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bullet1 bullet2 bullet3 bullet4 bullet5 bullet6 bulley8"Been there, done that, messed around. I'm having fun, don't put me down. I'll never let you sweep me off my feet. I won't let you in again. The messages I tried to send, my information's just not going in.

I'm burning bridges shore to shore. I break away from something more. I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap. This life's too short for me to stop. Oh baby, your time is running out. I won't let you turn around, and tell me now, I'm much too proud. All you do is fill me up with doubt.

This time baby, I'll be bulletproof. "

headpiece by Max Steiner Design

bodysuit by For Love and Lemons

photos by Stylefeen

Mermaid Lolita

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web-1 web-2 web-3 web-4 web-7 web-8 web-10 web-11 web-12 web-13 web-17 web-18 web-29 web-30 web-33 web-34 web-36 web-38 web-40 web-45 web-48What's needed for the perfect Mermaid Lolita look? Well first, you're going to have to get some seawater blue heart sunnies and toss them over your wavy beach-blonde seashell hair. Then you'll need the perfect mermaid outfit, I suggest an aqua teal playsuit so one is able to have mermaid-esque fun. Landlocked mermaids can enjoy things such as listening to music, painting, dancing and rollerblading. Lastly, a true mermaid is going to need a silver seashell bag, in order to stay connected to her sea lovers and friends. I suggest AC Brazil, for all your seashell bolsa needs. They've also got domino and turquoise tie-dye bags for those more playful mermaids. This purse company is Brazilian but they only take eight days to ship to New York! I just adored having my little shell of a bag on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Happy Saturday my blonde magical mermaids, may all your dreams come true today!

x x

seashell bag by AC Brazil

seaside lolita sunnies by Nasty Gal

turquoise playsuit by Nasty Gal

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand 


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web-53web-54web-51web-58web-62web-79web-83web-85web-86web-90web-91"She may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with soggy clothes and breeze blocks.  Your fever grips me again. Never kisses, all you ever send are fullstops. Do you know where the wild things go? They go along to take your honey.

Muscle to muscle and toe to toe, the fear has gripped but here I go. My heart sinks as I jump up, your hand grips my hand as my eyes shut.

Please don't go, please break my heart."

lace romper by Nasty Gal

hair + makeup by Kayti Hurd

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand


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IMG_1535 copy sun2 sun3 sun4 sun5Hey, what's the matter with your feel right? Don't you feel right? What's the matter with your mind and all your sighing?

Nothing's the matter with your head baby, find it, come on and find it. To hell with it baby, cause you're fine and your mine and you look so divine. So come and get your love.


redbone 1974 

mustard vest by topshop

skull mirror sunglasses by karen walker

beach house pants by American Apparel

photos by Jaglever