Crystal Cult

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SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCThe day after I get back from Miami, I was woken up by a very morning-cheerful Brittanny, who was all ready to shoot. We basically turned my place into a model playhouse for the day, where she had 4 models come through and two makeup artists. I had recently received these dope sunglasses from Crystal Cult. I wanted to style some looks around them that really gave the whole, "sequin, sparkle, gold, champagne like it's my birthday" vibe. My skeleton top is by Wildfox White Label and the dress is from Nasty Gal. I also just bought the awesome gold hand chain and gold snake ring from Nasty Gal. (Snake jewelry is my favorite!)

Anyways, these sunglasses are simply amazing and I celebrated the day away in them on my rooftop with champagne, a picnic, and all my friends. Some of my girls were in from Chicago, so I had everyone over, ordered a ton of food, popped a multiple bottles of bubbly, and  watched the sun go down. It was basically a celebration of being back in New York City.

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the big liza sunglasses by Crystal Cult

the brooke sunglasses by Crystal Cult

photos by Brittanny Taylor

urban fairytale

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u1 u2 u3 u5 u6 u7 u8 u9 u11 u13 u16 u19 untitled (2 of 37) copy untitled (2 of 92) copy untitled (3 of 92) copy untitled (7 of 92) copy untitled (13 of 92) copy untitled (20 of 68) copy untitled (26 of 92) copy untitled (28 of 37) copy untitled (31 of 68) copy untitled (31 of 92) copy untitled (34 of 37) copy untitled (34 of 92) copy untitled (35 of 92) copy untitled (36 of 37) copy untitled (50 of 92) copy untitled (52 of 68) copy untitled (53 of 92) copy untitled (54 of 92) copy untitled (55 of 92) copy untitled (57 of 92) copy untitled (83 of 92) copyI'll always be a fool for fairytales. I want them to jump from their pages and fill the streets I walk on. I read their colorful pages, and wish for them to fill the pages of my life.

Then I take a step outside, and see everything around me. New York, itself, is a fairytale. From it's tall building tops, to it's secret gardens. From it's pizza shops to it's ice cream parlors, it is a novel that could never be written. Even as I sit here now in an all white coffee shop, the sun is shining, and the people have smiles on their faces, I could never write what it is to be here. That's why we come to New York, we know no novel could do it justice, so we seek to write out own stories on it's streets. We have our own cast of characters, our own favorite settings and our own magical adventures. New York is an individual story to each of it's inhabitants, that's why it's magic.

clothing by urbanize

photos by Tessa Abrahams

she makes magic

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rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonde_MG_3627ssrachel lynch, i hate blonde_MG_3607rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blondeShift to a place called, "unconditional love." The currency for attracting what we want into our lives is our thoughts. What you think, so shall you be. Practice being kind, rather than right. Your soul mates are your greatest teachers. Wish what you want into your life. Then, intend to create what you wish for. If it doesn't work out, learn whatever you have to learn from it not working out. Your intention must be so powerful that you become independent of the good opinion of other people. Don't tell anybody else what you want to manifest, because the minute that you do, you evoke ego. In quantum physics, there is a simple line that says, "particles themselves are not responsible for their own creation." Manifesting is a spiritual journey. To be inspired means to be "in spirit." And lastly, you must be in passion. What you wish for, ask for, intend for, and have passion for, you will create.

clothing by Our Prince of Peace

photos by Emma Lauren

Steal My Sunshine, Be My Moon

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moonpol4deathvalley1IMG_1648 copyIMG_1762 copyIMG_1782 copy 1720 copyIMG_1787 copyIMG_1796 copymelmoon44moon11111rebecca1 moon55 rebecca2 rebecca3 rebecca55polaroidm1moonpolar2

Steal my sunshine, be my moon. The golden hours of the sun are a gift. Her eyes were astoundingly blue and astoundingly sharp. Nothing escaped her. She tried to put her grasp on the day, but the sun always seemed to disappear into the waves. She grabbed at the golden light like it was eternal, but it always seemed to slip through the spaces in her fingers. She lived between the sunsets and washed herself in the waves. Summer lover.

american girl shorts by Melacine Moon

rebel  shorts by Melacine Moon 

kimono by Melacine Moon

tee-shirts are vintage

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

now i've got you in my space

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pillpoppin1 pill3 IMG_0042 copy

Now I've got you in my space, I won't let go of you. Watch your head, we're dancing around in machine gun shoes, pills and fur.

Here's one of my first looks with one of my favorite shoes for Spring. It's hard, if you like to dress dark like me, to find an open toed shoe that's just as badass as your human aliens or hellhounds. But I think these do the trick. I mean, they're called the Machines, and I've been dancing like crazy in them. Can't wait to style them with little black skeleton drape sweaters and walk around the West Village collecting stares.

Machine Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

Pill Poppin Leggings by Poprageous

Black Fur Jacket by Banana Republic

photos by Chris Nightengale  


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New look collaboration with H&M from their Spring 13' line: Rock n Roll Mansion. Featuring a white rock and roll feel, light hues, but still bad to the bone. I love the little wedge bootie and the light washed denim. It's perfect for spring.

 blazer by H&M

washed denim by H&M

white rock wedge bootie by H&M

Photography by Brandon Farrington (blog here)


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board1 mineral2 softmiernal1 copy mineral3 board2

A few weeks ago I got sent a few muscle tees from the most recent collection of Orion Theory. They're  a dope lifestyle brand out of LA inspired by characters and creatures. I'm really loving their new collection. They sent me the birthstone tank and the witchboard tank. They've also got tees featuring eyes and symbols and butterflies, such a good and organic feel to the simple designs. They've got me excited to head out to LA soon.

birthstone tank by Orion Theory 

witchboard tank by Orion Theory

creature coat from Miss KL 

leopard tights from NastyGal 

human aliens by Jeffrey Campbell 

sunglasses by Jamie Seel