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Girls who skate. No fucks given since 91'. Dating DJs and painting the park with glitter. Making boys fall and tripping bitches. Rap music covered in mirror sunnies. Vintage dresses, channeling my inner Reality Bites. 90s love on lock. Kissing girls behind the bleachers and reading classic novels. She rode in on a skateboard and out with her hat twisted back.

Reality bites rose dress by Moira Noree Vintage

summer rose halter top   by Moira Noree Vintage

little disco shorts by Moira Noree Vintage

electric blue sweater by Moira Noree Vintage 


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Monday is the biggest bitch I ever did know. But.... I make her my bitch. She tries to stunt on me, so I'm right at that hoe's front door. Like what up, good morning. The only way to get her is to get up and go against her. Little does Miss Monday know, you can't hustle a hustler. And when she disrespects you, that's where you draw the line. She thinks you don't got what it takes to get up and fight. Little does she know, you're about to have her punk ass on the floor.

bull dog tee by Choies

hat by UNIF 

sunglasses by Zero UV

platforms by Jeffrey Campbell 

clear bag/ rings from Miss KL