Louder Than Bombs

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IMG_7557 IMG_7583 IMG_7619 IMG_7646 IMG_7654In the room downstairs, she sat and stared. Everything she wants costs money. And she doesn't even like me. Why should your heart not dance? Drifting off to sleep, I thought about her. Her arms and legs in the flowers. Careless and removed from this town. They took to the silence. They spoke without sound or progression. A hand in a hand, a blue eye melt. Love yourself, then let it go. Then love the world.

union jack sweater by wildfox

spike fur coat by UNIF

blue aviators by wildfox

photos by Lauren Engel 

William, It Was Really Nothing

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IMG_9529 IMG_9544 RachelRichardson

William, it was really nothing. I'm in a high rise where I'll just stretch out and wait. My mind is at peace at the top of the city. I could fall 42 stories to the concrete, but I'm not thinking about that now. I'm not happy and I'm not sad. Will the world end when we fall asleep? Stream of consciousness to the Smiths.

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Jeffrey Campbell Hell Yes Boot from Shop Akira

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getoutoflondonblogheader1GETOUTOFLONDON!getoutoflondon1IMG_0336 copylodon2britiangirl

Get out of London. Down with the queen. She's running wild in the castle with no clothes on, playing hide and seek and turning the master bedroom into a tree-fort.  Married to the Monarch but having an affair with the Prime Minister.  Baking pink cakes and painting frosting faces on her friends, she was the first to bring a Easy-Bake Oven into Buckingham Palace.

From Monday to Friday it's tea parties in platforms, oversized sweaters and pink sunglasses. Her girlfriends come over for the entire afternoon, where they read poetry and listen to Kanye West while painting sea-inspired canvases in the garden. When night falls, it's wine they can't pronounce and attempting to slide down the castle steps on couch cushions.

Her Mother yells at her. Enough of this nonsense. She doesn't understand what she did wrong. Never mind that, it's off to sleep under her canopy of white.

She'll do it all again tomorrow.

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union jack sweater by Wildfox Couture

big lita shoe by Jeffrey Campbell 

black shoe harness by Miss KL

gold skeleton hand claw by Pray For Paris