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Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula Lasula LasulaLast week the UK brand, LASULA hit me up about working together. I decided to pull three looks from their online store to post on my blog. The first is an awesome matching pantsuit (super Hil Clinton Vibes) (Bless). I love the way the jacket is super long and the pants are fitted and short. It's a cool contrast. The second dress is like my new all time fav. I mean, I feel like a NASCAR barbie. Not to mention the dope leather jacket I pulled to style with it. The last dress is kind of magical. I felt like a unicorn trappin on the block in it.

The moral of this post is LASULA is dope, and you should cop some goods. Amen.

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all products can be purchased online at LASULA

photos by Brittanny Taylor

in my hood

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IMG_2964 copyIMG_2987 copynewyork1IMG_3109 copyIMG_2967 copyIMG_3153 copyIMG_3145 copyIMG_2993 copyIMG_2994 copyThat Bushwick black hoodie shit. Welcome to my side of Brooklyn. Around here, they know what I do. They give me that groupie love. When I say jump, they say, "how high?" It's one hell of a first impression. And in a city this big, you'll learn quick how to separate the real from the fake ones. And don't step to me, you need to do your research to see who you're fucking with. New York City hoes. Put your hoods up, I'm here now. It ain't hard to tell a bitch from New York.

new york crop hoodie by Danielle Guizio 

plaid skirt by NastyGal

photos by Shooka


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IMG_1904 copy copy IMG_1880 copy IMG_1841 copy IMG_1850 copy IMG_1851 copy IMG_1867 copy IMG_1873 copy IMG_1825 copy IMG_1826 copy IMG_1890 copyLast night they said the fire had spread in our ghost house. And the flames awoke me in my bed, but I didn't care. We fall asleep in the same house and in the morning, hope that we're all the same. There it goes, the flames surrounding the garden and the bedroom, making ghosts out of us.

I wish I was as good as you. I've lived in this house for too long, done too many things here. But at least we both know where the other one sleeps. You pass through the gate, if you scream then I'm coming to get you. You want to sleep, but I'm not gonna let you.

You see, we're all alseep here. Alseep in the town. And I'm done with being asleep. We'd don't know what's real because we haven't seen real since we can remember. How dark the night comes in, but we walk in darkness all the time here. Trails of masks and cold. October moves in on us and I hope it shakes us. The cold should dive into our bones and remind us that we are alive in this ghost town.

spooky night tee by Feather Hearts

Lace Kimono by Nastygal 

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Jaglever

paradise circus

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IMG_6952 copyIMG_6960 copyIMG_6961 copyIMG_6969 copyIMG_6981 copyIMG_6979 copyIMG_6977 copyIMG_6963 copyIMG_6982 copyIMG_6987 copyIMG_7003 copyIMG_7004 copyIMG_7014 copyIMG_7000 copyIMG_7016 copyscary1scary2IMG_7040 copyIMG_6949 copy

Paradise circus. Look at the girl with flames for eyes. The uneventful evening turned adventurous when we happened up the dark carnival. Riding on the possessed horses and trespassing into the fun house. Brooklyn may be sleeping but the carnival is alive in the hearts of the freaks. It walks wildly in the night, you can hear the water moving in the dunk tank. The clowns are fixing themselves for the next day. We run through the streets of the circus like we own it, like we're the main event. Our eyes are on fire with the spooky summer sundown.

white crop top by nastygal

leather shorts by UNIF

the chi boot in black punched leather and smoke by Jeffrey Campbell

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF

granny sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by Tessa Swag