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NYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionBDE_7457BDE_7474BDE_7475BDE_7478BDE_7485NYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionNYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionBDE_7364NYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionBDE_7486NYFW - rachel lynch - missguided - fall fashionm1m3m4BDE_7648BDE_7649BDE_7650The last day of fashion week I decided to rock this Missguided two-piece. I wanted to stick with my black + white/mod vibes. The night before a giant box of YRU shoes arrived at my door, so of course I had to rock a pair. I really love these zip up black platforms. They're super comfortable and can match with just about anything. The last day of fashion week was also the final day I did my instagram takeover for Zero UV, so of course I had to rock a pair of their sunnies. I also pulled my UNIF neoprene jacket and Paul's boutique bag to create my Mod-in-London look.

Shooka and I took the day pretty easy, aka we were basically over it. We hung at the Ace Hotel with our friend, sipped on some champagne and ate a fancy restaurant before heading to a party at the James Hotel. Having my best friend there really made it amazing! Shooka and I are sad we're not at London Fashion Week right now, but best believe you will be seeing us there next year. I'm actually thinking of heading to London next month or the following one just to check it out and visit some of the brands I work with there. I've only been to Paris (where I did a year of school) and actually never made it to London. I'm super exciting to see it/ this black and white mod look featuring two London-based clients of mine was really inspiring for the day-dreamings of a trip!

NYFW was amazing as always. I was surrounded by so many wonderful and talented friends, which really makes it beautiful.

x x

black and white set by Missguided 

sunglasses by Zero UV

bag by Paul's Boutique 

zip platforms by YRU 


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nyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkernyfw - new york fashion week - spring 15 - rachel lynch - nasty gal - karen walkerNew York Fashion Week day five. The day started with front row seats at the beautiful Darkoh menswear show. Probably one of my favorites this season, the designer started with a bang, and three aqua suits. Had a girl feeling like she found the Ken to her Barbie. But really, each suit was killer and I was just sitting there like, "why do I not run around in mini suits?"

Next we headed to the Lincoln Center for more menswear. We shot our looks then headed to a restaurant across the street for afternoon cocktails and appetizers. Then it was a ride down to the Standard Hotel where we saw the Maison Kitsune presentation. The sunset was beautiful as it filled the room with light. The whole collection had this really effortless french vibe, which made me miss Paris.

After that we headed to Tao for the Nylon party. There I met the owner of Nylon, Mark and the Jonas Brothers! So many other great blogger friends of mine were there too and I'm lucky I was literally able to get a plus five for all my friends (I don't really think that was allowed.) We drank and dance and took pictures in the amazing Rebel Fashion photobooth.

And believe it or not, the night did not end there. We ended up back at the Standard Hotel for the Maison Kitsune after party at Le Bain. The roof was gorgeous at night and the view of the city from there is incomparable to any other.

Needless to say, Shooka and I spent most of the following day in bed. Skipping two shows, ordering food, and working from out computers in my bed. It actually felt good to have some time to relax.

Anyways I'm off to get ready for my show at the Lincoln Center at noon! Thanks to everyone who has been following me this week, it's been a whirlwind!

x x

dress + shag coat by Nasty Gal

sunglasses by Karen Walker 

shoes by Giuseppe

photos by Bri Elledege


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day2-1day2-4IMG_0557IMG_0548day2-3IMG_0567fashionweek3-3fashionwe404IMG_0552IMG_0554IMG_0574IMG_0576New York Fashion Week day two. I don't know why exhaustion has hit me already, but it came in with full force yesterday. 14-hours of running around from show, to event, back to show, to showroom is serious. Perhaps it's because the 4 days prior to this, I isolated myself and just read, relaxed, meditated and did yoga, that this scheduled is a shock to my system. No complaints, it's just a very different way of spending a day.

Anyways, the day started with the Sally La Pointe show. Certainly my favorite collection I've seen so far, this spring is all about big belts, basics, black and white for her. I love the simplicity of the flats with each look. The jackets and the way everything fit was just phenomenal. The final outfit was killer, featuring a huge feather design with a moto jacket in all white. I can't wait to pull some pieces and shoot them with my darling, Brittanny.

Next we headed to the Sequin-NYC showroom to pick up some jewelry for the week, just missing the Buffalo Jeans relaxation party (ugh, I really needed a fresh manicure!) Then we headed down to Chinatown after that for the Martin Keehn presentation. He's one of the designers represented by OMEN PR here in New York, which means that all the edgy/chic bitches come out to play. Everyone in line looked so fierce, and it was good to see some friendly faces.

My best friend flew in yesterday as well, and in true exhausted fashion, we ended the night early with ordering sushi to my bed while watching the L word on Netflix.

I'm feeling recharged today, time to get ready for shows and a photo shoot!

x x

leopard sunglasses by Le Specs

relic hat by UNIF

sequin kimono by Thriftwares 

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand 

NYFW Day One

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800-1 800-2 fw1 fw222 fw333 IMG_0161 copy IMG_0206 copy IMG_0218 copy IMG_0238 copy IMG_0248 copyWhat's the best part about living in New York and working in fashion? We're already here when NYFW happens. No jet lag, no failed taxi rides, no getting lost on the subway-- we're New Yorkers and we're ready.

Phil and I got up bright and early this morning and headed to the Lincoln Center to make the morning show that kicks everything off, BCBG. The collection is so different from the past three seasons. It really offers a much more soft and dreamy vibe for this season, something I was not particularly expecting.

Perhaps it's only because fall is looming here on the East Coast, but I'm prepared to see edgy shapes, big glasses, cool prints, and strong looks. MOD is they key word here, I want to see mod everything. I can't tell you guys how happy I am that this is back in style. I was texting with my dad yesterday (classic rock n roller) asking him for advice and inspiration on the mod trend. He of course immediately dropped names like The Beatles, The Who, and the The Rolling Stones. British invasion bands and Twiggy is what I'm looking to for outfit direction this season. He also told me to check out Bowie's "Pinups" album which is a retooling of the mod 60s in style and song.

So today my look was obviously inspired by some mod trends. I pieced together this black and white look from all over the internet! My romper is from Nasty Gal, my fur is from the Los Angeles based brand Bsable and my glasses are by the Aussie brand, Quay. My clutch is from Culture Riot and my shoes are of course, Jeffrey Campbell.

I'm so excited to attend two more shows tonight and thankful to have Phillip by my side all week capturing all the adventure! Stay tuned for updates!

x x


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7 IMG_0224 copy copy IMG_0226 copy copy IMG_0236 copy copy IMG_0246 copy copy IMG_0281 copy copy IMG_0286 copy copy IMG_0260 copy copy IMG_0276 copy copyDay Seven, my last and final day of fashion week. It's really interesting that your fashion week experience is what you make it. It is truly so personal to you, and how you view things, but perhaps the same can be said for life in general. You can choose to focus on what you have, the shows you've seen, the people you've met, the parties you went to. Or you can spend your time complaining, whining about how you didn't get invited to this or that, and this blogger who got this deal and you didn't blah blah.

It's exhausting to be around the latter, those who focus on what they didn't get. The experience is much more rewarding when you are thankful and in awe of the beautiful fashion world around you. Each show is special, and even if you didn't like the clothing, there's the designer and her mom crying at the end, and it's amazing to see emotion like that right in front of you. Perhaps I haven't always been perfect about being thankful for what I've been offered, but I'm working on it. I am extremely thankful for everyone I was surrounded with this fashion week, they are the best and made everything so special.

much love


entire outfit by UNIF

photos by Phillip VN


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phillipvn-3 copyphillipvn-14 copyphillipvn-9 copyphillipvn-16 copyphillipvn-29 copyphillipvn-42 copyphillipvn-47 copyphillipvn-10 copyphillipvn-37 copyphillipvn-35 copyThe sixth day of New York Fashion Week began in one of my favorite places in the entire city, Central Park South. I decided to pull an all-white look because it just felt right. This dress is from Nasty Gal and the boots, and magical ice white fur, were sent to me by Miss KL. We shot these photos outside the Plaza Hotel, which holds a very special place in my heart. My parents celebrated their wedding here and I remember playing there as a little girl. Running down the red steps and creating mischief for the doormen, it was truly being a little Eloise at the Plaza Hotel. I could order room service at midnight, thirteen dollar chocolate chip cookies and tall glasses of milk.

After we shot, I edited my blog post and did emails at their cafe over a delicious soy mocha. Now it's time to do it all over again, one more day of Fashion Week for me. Feeling so blessed.


white gown by Nasty Gal

white fur jacket by Miss KL 

revolt cage boot in white by Privileged

blondie aviators by Zero UV

photos by Phillip VN


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123IMG_9477 copy4IMG_9504 copy78IMG_9511 copy

New York Fashion Week Day Five, part of me is like are we done yet? But then, I show up at an event and see why I must keep going. Nothing is more exhausting then running all over the city from morning till past midnight, but we sacrifice sleep for chic. The Alice and Olivia preview yesterday was like something out of a dream. It was at the Sleep No More Hotel and felt like traveling through a magical Disney mansion of leather boots and leather furs. There was even a girl with a paper sailboat hat. I love the creativity and effort that goes into a beautiful fashion week presentation. I'll definitely be copping some thigh-high leather Alice and Olivia boots for this season. After the preview I bounced over to the Glamour Mag party, where I saw all my homies. Karmaloop bitches had a table in the back with little Debbie and the baby Jenner's even rolled through.

Anyways, I'm blogging to you from the Plaza hotel. I just shot my all white look outside for the sixth day of fashion week, feeling ready to Yao Ming on these fashion bitches.

revolt cage boot by Priviledged

orange dress by Miss KL 

tropical fantasy jacket by Married to the Mob

alien bag by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Phillip VN



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IMG_7605 copy IMG_7607 copy IMG_7610 copy IMG_7612 copy IMG_7614 copy IMG_7637 copy IMG_7626 copy IMG_7616 copy IMG_7641 copyTurn down for what? Decided to bring in the third day of New York Fashion Week with a blonde bang. Strutting in a full look from Miss KL, I'm obsessed with my base layer which is this thin slip dress from RVCA. My bag is of course by Jeffrey Campbell, such a dope piece to carry around all of my fashion week needs. But perhaps the best part of this look is DEEZE boots. I feel like I could murda fa$hion bitches in these heels made of gold metal. I had a second row seat at Herve Leger, and had to say that this is the first show of the season that I've actually really liked the clothing/style. I could see myself walking around Manhattan in his dresses, leathers and furs. Perhaps cause he's a badass after my own heart.

Glenn Dress by RVCA

The Come Get Some Weekender Bag by Jeffrey Campbell

The Revolt Cage Boot by Privileged

gold neck piece by Sequin

photos by Jaglever


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IMG_8656 copy copy IMG_8655 copy copy IMG_8582 copy copy IMG_8654 copy copy IMG_8665 copy copy IMG_8623 copy 2 copy IMG_8616 copy copy IMG_8632 copy copyNew York Fashion Week moves forward despite another cold day. I decided to wear a full head-to-toe Miss KL look. I wanted to emanate some Marilyn Monroe vibes, so I decided to pair this For Love and Lemons dress with a matching floppy hat. My cat-eye frames are by Spitfire and the white fur just brought it full circle for a Hollywood glamour feel. Phil and I decided to head up to the High Line in the West Village before the Harare presentation to snap this look quickly. Hope you guys are enjoying the fashion week updates! I'm off to get ready for the Herve Leger show and lookbook party!


photos Phillip VN 

New York Fashion Week: Day One

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new york fashion week IMG_7890 IMG_7911 new york fashion week new york fashion week new york fashion weekHere's to a fantastic fashion week kick off! Of course I don't feel 100% on point when I'm putting on a full length sequin gown at 7 am, but hey, it's fashion week. Climbing through the snow in six inch open-toed platforms wasn't the chic-est experience I've had, but I made it work. After the BCBG show, I headed outside the Lincoln Center to shoot my first look. I decided to pair my new full length nastygal dress with a grey michael kors puffy jacket and some serious hardware. My gold hand piece is from nasty gal and my amazing blue stud necklace is by the NYC label, sequin. I've actually linked up with them to do a giveaway of the necklace I wore to the shows today! If you'd like to win it, check me out on instagram and follow the rules! Good luck angels! I'm off to a VIP seat at the Religion show and then the Miss KL after party!


blue sequin dress by Nasty Gal

grey jacket by Michael Kors

spike necklace by Sequin

aviators by Zero UV

gold hand-piece by Nasty Gal

photos by Phillip VN


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4-14-54-3 copyIMG_0081 copyIMG_0096 copy copyIMG_0113 copyIMG_0179 copyIMG_0195 copyIMG_0223 copyIMG_0106 copy

Fashion week day four and nobody's died yet... The fourth day of fashion week I attended the Pavan brunch in the morning at the beautiful Refinery hotel. The rooftop up there is stellar. I sat next to Kate Nash and my love, Rachel-Marie of JagLever as we sipped the new french vodka in different kinds of drinks over a three-course meal. It's was so lovely and the designer of the vodka label is just a fashion gem! She was wearing a Pamela Love NYC star cuff, so rad aka I knew I liked her right away. Stay tuned for pictures coming to my blog of our lovely meal + Kate Nash!

Anyways after that, I ran back to Brooklyn to get dressed for the Socialyte Gala. I wasn't feeling very dressy so I threw on my Wildfox Cake sweater and new all white platforms. The Gala was held at the box and some of the top bloggers were there including, Song of Style, StyleScrapbook and The Blonde Salad. There was a VIP blogger lounge upstairs and we all got a pair of new Express boots! SO rad!

After that, my friends and I headed back to the Hudson Hotel (one of my favorite hotels in the city! ) for a little play time. I forgot to take photos all day so we did a little shoot and as you can see, I was being really goofy.

Lots of love and more fashion week to come!


Cake Sweater by Wildfox Couture

Green Kitten Shades by Quay

white platforms by Demoina 

white flower crown by Cult Gaia


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3-1 3-2 3-4 3-5 3-63-10 3-11IMG_9731 copyIMG_9739 copyIMG_9748 copyIMG_9764 copyIMG_9778 copyIMG_9814 copyIMG_9823 copyIMG_9852 copyIMG_9854 copyIMG_9864 copy

New York Fashion Week day 3 and we're still alive and running. First show of the day was Herve Leger, which was chic as hell. Black and white, especially white, is everything right now. Cut outs so fly, Herve was on his A game this season. I was feeling over it, so I threw on the new UNIF yokel shortalls and metal bustier. I hid my big sleepy eyes behind some alien wildfox shades and was feeling as dark as I was looking.

Despite my tired state, I headed to the Lookbook Refresh party after leaving the Lincoln Center. I decided it was time for my first drink of fashion week. Of course, like all good evenings that start with free champagne and manicures, it ends up back in Brooklyn on the floor with a cigarette, playing around on the streets. My home girls Shooka and Eugenie were in town so you know we had to turn up.

I'll try to keep you guys as updated as possible, but it's hard to post and make it to every event as well. I just got back from the H&M showroom and about to shoot a little campaign for their new Paris Fall Collection, then it's off to the Style.com party! Fashion week doesn't stop, and neither do I (apparently..)


yokel shortalls by UNIF

metal busiter by UNIF

black kitten frames by Wildfox


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Fashion week has officially started and it seems everyone brought their A game this season.  This morning I rolled up fashionably late, but still managed to make it into BCBG's runway show. For me, the best part of the collection was the end where they brought out soft but very dark leather pieces. After that we headed across the street to a little spot for lunch where we ran into Joan Rivers, what a boss! Afterwards, I got to model the new goggle glasses and was photographed by a few well-known names like NYLON and Polyvore.

By then it was time to head into the Desigual show which was a blast! I was stoked to have a seat at the event from NJOY  and I'll be attending a lot more shows and after parties for them, bringing you live fashion week coverage! So be sure to follow the hashtag, #njoyfw to see what I'm up to! Some of the events I'll be at for NJOY include the Charlotte Ronson after party and Jill Stuart.

So yes, it's going to be a crazy week here in New York City, but I've got my outfits ready and shoes like you've never seen before.


the metal bustier by UNIF

the spillz skirt by UNIF

the metal moto jacket by UNIF

the miku boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

the vapor clutch by UNIF

sinful stack rings from Miss KL 

photos by JagLever and Brandon Farrington