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Blonde DNA. For the alien boys and girls. For the ones that wear leather pants and  skeleton rings to chemistry class. For the ones who get arrested in 6 inch platforms, and surf in soaked muscle tees. For the ones that storm the grocery store with their girlfriend and tear up the shelves. For the ones that started a gang at their private school. For the ones stole from the corner store while taking polaroids at 16. For the ones that create the world they live in. Hoping all of it offends you. Stay high.

Here it is! You can officially get the first product from my new clothing line, Blonde DNA.  I'm wearing the "sick muscle tee." It's unisex, obviously. I wanted to make something that both bad blonde boys and girls could wear. Of course there is a lot more coming, but I just couldn't resist giving you guys a little taste! I really love this first tee, mostly for what it says. I've also always been into muscle tees, I think they're sexy on girls and hot on boys. Wear it with your leather pants and tallest platforms.

much blonde love

x x

sick muscle tee by Blonde DNA 

shit hat by UNIF 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Brandon Farrington