I Luh Ya Papi

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I Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate Blonde "Pull your trigger, go and get your gun off. Gonna tie my hair up top. Put a pin in it, now I'm ready, let it rock. Keep it number 1, that's easy mathematics. If you wanna kill the body, gotta start with the head.  Got a girl catching feelings. I'm loving me some you. Started from the bottom, then we went roof. " 

A-List Swimsuit by Dar be Dar

Armageden Platform Bootie by Akira

photos by Brittanny Taylor

Scorpion / / She Think She Lethal

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A slow build up in a space, where passion hides it's dreams. The tone of color in the sky, the strength to let go. From dusk till dawn. You are seeking something, but still running away from all you are. Feeling something from inside the skin of your bones. Coldest stone in the night sky, it may take a while to heal this. The universe is yours, but only the part you can see.

So excited to announce that I am heading to Miami tomorrow for Miami Swim Week with Red Velvet Swimwear! We'll be in the Miami Beach Convention Center from July 19th to July 22nd, so if you're around come say hi! I'm really looking forward to my first swim week! See you soon Miami!

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staten island swimsuit by Red Velvet

The Beverly Hills Hotel

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I spent a warm holiday in Beverly Hills this past week. The first hotel I stayed at was the infamous, Beverly Hills Hotel. It makes me absolutely smitten! Not only is the entire hotel pink, but it has the most amazing history to it. Marilyn Monroe ate breakfast every morning downstairs there and Cary Grant was a regular. A lot of stars lived at the hotel for a period of time during their lives, and after staying in a pink suite with a patio, my dad and I were thinking we should do the same. John Wayne and Henry Fonda were among the regulars, and Lucille Ball would go for swims there in the famous pool. In addition the hotel there are rows of bungalows outside that turn and twist in all pink, hidden by palm trees.

After seeing this place was pink, my dad deemed it very "i hate blonde"  and made sure I set up some shoot while we were staying. The photos above were taken by Taylor Herron, who hasn't shot me since I was 18! We had such a lovely day adventuring around, but it began with a morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The set of photos below were taken on medium format film with the original rolleiflex camera, the one that Rolling Stone magazine was first shot on. The idea of instagram even comes from this square format film, can you tell?

r1r334 r5555Hope you guys enjoy, can't wait to show you photos from the rest of our adventuring, including a New Year Eve sunset at the Terenna Resort.


palm tree bathing suit by Beach Riot!

black boots by Jeffrey Campbell

hat by American Apparel

photos by Taylor Herron