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Wild child for the weekend. The playlist is on point, everything from Wekeend to Biggie. It may be snowing, but there are no rules. Black car service door to door, so the weather don't apply. Below freezing just means higher thigh-highs and bigger furs. Champagne delivered to your door by DJs.  Good people come and go, they move like magic along your side. You never have a second to yourself, you binge eat gourmet fries with martinis. Everyone's looking at you, but you're not looking at them.

black and white crop top by Nastygal

dip-dye jacket by chaser

black hat by Nastygal

mirror aviators by wildfox couture

thigh-highs by Alice and Olivia for Nastygal

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Shooka

bitch, don't steal my style

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img019 img010 img011_edited-1 img018 bitchsnap flowergirls5 img004 img005Unmatchable style and steez. I could run laps around you for days. I'm getting bored of your beanies and graphics so I'm going to go create my own lane, again. Style is born inside the minds of the wild ones, the ones who never gave two fucks about what you think. You see, I'll give you a little trick, the ones who actually make it, never thought twice about your opinions.

; )

x x

cunt tank by  o-mighty weekend

bitch snapback by kiley couture

the weekenders

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Welcome inside the weekends at my crib. UNIF, hell raisers, vintage crop, film camera, polaroids, cupcake rings, champagne and pizza princesses. Whenever my friends come in for the weekend my bed turns into a sleepover fort, my fridge gets stocked with wine and my stove actually gets used. It's literally our little happy place, being creative, making art and spending time together hiding away from the rest of world.

x  x

cunt tank by o'mighty weekend

egyptian princess dress by love sally

stud white shoes by Jeffrey Campbell from Shop Akira