casual gypsy

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gypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchIMG_3607 copyIMG_3616 copyIMG_3638 copyleopard1Last week, I was gifted this jumper from Gypsy Warrior. I honestly never thought I'd be one for a full onesize, but this piece seems to have some casual lux to it. I decided to pair it with a oversized sun hat and cat-eye sunglasses. It's got a very, "Brooklyn mom at the Hamptons" vibe to it, which I find fun. I also added in my new Danielle Nicole bag for a pop of color. I like the addition of solid color next to leopard, I think it completes the look and takes the attention away from the loud print. A leather jacket is also a nice balance to a loud leopard piece. It's all about the pairing!

Enjoy your day blonde babes!

x x

blue handbag by Danielle Nicole

leopard jumpsuit by Gypsy Warrior

sunglasses by Spitfire

photos by Style Feen

my kind of town

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IMG_8776 copy IMG_8753 copy IMG_8761 copy IMG_8752 copy hey IMG_8774 copy IMG_8751 copyCan't wait for the sun to go down, roll into town. I don't know about you guys, but I've been craving the road. I feel like I've been cooped up in Brooklyn ever since I got back from LA. I've been researching cottages in Portland and fantasizing about going there just for a week, to run and journal in the woods. I think I'm gonna do it, totally lay low and just run the trails and fill a Moleskine notebook.

I've also been really wanting to go to Georgia and Seattle. I plan on hitting a few cities this year.. any recommendations? I'd love to do some shooting in Texas or the desert.

Hope you're all staying warm and cozy today.


free bird tee from Nasty Gal

leather pants by UNIF

moto jacket by UNIF

photos by Jaglever

Hard Row

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IMG_6377 copy IMG_6381 copy IMG_6383 copy IMG_6395 copy IMG_6331 copy IMG_6346 copy IMG_6399 copy IMG_6360 copy IMG_6364 copy IMG_6367 copy IMG_6349 copy IMG_6380 copyIf you wanna go and leave New York, then I'll understand. But then the night falls and it gets lonely to hold all by yourself. We hit the city and it swallowed you whole. You've got no friends darling, to keep you warm. And then the sidewalk ends, and the lights are red and you're New York City broke again.

"I do not give one fucks, two fucks, red fucks, or blue fucks." No one really says it better on a tee shirt then my girl, Jac Vanek. If you're a young little pistol like me then I suggest you need this in your closet soon rather than later. It reminds me of when I used to get sent home from Catholic school for wearing "legalize gay" and "rock" tee shirts. Say what you want, do as you feel. Have a kick ass day.

(Less profanity next post, I promise! ;) )

no fucks tee by Jac Vanek

LA cap from Kitson 

kick ass boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Kiara Jade 


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asif12asif11asif10asif7asif6asif5asif4asif3asif2asif1AS IF!

I don't know about you, but my life feels like one giant crop top lately. Like, I can't stop wearing them. I don't know what's wrong with me. And I don't know if this is a fashion faux pas or a 90s stroke of genius.

The only thing that gives me slight hope is that Alexander Wang made some killer crops recently, and let's face it, that man can do no wrong. If he considers a nude leather crop top a necessary basic, then my eccentric collection of rainbow ones are ok, right?

Right. That's what I thought.

Winter may be coming, but that doesn't mean we have to hide our bodies. Be chic, be slutty, be you.

AS IF crop top by Dimepiece 

Sparkle pink shorts by 0-Mighty Weekend

rainbow monster fur jacket by Nastygal

sunglasses by Quay

photos by Fernando Gcervantes

nightmare girl

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IMG_4009 - REV IMG_4032 - REV IMG_4037 - REV IMG_4046 - REV IMG_4073 - REV IMG_4076 - REV IMG_4093 - REV IMG_4111 - REV IMG_4127 - REV IMG_4131 - REV IMG_4136 - REV IMG_4142 - REV IMG_4157 - REV IMG_4169 - REV IMG_4181 - REV IMG_4188 - REV IMG_4194 - REV IMG_3825 - REV IMG_3869 - REV IMG_3962 - REV IMG_3981 - REV IMG_4006 - REVchasing the sun while running from a nightmare. walking in and out of a memory. the balance between light and dark. it seems the two are always pushing and pulling, and you can't decided which one you want closer to you. i'm not a fool, i just love that you're dead inside. the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes. you taught me how to love, when nobody ever could. living dreams we could never afford. i weave in and out of beams of light, riding the darkness and waking with the sun. something is on fire inside me, and it's not planning on settling anytime soon. you should probably just leave, because i belong to the world.

black hoodie sweater from Nastygal

red wine skirt from Nastygal 

black sparkle thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

skull pendant necklace from Miss KL 

photos by Fernando Gcervantes

what's it feel like to be a ghost?

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ghostIMG_8832 copy dress6dress5 dress44

I'll wait for you in a sadness that swallows me whole. You left in a metallic swirl, and now I'm left here like a corpse, visible clavicle and all.  I'd drive all night for your embrace, but LA is too big and I'm far too small to conquer it without you. You look so beautiful, all undone in my bed. Liar in your oversized teeshirts, crying on the floor. Little stoner boy, little skater girl, who were finally able  to be something more when they were alone together. But everything, like December, must die.

grey dress by This Is a Love Song 

summer sweater by This Is a Love Song

black single eye ring by Regal Rose

white helga boots by Deandri

photography by Kiara Jade


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hanginginunif3 hanginginUNIFlynch1 hanginguniflynch2 hanginguniflynch5 haninginuniflynch8 IMG_8579_edited-1 lynchunifhanigng7hanging in unif999

Hanging in UNIF, dancing to grimes, drinking wine and letting my spirit release. We paint our fingers, we collect skulls and candles. We share cameras and sunglasses, and destroy each other's apartments. We are the artists, the indigo children of our age, and we're severely ADD. We don't dance like you, we don't dress like you. We do what we've always wanted because that's all we know how to do.

I remember back in high school wishing I could be different. I wished I could be normal, I wished that I wanted to stay on the cheerleading team and spend my time at school functions. I wish I didn't style my uniform with neon vintage platforms and oversized 80s sweaters. I wish I wasn't sent down to the principles office every day for violating dress code in some strange way, via wearing a rosary as a necklace, a metallic bra under my button up, or a gay rights shirt.

But truth is, I couldn't change who I was. I was severely unhappy. Then, I moved away to attend art school in the city at seventeen and BAM, it was like my spirit found it's home. I was attending all studio art classes and painting on the tops of downtown buildings smoking cigarettes with likeminded teens. I was so happy. I was writing like never before, filling up a sketchbook a week. My blog began to take off and I was so comfortable just being me. I wasn't stared at for wearing strange hats and shoes to class, I could show up with a pizza on my head for all my teachers cared. And since then, life has only gotten better. And sometimes I realize that I don't appreciate it as much anymore, because it has become my normal. I wake up in a beautiful studio downtown and know nothing but art and creating and photographs and my crazy friends. And I've learned to take all the internet hating with a grain of salt, because I realize, they don't live in my reality. They don't wake up in the world that they want, they wake up in the world society gave them.

But you can create happiness for yourself, I promise. You can create a world of people where you can be the wild, crazy, pizza-wearing, club platform, shaggy haired hippie and they won't look twice. I know a lot of my girls out there are struggling right now. You guys talk to me about living at home and feeling stuck. I was the SAME WAY! But I am here to let you know that it does get better! It does! You don't have to be what your family wants you to be, you can be you!

I honestly recommend applying to art schools, with graduating coming up for me, I don't think I could of done anything else! It is in art school that you will find a community of like-minded crazy-heads to create your own reality. Don't just say, "I wanna runaway to LA!" No, no! I want you all to stay in school. College is getting a lot of flack right now because everyone's trying to say you don't need it. I honestly believe that we do. We're not mentally developed when we graduate and there is no better way to keep opening up your mind to things than a college education. I know, I know some of you can "do it yourself." Well, that's great for you, but I don't have the attention span or drive to take myself to the library everyday. Besides, that sounds very lonely and I love being with other kids as I journey and learn. All of my classes have been so discussion based and I love that.

Anyways, I promise I am looking through all the intern applications right now. If you haven't applied yet, you still can! Only thing I ask is that you are in school and at least half as crazy about art and life as I am.

x x

sweater by UNIF 

glasses by Nastygal

garters by Shop Gypsum 

photos by Rich Little Poor Boys

Finger Twist & Split

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IMG_9558 IMG_9559 IMG_9560 IMG_9566 IMG_9570

They think they're crazy, but they ain't crazy. You wanna know what you've got? Are you staying with me? You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Pennies for my thoughts. Jazz up, a living blonde cartoon. Break it down like a bitch. I do this shit.

blue circle shades by Nastygal 

Simpsons Sweater by Sheinside

Leopard Hellbounds by UNIF

photos by Fashion Focus // Brandon Farrington

you are loved

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loveddoublelovedpink-1 IMG_7711 copy loved3-3 lovedpink-2 IMG_7703 copy rachelrachel1 rachel2

You are loved. Cross over from death to life. World view corrected. New perspective. The flesh loves to fail. Don't live your life scared of death. Don't do what this world wants you to do. Truth. Karma, physic folks and horoscopes, no we won't be needing that. New creature. The friday night blondes. The creator within. Hungry spirit, elevate the mind. You're rolling with the high now, baby.

Loved tunic by Wildfox Couture

tights by Express 

alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Kiara Jade


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Blonde DNA. For the alien boys and girls. For the ones that wear leather pants and  skeleton rings to chemistry class. For the ones who get arrested in 6 inch platforms, and surf in soaked muscle tees. For the ones that storm the grocery store with their girlfriend and tear up the shelves. For the ones that started a gang at their private school. For the ones stole from the corner store while taking polaroids at 16. For the ones that create the world they live in. Hoping all of it offends you. Stay high.

Here it is! You can officially get the first product from my new clothing line, Blonde DNA.  I'm wearing the "sick muscle tee." It's unisex, obviously. I wanted to make something that both bad blonde boys and girls could wear. Of course there is a lot more coming, but I just couldn't resist giving you guys a little taste! I really love this first tee, mostly for what it says. I've also always been into muscle tees, I think they're sexy on girls and hot on boys. Wear it with your leather pants and tallest platforms.

much blonde love

x x

sick muscle tee by Blonde DNA 

shit hat by UNIF 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Brandon Farrington 


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getoutoflondonblogheader1GETOUTOFLONDON!getoutoflondon1IMG_0336 copylodon2britiangirl

Get out of London. Down with the queen. She's running wild in the castle with no clothes on, playing hide and seek and turning the master bedroom into a tree-fort.  Married to the Monarch but having an affair with the Prime Minister.  Baking pink cakes and painting frosting faces on her friends, she was the first to bring a Easy-Bake Oven into Buckingham Palace.

From Monday to Friday it's tea parties in platforms, oversized sweaters and pink sunglasses. Her girlfriends come over for the entire afternoon, where they read poetry and listen to Kanye West while painting sea-inspired canvases in the garden. When night falls, it's wine they can't pronounce and attempting to slide down the castle steps on couch cushions.

Her Mother yells at her. Enough of this nonsense. She doesn't understand what she did wrong. Never mind that, it's off to sleep under her canopy of white.

She'll do it all again tomorrow.

white garter tights by Pretty Polly 

union jack sweater by Wildfox Couture

big lita shoe by Jeffrey Campbell 

black shoe harness by Miss KL

gold skeleton hand claw by Pray For Paris