you are loved

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You are loved. Cross over from death to life. World view corrected. New perspective. The flesh loves to fail. Don't live your life scared of death. Don't do what this world wants you to do. Truth. Karma, physic folks and horoscopes, no we won't be needing that. New creature. The friday night blondes. The creator within. Hungry spirit, elevate the mind. You're rolling with the high now, baby.

Loved tunic by Wildfox Couture

tights by Express 

alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Kiara Jade


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Black panther blonde girl. Dame de mort and black rose crown. When it got to wild in the west, she ran away to Paris to wear big hats and dance with boys. She hadn't been back since she went to school there as a young girl, smoking extra skinny cigarettes outside her classroom doors and doodling medical designs.

It was time to give birth to the soul again, a little death, a little escape -- that petite mort. 

black flower crown DIY

black circle sunglasses by Wildfox

black panther sweatshirt  from Dolls Kill 

Alize boots by Dr Marten 

photos by JagLever

island girl

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Balancing all the thoughts in my head, sketching octopuses and mermaids during a chemistry lecture. Found a state of mind where I could smile. It took a little time, some  paintbrushes and a few new friends, but happiness comes from the state of mind on the inside. Fingers, peach lips, polish and stickers all over my class assignments. Magic inside your fingertips, good thoughts inside your head.

Island girl with costal charm, processes the world by getting on her skate or surf board. California circle sunglasses and pink sugar skeletons. A morning coffee on the docks before class and an evening ride, leather satchels and monster heels.

all photos by Bliss Katherine

stud harness by The Scarlet Room

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Dress from Nastygal

pink hellbounds by UNIF

pink skeleton braclet from Dolls Kill