animal attraction

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IMG_1932 - REV IMG_1940 - REV IMG_1952 - REV IMG_2017 - REV IMG_2023 - REV IMG_2026 - REV IMG_2030 - REVSaw you walking across the floor, you caught my eye. Dirty fishnets and bright red lips, my favorite kind. With a look that says keep your distance, but not too far.

Slow it down now, the night is young and we've still got time. Eyelashes and exchanging glances, I'd like to get inside of your mind. But she doesn't the patience for the smallest conversation. She just said, "keep your life story to yourself, let me show you how it's suppose to be."

red dress by nastygal

white fur coat by nastygal

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

make up by Amanda Yensan

photos by Fernando Paz

china girl

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IMG_6120 copy copyIMG_6112 copy copy copyIMG_6111 copy copychina1IMG_6102 copy copychina2 copyIMG_6135 copy copyIMG_6146 copy copy

little china girl in love with the world. she secretly wished the whole world would embrace what it hates. she wanted to find what she was afraid of and go live there. Her chest felt full of glitter and helium and she desperately wanted to write everything down, experience it all, and capture the entirety of new york in one photograph. It all felt too far apart, too distance, she wanted to hold it all in her hands. new york was silver glitter flashing in the street lights, inescapable, something you could never hold in your hands.

white leather crop top by Nastygal

silver ice princess skirt by Nastygal

shake sequin white jacket by Nastygal

stud floppy hat by Nastygal 

sunglasses by Spitfire

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand

i must be dreaming

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5 4 6 792 3Can't stop, won't stop, I must be dreaming. Yesterday, I headed to the highline in the West Village to shoot some pictures for Style Feen. They started making their own clothes right out of Brooklyn so I modeled two of their new looks. I paired the first look with my new baby pink Karen Walker sunnies (#dying) and some thigh-high boots, which I think are so it for fall. I want to buy 20+ more pairs! The second look I styled with some pink platforms by Deandri and these crazy new pink glitter vintage sunglasses I found on Ebay. We had fun walking around taking photos in the sun and gushing over how good the new Miley Cyrus video is.

After we finished shooting, I headed to midtown to shoot with Aysha Banos. We shot really cool film in this Wildfox White Label daisy girls sweater I recently got. I seriously can't wait to see how that roll of film came out! We walked to an overpass by NYU and pretty much shut down the traffic over there. After that we both almost died sneaking onto this roof off Lexington Avenue, but successfully made it to the top (black platforms and all) without getting caught. We're going to made a bad ass team!

Excited for today, heading back into Midtown in an hour for some meetings, going to try to snag some Starbucks beforehand too! Have an awesome Wednesday! <3


forbidden nude crop top and skirt by Style Feen 

grass crop top and tube skirt by Style Feen 

light pink sunglasses by Karen Walker

pink glitter sunglasses are Vintage

pink platforms by Deandri 

black thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Hortencia Caires

wish somebody would of seen us, babe

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Wish somebody would of seen us, babe. When it's just us two, there is nothing they can say or do. And everybody else don't mean a thing. New York Fashion Week, check- in time. Hotels flooded with lovers, haters and the in-betweens who are too weak to choose a side. We roll up in a cloud of smoke, crash on the 16th floor. We take the nights as they come at us, and make the best of it. Cinnamon lips, bodies like water falling down a hill, full speed ahead in one direction. It is worth every scar and every sleepless night.  If you didn't risk the fall, you have loved no one but yourself.

kitten sunglasses by Wildfox

beach maxi dress by Wildfox

crop top by Topshop

bell bottoms by Edge of Urge 

photos by Samantha Rex