blonde sardine

by Rachel Lynch in , ,

bs10bs900bs6bs3bs5bs1bs9bs4bs8bs7bs2Blonde sardine, pink flesh. Not just beautiful though, the city and all of it's places are alive and breathing. She found allure in the most simplest of places. The cans stacked neatly in the back came alive in their energetic vitally, and projected colors of the rainbow. She didn't need a lot, the city was enough for her. Just to fall asleep among the lights and the love was enough. Being a part of the city is something that you can't teach. You feel it in your bones, it circles through your thoughts and makes you a part of each subway ride, each city block and every sunset.

pink fur jacket from Trash and Vaudeville

dress by Nastygal

body-chain by Nastygal

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture 

photos by Ally Lindsay