Blonde Manhattan and Black Roses

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blonde manhattan and black roses. a little death. la petite morte. the friday night blondes. friday the 13th. crawl in your skeleton skin. she likes it better when you're dark, shadows outside your bedroom window and death becomes her. rose legs and lace guarders, white floral death. turn off all of the lights. come in late and stand at the door with black skeleton tears. floral crowns and black lipstick for sleeping the enemy.

floral crown handmade by me 

death becomes her sweater by wildfox white label

lace stockings by victoria secret 

big litas by jeffrey campbell 

photo editorial by justin markin

the kick and push mockingbird

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Catch my wave, go get what you dream. Have you ever wanted something so bad, you'd do anything for it? Feeling it in your soul, like there's no way to ignore it. And if you go to sleep, it still won't be gone in the morning. People see your passion, and they purposely try to kill it. But it's nothing against you, because they're really just mad at themselves that you're chasing your dream and they're not. They think they hate you, but they hate themselves for being a quitter.

They try to tell you things and they try to get loud in your ear, but how could they guide you or ever give you advice when most of the time they're just bitching about their own damn life? They tell you your chance of making it is one in one million. They're lying, because yours is the only heart willing to fight. Keep your hands high. You can get through anything with faith and persevence. Don't let your spirit break, it's about how long you're willing to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes it will hurt you, learning the virtue of patience.  Riding in the sun with one finger in the sky, like I could touch the clouds. The only thing that can stop you in this world is you. 

My dad always told me, "Don't let anyone tell you what you've been through. You tell them what you've been through."

joy division tee from urban 

stud collar from St Marks 

torment boots from dolls kill