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title copy00A copy 1A copy 5A copy 6A copy 7A copy 8A copy 11A copy14A copy copy15A copy 16A copy 17A copy 18A copy 19A copy 21A copy 22A copy 23A copy 24A copy 25A copyStep into a time machine. We drank martinis and cosmopolitans inside a bank vault. The room was filled with books, glass, candles and white couches. It had the air of John Dillinger women and the fragrance of a Chicago night in 1922. Every girl looked like a Bonnie, not a lot of Clyde's to be seen though. The numbers on the boxes covered the walls. Wondering who slipped what where, so very long ago. Now it was a back room for sipping in the dark. There is something magical about slipping into the past and playing pretend on a cold winter night.

stud shorts by H&M

hat by Nastygal

fur jacket by Moira Noree

black crop top by Nastygal

special appearance by blogger, The Worn Out

the blonde hideaway

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Haunt me if you like. You're really weird and I like you. Tucked up in the blonde hideaway. Don't be surprised when I race you. Salty hair swim. I want to be a diver. Into the sea. A dangerous getaway. The hardest part is escaping the real world.  A spooky little blonde like you. Pale legs, animalistic behaviors and doll features.

smile lenon sweater by Widlfox

salty hair beach tunic by Wildfox

grey flower dress by  this is a love song

photos by artist, kiara jade