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Welcome to the Hotel California, ready to room in leather boots on Sunset Boulevard. Her mind is twisted, she's got the Mercedes Benz. She has a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she calls friends. Holding a dance party in the Polo Lounge. Trashing the hotel room, because they'll fix it in the morning. Red lipstick in mirrors made of gold and all leather everything. Her father looked like one of the Rolling Stones, and she was direct offspring. This is how the factory girls of the West Coast are made, poolside skin and bleach blonde hair.

tarot card muscle tee by Gypsy Warrior 

amelia deluxe frame by Wildfox Couture

amelia leather jacket by UNIF

all boots by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Melly Lee

all boots by Jeffrey Campbell

my alien girlfriend

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1 2 3 4 5 8 10The girl from my dreams ain't from round here. She don't care bout the bull shit down here. I wish you'd come back and save me lady, cause these earth women wanna make me crazy. I try everyday to escape the world, fantasizing about my alien girl. Look into the sky to find love, cause these earth women are just too much.

She was standing over my bed. It must have been a dream, I tried to shake it from my head. Half asleep, until she reached out and touched me. No words needed, she spoke into my mind. Didn't make a sound, no need to. She could read through every thought I tried to hide.

She showed me how she came from a planet, where no one took their passion for granted.  I tried to understand, but I'm a one track mind staring at her space tits.

She wore a lavender velour space suit with gray boots. Titanium diamond studded waist too. A future 50,000 volt laser in the holster. She started chasing me, threw off my whole galaxy. And just when I  thought I'd ask for her name, she vaporized into a green light in the rain.

alien crop top by O-Mighty Weekend 

rainbow lace shorts by Tunnel Vision

pink space boots by Pleaser

sunglasses by Wildfox

teal fur by Nastygal 

words by  Molemen & Felt 

photos by Melly Lee 

blonde sardine

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bs10bs900bs6bs3bs5bs1bs9bs4bs8bs7bs2Blonde sardine, pink flesh. Not just beautiful though, the city and all of it's places are alive and breathing. She found allure in the most simplest of places. The cans stacked neatly in the back came alive in their energetic vitally, and projected colors of the rainbow. She didn't need a lot, the city was enough for her. Just to fall asleep among the lights and the love was enough. Being a part of the city is something that you can't teach. You feel it in your bones, it circles through your thoughts and makes you a part of each subway ride, each city block and every sunset.

pink fur jacket from Trash and Vaudeville

dress by Nastygal

body-chain by Nastygal

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture 

photos by Ally Lindsay 

The Pink Funk

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pink1pink3 pink4 pink5 pink6Here's another cool look that Los Angeles photographer, Melly Lee and I shot at my apartment. I live in a pretty funky looking building, equipped with a wood working shop and all. Every month, the building features new art from artists that actually live in the building. This month there's a sculpture of two men doing handstands holding "thank you" trash bags and screwing in a light bulb! (You never know what you're in for!) Regardless, I've been really happy since I moved into such an artistic place. It's filled with good vibes, reminding me to go out and make my art everyday.

pink top by Material Girl

black shorts from Miss KL 

leopard tights by Haute Legs 

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

jacket by H&M

necklace by Ann Taylor

Hello, Charlie!

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Hello, Charlie! Here's a look with one of my absolute favorite pieces from the Wildfox Charlie's Angels collection! Wildfox is one of those brands that I connected with in High School because of their story telling nature. Like me, they use story to create and develop fashion. I don't think I would have a fashion blog if I wasn't able to write and tell narrative with all my photos and styling. I went to college for Journalism, so writing is extremely important to me. Perhaps most times, the words are more important that the photos themselves.

Happy Monday everyone, last week before Christmas, make sure you get out there and get everything done!


Hello Charlie Sweater by Wildfox

mirror aviators by Wildfox

hat by Nastygal

silver cuff by Sequin

photos by Melly Lee

america, the beautiful

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harley10harley2 harley3 harley4 harley5 harley6 harley7Hiding between the days. They're moving so fast, you stop to do a double take. Everyone of us is losing something precious to us. Lost opportunities, lost friends, lost possibilities, lost lovers. And we feel like we can never get them back again. This is part of what it means to be alive.

american harley tee vintage

black hat by nastygal

sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Tan Camera

crystal ball

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MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch008- rachel lynch-wildfox-brooklyn-hamptonstee MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch009-rachel lynch-wildfox-wildfox couture MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch010- rachel lynch- wildfox- wildfox couture-wildfoxcouture-i hate blonde-lookbook-bushwick-castlebraid MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch011 MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch012MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch007Winter comes in a crystal ball. I see it, and shake it. I held you inside, safe like the town of a snow globe. The sun sets on your skin, it touches you and somehow you know you can be human once again. So you let it caress you, the little bit of warmth on your shoulders moves them to come alive. Night music transports through colored clouds, in hues of purple, light blue, baby pink and burning orange. They all flood to make magic for your eyes. I am the lonely voyager on deck and she is the sea. It's hard to tell the difference between sea and sky, between reality and the workings of a crystal ball.

hamptons top by Wildfox Couture

cream hamptons vacation pant by American Apparel

mirror aviators by Wildfox Couture

cotton candy coat by Nastygal

photos by Melly Lee

salty hair diver

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IMG_0310 copy diver1_edited-1 IMG_0312 copy IMG_0318 copy IMG_0345 copy IMG_0348 copy IMG_0390 copy salty2

I lose my faith a thousand times a day. Eyes wide open for the fall. I want to be a diver. Show me love or take away my fears. Under covers. You spin me round like a doll. You pull my strings till there's nothing left. It's so tragic. Seaside love is automatic. Realists and romantics. White noise, foaming waves. Salty hair, don't tell me how to be.

salty hair beach coverup by Wildfox Couture

photos by Chris Nightengale

cut my wings

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I wish you'd left my wings. Be in my eyes, be in my heart. I think I can love you now. And I hope it's not too late, because you're so beautiful. And with the way you move, I'll close my eyes and butterfly kiss you.

And how am I going to get home tonight? I'm scared to sleep alone. I'm scared that there's no one there to count the butterflies in my hair. Wild eyes. You said I was just a figment of your imagination. A creature too symmetrical to be real. I guess, that means I'm complicated.

I guess we can't think about some things too hard, or they'll break our wild hearts.

star sweater by she inside

photo by amanda derose