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IMG_5128 copy bored4 IMG_5126 copy bored1 IMG_5124 copyBored in the USA. She said, "You started having fun with your style the day you stopped caring about being pretty."

And that was it, stealing second and straight into home. She cut her hair and ripped her tees. Traded her plaid for dip-dye and spilled milk in the lobby. She got kicked out of hotel rooms, and left her clothes in trails around the coast. She lost her jewelry just as quickly as she acquired it. She dropped her camera in the snow and snuck into the underground. Doesn't matter what they think, you have to do you. Trust me, You won't make it to the top trying to be anyone else.

bored tee by Too Ugly For LA 

dip-dye jacket by Chaser 

teal aviators by Wildfox

photos by Shooka