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phillipvn-3 copyphillipvn-14 copyphillipvn-9 copyphillipvn-16 copyphillipvn-29 copyphillipvn-42 copyphillipvn-47 copyphillipvn-10 copyphillipvn-37 copyphillipvn-35 copyThe sixth day of New York Fashion Week began in one of my favorite places in the entire city, Central Park South. I decided to pull an all-white look because it just felt right. This dress is from Nasty Gal and the boots, and magical ice white fur, were sent to me by Miss KL. We shot these photos outside the Plaza Hotel, which holds a very special place in my heart. My parents celebrated their wedding here and I remember playing there as a little girl. Running down the red steps and creating mischief for the doormen, it was truly being a little Eloise at the Plaza Hotel. I could order room service at midnight, thirteen dollar chocolate chip cookies and tall glasses of milk.

After we shot, I edited my blog post and did emails at their cafe over a delicious soy mocha. Now it's time to do it all over again, one more day of Fashion Week for me. Feeling so blessed.


white gown by Nasty Gal

white fur jacket by Miss KL 

revolt cage boot in white by Privileged

blondie aviators by Zero UV

photos by Phillip VN

that brooklyn bullish*t, we on it

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brooklyn1brooklyn2 brooklyn3brooklyn4 brooklyn5brooklyn7

That Brooklyn bullish*t, we on it. Flashy ways. The planet known as Brooklyn. Alien girls in machine boots wildin' out on the sidewalk. Come through. It's real love here, felt by anyone who really comes here. Bushwick summer, williamsburg field trips. Stomping grounds.  No place makes me hustle harder. 9 to 5, for as long as I'm alive, I've got to strive. Flossy cats.

smile backpack by UNIF 

dress from velvet fawn  

boots by Demoina

gone in the flowers

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Take me away into the night. Out of the streets and into the flowers. Two hands longing for warmth. Cold smoke. Elliot Smith in the back of a car. The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.  It's never too late or too soon, it is what it is suppose to be.

white summer dress by Let Them Stare

flower crown by The Shop Blonde

black patten shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 


she's living in a wasteland

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 I've lost it all, I'm just a shadow. My eyes are damp and my legs are weak. I've been walking in this wasteland, and you've caused it. You've managed to build a world without love so I'm running away from it. I can't stand to be in such a place. The skies are grey here and the trees hang so low they're basically dead. It rains all the time, and not in that romantic way. It rains in the way that makes you feel so desperately alone.

I'll build a new Paris. I'll cover it in red velvet and hang diamonds from the ceilings that reflect upon our porcelain skin. We will cultivate our minds and bodies here as faithfully as we can. Whatever we try to do in this life, we will try with all of our hearts to do so fearlessly.

greaser dress by Love and Lemons

silver booties by Jeffrey Campbell for Shop Wasteland

black kitten frames by Wildfox

black garter dress by UNIF

metallic platform sandel by Giuseppe

photos by  Y.O! Photo 

velvet cigarette

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b3velvetcigarettesodamncold2IMG_5963 copyb1

You're so damn cold with stars in your eyes. Velvet cigarette. Her body glistened in the moonlight. She knows your secrets.  You better get what you came for, listen to yourself. If you're afraid in this world, you're not doing it right. And if you purposely sabotage every good thing you have in your life just to prove a point, then are you really proving anything? It was a year of magic. I mean, it takes a special person to seek sadness. They say those who do it are afraid of life, but I feel like there's more to it then that. Under the heat of life, one must nourish themselves from the roots just to stay alive. She felt the weight of the world.

velvet champagne supernova shorts by Tunnel Vision

black v-neck one piece by Nastygal

black circle half shades by Zero UV

photos by Worn Out  

coney island lovers

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coney9coney15coney8coney5coney10coney12IMG_6899 copyconey3coney2conetlay1coney14coney19coney17

We were lost at the county fair. We did not believe in time. We liked to fold our magic wings and dip our toes in the sand. There were ghosts flying at the carnival and fortune tellers tempting the mind. We chose to ride the roller coasters in the sky in attempt to touch the stars. It came suddenly. They didn't have to think about it, you either feel it or you don't.  Perhaps it was all a matter of love,  the more you love someone, the stronger and stranger they become.

yacht club beach maxi dress by Wildfox 

light pink stars bathing suit by Wildfox

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

lace coverup by Nastygal

photos by JagLever


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title edgeofurge2edgeofurge1 4 wavy3

Lost in this Aquarium. Your aura is something you're not even sure of.  Little do you know, objects in mirrors are always closer than they appear. Keep a picture of my hologram in your wallet. We're at the carnival breathing smoke into the air. If you wanna come with me, scream out  at the top of your lungs. There is no hook. I have the simplest taste, I am always satisfied with the best.

blue disco pants by Edge of Urge

blue sunnies by Quay for Edge of Urge

cheap date crop top by We Declared

Goner Platforms by UNIF

photos by Tessa Swag

she is illuminated

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vintage1 vintage2 vintage3

There are no limits to how excellent we can make life seem. Love came suddenly, like lightning in the sky or a hurricane in the sea. If she opened her mouth now and said something, it is likely that her whole life would turn out different. This she knew. She knew there was no going back. There were no easy goodbyes. She had left the life of the noncommitmental for something far, far more dangerous.

white sunhat by american apprel

granny shades by wildfox

vintage fur jacket from Shop Moira Noree 

vintage lace skirt from Shop Moira Noree

human aliens by Jeffrey Campbell

Soho Pastels and Creams

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IMG_3714 copy soho2 soho5 soho6 soho77 soho1

Soho pastels and creams. Ready or not, here I come. Bringing love and light like a smooth ice cream high. There's nothing like a perfect summer day where you can wear your Hell Yes Jeffrey Campbell booties and not feel too overheated. Some days it's hard to stay faithful. But on days like today, I look up, and all I see is your love holding me.

I hope you have a beautiful day, I love you all so much!


white lace dress by ZLZ

hell yes booties by Jeffrey Campbell 

sunglasses by Wildfox


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popschool1 IMG_5572 copy IMG_5580 copy IMG_5642 copy IMG_5645 copy IMG_5647 copyIMG_5654 copy IMG_5671 copyIMG_5551 copy IMG_5555 copy IMG_5562 copy IMG_5648 copy IMG_5569 copy

Don't I look like Sulley from Monsters Inc. in this cotton candy jacket? Fresh out of class in this cute little tee by The Lost Pony, that's now available in the Nylon Pop Up Shop. Perhaps I've been a little too Gaga lately, but the weather has been weird and Monster University just landed in theaters. I'll always come up with 549867297 excuses for my outfits in daily life, but the truth is I like dressing like a bug/character/cartoon/alien/ biology experiment.

festival kitty crop by The Lost Pony

leopard hellbounds by UNIF

granny sunglasses by Wildfox

champagne shorts by Tunnel Vision

cotton candy jacket by Nastygal

great and precious things are often lonely

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IMG_5680 copy IMG_5684 copy IMG_5689 copyIMG_5688 copy IMG_5700 copyelixer2IMG_5720 copyIMG_5708 copyIMG_5721 copy

It's amazing how close I bring myself to death just to feel a little alive. I just want things to be back to the way they used to be. The truth is, I felt so alive with you. I've already stopped wearing clothes. They hang on my body in ways I don't relate to. You sort of filled everything in this way nothing could. I read Paradise Lost with my head on your chest. Skin to skin under the sun's warm excellence.

I thought we were going everywhere, but the truth is we were traveling no where. With you, I was the sun girl. The precious, pale child who was content in not caring. Now I have opinions and feelings of loss. These things were never a part of me before, I struggle to fit them into my identity. Carmel dripping down my spine, I have known the taste of pure happiness. But now, it was lost in the salt of the sea burning under the sun. The pure lemon golden aura had faded into a blue dust that subtly engulfed my room.

cosmic dancer ice cream suit by Filthy Magic

pink kitten shades by Wildfox Couture

sun-dyed cape from Topshop-Soho

photos by Rebecca Michelle Ganellen

summer flamingos

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Summer flamingos. Yesterday I was feeling like a Barbie, so I decided to wear all pink to the beach. It's totally something Theresa would do. (She's Barbie's best friend right?) And if you're Barbie's best friend then you'd probably get caught on camera with your girlfriends on the beach in this flamingo dress, right? At least I did...

flamingo dress by Love Sally

sunglasses by Wildfox

pink backpack by Grafea

heels by Human Aliens for Jeffrey Campbell


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bad2getthefuckupoutmywaybitch1 bad22 bad66 badnewsbabes1

Bad News Babes. Brooklyn home invasion. From 9-5, I know it's vacant. Breaking into buildings after school, the bling ring. Beverly Hills gang signs. You're looking like an easy come-up. Best not be the last one out the house. Get the fuck up out my way, bitch. Grabbing everything we can, hearts beating faster now. Girl gang. Ripped tees and breaking the law in spike platforms. Stealing all your peanut butter and shoes but not your jewels, that's just how I feel.


bad news babes tee by feather hearts 

shorts by Nastygal 

leather hat from OAK 

platforms by  Y.R.U. 

sunglasses by Alexander Wang

photos by JagLever

spiegel summer blue

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sp3 sp7 sp8 sj5 sp1 sp2 sp66f

It's hard for me to find a summer dress that isn't cut right behind my little booty, but I kind of dig this one. It's the Amy Dress from Spiegel's summer collection. Richard Lowe III is an amazing talent behind Spiegel's latest line. I love the color and the lightweight fabric. I'm currently packing for the Hamptons and I'm definitely going to throw this little number in my suitcase. I see it as a perfect fit for drinking nighttime wine on the patio with my hair pulled up in a messy bun and no shoes. How would you style this dress?

If you order anything from their site, my readers get 20% off any purchase, just enter "spiegel2013" at checkout! xx 

amy dress in blue by spiegel

gold mirror chain by Miss KL 

triangle pendant by Jewels by Jacquline 

stud leather cuff by Miss KL 

white sandals by Jeffrey Campbell

aviators by Zero UV