by Wildfox Couture

Granny sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

sunhat by American Apparel 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka 


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dirtylittlehearts2 followyouwhereeveryourmindgo1dirtylittlehearts<31 dirtylittlehearts1 IMG_4346 copy movies1 movies2dirtylittlehearts3 highlife1 IMG_4339 copy prettylittlehearts5Dirty little hearts. Dirty little girl in her dirty little life. Dirty little thoughts in her dirty little mind. Dirty little lips, dirty little lies. Summer of love. What would I have to do to call you mine? 21 years young, and living to die. Watching movies with the sound off. We're making magic for the fuck of it. Still eating gummy bear vitamins and frozen popsicles. Now the world's in color. She tastes like a tangerine. People wanna know how we can be that weird. We just keep on living with our appetite for sweet, sweet adventure.

red circle sunglasses vintage from Becon's Closet (Brooklyn)

red heart lenon sweater by Wildfox Couture

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka

salty hair diver

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IMG_0310 copy diver1_edited-1 IMG_0312 copy IMG_0318 copy IMG_0345 copy IMG_0348 copy IMG_0390 copy salty2

I lose my faith a thousand times a day. Eyes wide open for the fall. I want to be a diver. Show me love or take away my fears. Under covers. You spin me round like a doll. You pull my strings till there's nothing left. It's so tragic. Seaside love is automatic. Realists and romantics. White noise, foaming waves. Salty hair, don't tell me how to be.

salty hair beach coverup by Wildfox Couture

photos by Chris Nightengale


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runthetrack clueless4 shoppingwhite2 IMG_8853 copy whiteshopping1 clueless5 clueless1 IMG_8896 copy IMG_9079 copy shopping0812 shoppinglynch1 loveblonde IMG_9078 copy shoppingwhite shoppingyelloww shoppingyellow333 yellow222 yellowshopping6666

I'd rather be shopping, skipping school and listening to Calvin Harris. I'd rather throw a leather jacket over my shoulders and some aviators on than adhere to your dress code. The wise ones, never did what was cool. They wore the worst thrifted tee shirts and gave a fuck about a motherfucking lifestyle as they parked their car in the visitor section and smoked capris. Skip out at lunch to go make love and then go shopping at the Grove. Buy french fry earrings and a banana smoothie. Spend your day on a skateboard under the palm trees. Dress up when it gets dark and go DANCE all night at the arena. Crazy, wild blonde with her hair everywhere. She never asked for you to hold her hand.

I'd Rather Be Shopping Beach Baggy Jumper by Wildfox Couture

Pink Chanel Shades by Wildfox Couture

Cream Lace Pants by BB Dakota

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Rich Little Poor Boys 

she's got a 90's smile

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smile8_edited-1smile4_edited-1smile2 smile1 IMG_8761 IMG_8749 copy smile9-9077 smile666

Spring is alive in her apartment. She came here to live, to breath and to love. The window brings in the light. She's watched the seasons change as they came through her city view every morning. In the midst of the grand winter, she could hardly fathom getting out of bed, but it's getting less scary. Spring is less intimidating, it's welcoming and warm like a temperature she had never known. She doesn't turn her face back into the deep white of her sheets anymore, there's a warmth outside that's stronger than her bed.

Youth finds itself again with the emergence of spring. As the season is reborn, so is the soul. Yearning for the coast, Venice mornings and sleeping on the beach. Perhaps faith will be restored in Brooklyn, the vintage-esqe 90's youth that emerges in all it's residents as the sun comes out. Temperatures rise, shirts crop and parks open. Swimming in the sun, aren't you the girl that I met last June?

Gold Garters by Shop Gypsum 

90's Smile Lennon Sweater by Wildfox

Human Aliens by Jeffrey Campbell 

photography by Kiara Jade

you are loved

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loveddoublelovedpink-1 IMG_7711 copy loved3-3 lovedpink-2 IMG_7703 copy rachelrachel1 rachel2

You are loved. Cross over from death to life. World view corrected. New perspective. The flesh loves to fail. Don't live your life scared of death. Don't do what this world wants you to do. Truth. Karma, physic folks and horoscopes, no we won't be needing that. New creature. The friday night blondes. The creator within. Hungry spirit, elevate the mind. You're rolling with the high now, baby.

Loved tunic by Wildfox Couture

tights by Express 

alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Kiara Jade

castle in the sky

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And a softness came from the starlight that filled me to the bone. The night sky light up and we wore our sunglasses down Avenue of the Americas. Playful lounging, hotel hopping. Pretending we are Sid and Nancy in the lobby. Check in with sunglasses and big hats on. The musician and the model. Only carry one small bag, you'll find everything you need wherever you are. Feathers and butterflies falling from you luggage on the way up to the sixteenth floor, making funny faces in the elevator mirror. We retire the night to the galaxy.

pink kitten sweater by Wildfox Couture

juliet sunglasses by Wildfox Couture 

stockings  and garter by Victoria Secret

human alien boots by Jeffrey Campbell 


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getoutoflondonblogheader1GETOUTOFLONDON!getoutoflondon1IMG_0336 copylodon2britiangirl

Get out of London. Down with the queen. She's running wild in the castle with no clothes on, playing hide and seek and turning the master bedroom into a tree-fort.  Married to the Monarch but having an affair with the Prime Minister.  Baking pink cakes and painting frosting faces on her friends, she was the first to bring a Easy-Bake Oven into Buckingham Palace.

From Monday to Friday it's tea parties in platforms, oversized sweaters and pink sunglasses. Her girlfriends come over for the entire afternoon, where they read poetry and listen to Kanye West while painting sea-inspired canvases in the garden. When night falls, it's wine they can't pronounce and attempting to slide down the castle steps on couch cushions.

Her Mother yells at her. Enough of this nonsense. She doesn't understand what she did wrong. Never mind that, it's off to sleep under her canopy of white.

She'll do it all again tomorrow.

white garter tights by Pretty Polly 

union jack sweater by Wildfox Couture

big lita shoe by Jeffrey Campbell 

black shoe harness by Miss KL

gold skeleton hand claw by Pray For Paris

island girl

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Balancing all the thoughts in my head, sketching octopuses and mermaids during a chemistry lecture. Found a state of mind where I could smile. It took a little time, some  paintbrushes and a few new friends, but happiness comes from the state of mind on the inside. Fingers, peach lips, polish and stickers all over my class assignments. Magic inside your fingertips, good thoughts inside your head.

Island girl with costal charm, processes the world by getting on her skate or surf board. California circle sunglasses and pink sugar skeletons. A morning coffee on the docks before class and an evening ride, leather satchels and monster heels.

all photos by Bliss Katherine

stud harness by The Scarlet Room

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Dress from Nastygal

pink hellbounds by UNIF

pink skeleton braclet from Dolls Kill