blonde rainbow alien girl

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rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill alien12 alien13 rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls kill alien16 rachel lynch, i hate blonde, dolls killBlonde alien girl. Her skin is kissed by the sun, and her body is constantly covered in glitter. It shows up on her hands, on her eyes, and in her kisses. She leaves pastel stains on all her lovers. There is magic in her fingertips. She spreads sentiment with all her words, the belief that things will always get better. She reads Lao Tzu, and walks under the rainbow. She gives away everything she has, yet seems to have it all. It takes courage to walk in a state of contentment in this world, but her mother placed the necessary faith in her heart to brave it all.

rainbow skater ring dress by UNIF

Lost Alien Backpack by Dolls Kill

photos by Rogue One

soul to squeeze

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rachel lynch, i hate blondelynch12lynch13lynch11lynch5lynch10lynch6lynch7lynch8rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blondelynch2rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonde

How long will I slide? I've got a bad disease. Suck my kiss as I dream of Californiacation. The city of angels has casted it demons on me. Insanity it seems. We take to the coast, drive up to Malibu. As we listen to the music, I stare out the window at the vibrant blues and pinks that fill the sky. It seems I've got everything I need. Maybe the sun is enough to take away my self-destruction. I always come back for more. New York eats me, LA feeds me. And I fall in love a hundred times a day. Boys, girls, songs, sand and sounds. I slide into a little peace of mind as I ride up the beach. Shoulders exposed, bare skin in the sun.  The freckles start to surface, aviators protect my eyes. I am lost, but I know I'm in Venice. I feel everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time. I feel so far from New York, the center of my world. But then again, I find myself in a new world. I'm sailing. I'm in love. I forget to eat, to drink, the care. I am on my way, in full decision that I don't want to decide where I'm going.

Where I go, I just don't know. I've got to take it slow. And when I find my peace of mind, I'm gonna keep it till the end of time.

black zip one piece by Tavik Swimwear

photos by Taylor Herron 

under the sea

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mermaid, rachel lynch, wildfox, i hate blonde, wildfox couturemermaid, rachel lynch, wildfox, i hate blonde, wildfox couturemermaid, rachel lynch, wildfox, i hate blonde, wildfox couturemermaid, rachel lynch, wildfox, i hate blonde, wildfox couturemermaid, rachel lynch, wildfox, i hate blonde, wildfox coutureUnder the sea. Darling, it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me.

I'll swim up to his castle, then flounder will splash around to get his attention...

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake. You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things around you, what more are you lookin' for?

Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away. While we devotin' full time to floatin', under the sea.

Comin' up for air, I've been under this sea forever. Darling, it's gotten better even since we've been together.

seashell sweater by wildfox

ramblin rose velvet corset shorts by Lip Service

photos by Jessica Castro

Hello, Charlie!

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wildfox, i hate blonde, rachel lynch wildfox, i hate blonde, rachel lynch wildfox, i hate blonde, rachel lynch wildfox, i hate blonde, rachel lynch hello6 wildfox, i hate blonde, rachel lynchCharlie's beach angels. Can't stop, won't stop. I must be dreaming. Starfish in her hair. LA is going to be a new underwater attraction. Blonde bombshells from Downtown to Venice. Baywatch babe, on duty. She surfs at sunrise and can swim for days. She lives in a pink hotel on the beach and eats pineapple for breakfast. She's blurred the lines between dream-world and reality. She has a motorcycle and her dad's old cadillac. Convertible blonde. She has her pick of the Venice boys, surfers, stoners and everything in-between. It's a sun-drenched dream and she's writing every scene.

hello charlie swimsuit by wildfox

platforms by YRU

sunglasses by Nasty Gal

photos by Jessica Castro

set you free

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Sprawled out on the dashboard in high violet. You never though about doing wrong, just moving from one place to the next with a pair of black boots and a camera. If you need love, I'll travel. The sun was hot, and the world would shake us. I wanted to melt into the mountains with you. Fire it up, hang loose. You sang "bloodbuzz ohio" in the morning, just to wake me up. Lean my head on the hood of your car, we take it too far.

narc by narc muscle tank by UNIF

red moto shorts by UNIF

boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

glasses by Zero UV

photos by Taylor Herron

nova baby

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IMG_6758 copy IMG_6759 copy IMG_6762 copyNova baby, holding all the cards. Keys in the car. If we run away, we'll have to leave everything. Adventure is the worst thing she's been addicted to, but she's not giving in anytime soon. Her idea of a good time is getting lost and then trying to figure out her way back home. Endless subways, endless miles. Shake up, you're freezing. I'll make up my reasons for today.

vintage styling by chebo

platforms by YRU

glasses by Zero UV

the blonde safari

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Winter safari looks for the win. Okay maybe more like spring, but I'm digging metallics, sequins, and all things shinny lately. I recently got two sequin skirts, one that looks like an ice princess and one that looks like marc jacobs flowers for fashion week. I've also acquired about 3-5  sequin crop tops that I have no idea what I'm going to do with in arctic New York. Anyways, LA has been the perfect home to my newly amassed sequin fetish. This leopard dress from Nastygal is so one point. It fits a little interesting, but is made entirely of sequins. I'm also sporting the new YRU flat metallic shoe, which I feel like matches perfectly! (You can't get your hands on these babies till spring though!) And to completle my look I threw on a pair of ZERO UV clear glasses, because I obviously think I'm Terry Richardson's long lost love child.

Anyways, have a killer Friday! I hope you dress up and dance in sequins and feel like a million dollars no matter where you are <3


leopard sequin dress by Nastygal

metallic platforms by YRU

glasses by Zero UV

photos by Jessica Castro

love on diamond street

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ARS1rf1ARs4 Ars6rf2Ars8 Ars9rf3Ars11 Ars12 Ars13 Ars14 ARS16 ARS17 ARS19rf4ARS21La mer de mon reve and sunrise love on diamond street. Glass blue eyes crystalized behind a pair of pink hearts because she's with you. It has been told that we leave our love in our summer skin, but you picked me up, and we cruised Pacific Coast Highway, and it just happened to be 90 degrees in Los Angeles on this winter day. Palm trees lined the mountains as we coasted along churches and houses hidden in the hills, the sun flowing in at a right angle. Symmetrical sky. It felt like we were characters in a summer novel, living where the soul meets body. We let the sun wrap it's arms around us. We bathed our skin in the January ocean. It's 6AM and this must be what it feels like to be new. The last night I spent with you, we failed at making hot coco and peeled the freckles from our shoulders. I had to put my love back in my summer skin, warm hues of gold and all. I knew in my heart, I'd see you again soon. And if in the meantime, the sea takes you, then I hope it takes me too.

red heart sweater by Wildfox

sunglasses by Zero UV

kick ass boots by Jeffrey Campbell

shot by Taylor Herron

rose parade

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LA mornings come, and you lay bare in the sun. Fresh white sheets tossed to the side, you throw on a slip dress and thigh-highs for the morning espresso. Whip cream and strange glares, everyone's looking to cast you in their next movie. He's good for this, and she looks like that, it's all so simple. And you dance in the simplicity of it all. Everything here seems happier, cloud 9, boys with guitars and girls in little white dresses. No attention paid to lunchtime, evening time or anytime at all. We're just dancing from the streets of Silverlake to the shores of Malibu. Don't go, stay with me, hanging around in the LA lost and found.

garter by Gypsy Warrior

glasses by Zero UV

shoes by YRU

photos by Jessica Castro


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012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_130 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_226 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_280 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_006 012014_RACHEL_LYNCH_052Why does butterscotch taste so good? And we can't have any, but we should. Why does sugar cane taste so sweet? Little Los Angeles fairies in the valley, sprinkling dust and falling in love. You remind me of baseball games and the movies.

And why does kissin' you feel so good? Even though it ain't allowed, I know we sure damn should. And why does holding hands feel so right? I have a bruise on my pinky ring from holding too tight. Make it sparkle. Diamonds and spiders in the streets. Little girls dreaming of life and love under the California sun.

palm tree sweater by Wildfox

cotton candy coat by Miracle Eye

blue twiggy deluxe frame by Wildfox

heart sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Jessica Castro

Heinrich Maneuver

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_MG_3494_MG_3501_MG_3498_MG_3488How are things on the West Coast? I hear you're moving real fine tonight. You wear those shoes like a dove. Now strut those shoes, we'll go roaming in the night. You keep it moving to your soul's delight.

Well, how are things on the West Coast? Yeah, but you're an actress and I don't identify. And I don't wanna play the part, and I don't want a taste of victory. No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore.

Cause I've got a chance for a sweet sane life, and I've got a dance, and you'll do just fine. Well, I've got a plan, look forward in my eyes.

But today, my heat swings.

meow crop top by This is a Love Song

red bottoms by UNIF

black frames by Zero UV

photos by Ward Robinson

words by interpol

Los Angeles Love Song

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_MG_3465 _MG_3471_MG_3461_MG_3442_MG_3472_MG_3448_MG_3476

Los Angeles was her candyland. Something she could only have temporary, like a sunset. In silverlake, the sky filled with hues of magenta and gold. She had never seen anything like it before. It surrounded her and filled her in a way she never felt was possible. She listened to Haitian love songs and ate butterscotch. She welcomed angels into her life again.

Bathing in the sunlight, summer skin in the middle of January. She sat atop the house of her dreams and felt like falling. Her hand was held by the light. Laying on the roof, she dreamed of roses and a happy home with someone to love. In that moment, she decided to surrender to happiness. She felt defeat, but it was a defeat better than many victories.

bodysuit by Rehab

sunglasses by Zero UV

Denmark shoe in blush by Privileged

photos by Ward Robinson

the of valley of death

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IMG_3988 copy 235 valley2

And although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my hope still remains. I've got waves that are tossing me, crashing all over my beliefs. And in all sincerity, I want to be yours. Pull me out of this mess I'm in, lead my soul back home again. If I can fight a little longer, I know it will make me stronger. I'll just keep holding on to what I believe, until it manifests in me.

california crop top by Wildfox

lace shorts by Gina Marie Vintage

hell boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by jaglever