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IMG_1535 copy sun2 sun3 sun4 sun5Hey, what's the matter with your feel right? Don't you feel right? What's the matter with your mind and all your sighing?

Nothing's the matter with your head baby, find it, come on and find it. To hell with it baby, cause you're fine and your mine and you look so divine. So come and get your love.


redbone 1974 

mustard vest by topshop

skull mirror sunglasses by karen walker

beach house pants by American Apparel

photos by Jaglever

she's got a 90's smile

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smile8_edited-1smile4_edited-1smile2 smile1 IMG_8761 IMG_8749 copy smile9-9077 smile666

Spring is alive in her apartment. She came here to live, to breath and to love. The window brings in the light. She's watched the seasons change as they came through her city view every morning. In the midst of the grand winter, she could hardly fathom getting out of bed, but it's getting less scary. Spring is less intimidating, it's welcoming and warm like a temperature she had never known. She doesn't turn her face back into the deep white of her sheets anymore, there's a warmth outside that's stronger than her bed.

Youth finds itself again with the emergence of spring. As the season is reborn, so is the soul. Yearning for the coast, Venice mornings and sleeping on the beach. Perhaps faith will be restored in Brooklyn, the vintage-esqe 90's youth that emerges in all it's residents as the sun comes out. Temperatures rise, shirts crop and parks open. Swimming in the sun, aren't you the girl that I met last June?

Gold Garters by Shop Gypsum 

90's Smile Lennon Sweater by Wildfox

Human Aliens by Jeffrey Campbell 

photography by Kiara Jade


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A couple weeks ago, Dip in LA sent me this Barbie Rebelle tee & a killer gold arm cuff. I put on the arm cuff imediatley upon opening,  it fits my chill vibe . That sitting in my apartment on the floor, burning insects and listening to Kendrick Lamar in my cream rose cape and gold arm cuff vibe.

The Barbie Rebelle tee fits that other side of me. That "bitch, get out of my face, I will stomp you out" vibe. Yeah, as bad bitches, we've got to play both; keep it down to earth but don't be afraid to be a problem and call a bitch out.

I'm glad to be pledging my allegiance to a brand that gets me, check them out here. 

Barbie Rebelle  Tee by Dip in LA

Grey Chubby jacket by Michael Kors 

Neon Satchel bag by NastyGal

tights by House of Holland

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Big Litas by Jeffrey Campbell


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Black panther blonde girl. Dame de mort and black rose crown. When it got to wild in the west, she ran away to Paris to wear big hats and dance with boys. She hadn't been back since she went to school there as a young girl, smoking extra skinny cigarettes outside her classroom doors and doodling medical designs.

It was time to give birth to the soul again, a little death, a little escape -- that petite mort. 

black flower crown DIY

black circle sunglasses by Wildfox

black panther sweatshirt  from Dolls Kill 

Alize boots by Dr Marten 

photos by JagLever


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Blonde bangs it out for a colder NYC  in studded booties, black shades and a mohair sweater. I think I've found my perfect look for running from subway to subway this winter. The Dr Marten mohair sweater is exceptionally warm and the stud booties are perfect for day meetings/ extremely easy to get around in. Always keeping a black pair of shades on helps you fly under the radar.

What are your November nececities? Have you looked at Dr Martens boots if you're going to be braving the snow? Where are you getting a winter jacket from? (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one!)

mohair sweater by Dr Marten

studded Alize booties by Dr Marten

sunglasses by Celine 

photos by Rich Little Poor Boys

island girl

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Balancing all the thoughts in my head, sketching octopuses and mermaids during a chemistry lecture. Found a state of mind where I could smile. It took a little time, some  paintbrushes and a few new friends, but happiness comes from the state of mind on the inside. Fingers, peach lips, polish and stickers all over my class assignments. Magic inside your fingertips, good thoughts inside your head.

Island girl with costal charm, processes the world by getting on her skate or surf board. California circle sunglasses and pink sugar skeletons. A morning coffee on the docks before class and an evening ride, leather satchels and monster heels.

all photos by Bliss Katherine

stud harness by The Scarlet Room

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Dress from Nastygal

pink hellbounds by UNIF

pink skeleton braclet from Dolls Kill  

Blonde Manhattan and Black Roses

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blonde manhattan and black roses. a little death. la petite morte. the friday night blondes. friday the 13th. crawl in your skeleton skin. she likes it better when you're dark, shadows outside your bedroom window and death becomes her. rose legs and lace guarders, white floral death. turn off all of the lights. come in late and stand at the door with black skeleton tears. floral crowns and black lipstick for sleeping the enemy.

floral crown handmade by me 

death becomes her sweater by wildfox white label

lace stockings by victoria secret 

big litas by jeffrey campbell 

photo editorial by justin markin

the kick and push mockingbird

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Catch my wave, go get what you dream. Have you ever wanted something so bad, you'd do anything for it? Feeling it in your soul, like there's no way to ignore it. And if you go to sleep, it still won't be gone in the morning. People see your passion, and they purposely try to kill it. But it's nothing against you, because they're really just mad at themselves that you're chasing your dream and they're not. They think they hate you, but they hate themselves for being a quitter.

They try to tell you things and they try to get loud in your ear, but how could they guide you or ever give you advice when most of the time they're just bitching about their own damn life? They tell you your chance of making it is one in one million. They're lying, because yours is the only heart willing to fight. Keep your hands high. You can get through anything with faith and persevence. Don't let your spirit break, it's about how long you're willing to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes it will hurt you, learning the virtue of patience.  Riding in the sun with one finger in the sky, like I could touch the clouds. The only thing that can stop you in this world is you. 

My dad always told me, "Don't let anyone tell you what you've been through. You tell them what you've been through."

joy division tee from urban 

stud collar from St Marks 

torment boots from dolls kill

spooky and sheer

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I'm guessing it's just the season, but lately, I've been channeling my inner dark child. I recently bought black lipstick and started using silver/lavender shampoo to tone my hair to white. It also might finally be starting to get too cold to run around with my little legs in platforms and no pants, so I've busted out the thigh-highs. To top off my spooky look, I've been wearing this "sleep under the stars" hoodie non-stop. It's so cozy and soft, I've worn it on my last three flights and slept it in Friday night at a hotel uptown.

What are you guys doing to change your look up for fall? Any must-haves? I'm thinking of making a collage this weekend of my fall must-haves and spooky-October hair styles.

black cross sheer top by the scarlet room 

hoodie by wildfox

thigh-highs by victoria secret

big litas by jeffrey campbell