in my hood

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IMG_2964 copyIMG_2987 copynewyork1IMG_3109 copyIMG_2967 copyIMG_3153 copyIMG_3145 copyIMG_2993 copyIMG_2994 copyThat Bushwick black hoodie shit. Welcome to my side of Brooklyn. Around here, they know what I do. They give me that groupie love. When I say jump, they say, "how high?" It's one hell of a first impression. And in a city this big, you'll learn quick how to separate the real from the fake ones. And don't step to me, you need to do your research to see who you're fucking with. New York City hoes. Put your hoods up, I'm here now. It ain't hard to tell a bitch from New York.

new york crop hoodie by Danielle Guizio 

plaid skirt by NastyGal

photos by Shooka

nightmare girl

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IMG_4009 - REV IMG_4032 - REV IMG_4037 - REV IMG_4046 - REV IMG_4073 - REV IMG_4076 - REV IMG_4093 - REV IMG_4111 - REV IMG_4127 - REV IMG_4131 - REV IMG_4136 - REV IMG_4142 - REV IMG_4157 - REV IMG_4169 - REV IMG_4181 - REV IMG_4188 - REV IMG_4194 - REV IMG_3825 - REV IMG_3869 - REV IMG_3962 - REV IMG_3981 - REV IMG_4006 - REVchasing the sun while running from a nightmare. walking in and out of a memory. the balance between light and dark. it seems the two are always pushing and pulling, and you can't decided which one you want closer to you. i'm not a fool, i just love that you're dead inside. the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes. you taught me how to love, when nobody ever could. living dreams we could never afford. i weave in and out of beams of light, riding the darkness and waking with the sun. something is on fire inside me, and it's not planning on settling anytime soon. you should probably just leave, because i belong to the world.

black hoodie sweater from Nastygal

red wine skirt from Nastygal 

black sparkle thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

skull pendant necklace from Miss KL 

photos by Fernando Gcervantes