coney island lovers

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coney9coney15coney8coney5coney10coney12IMG_6899 copyconey3coney2conetlay1coney14coney19coney17

We were lost at the county fair. We did not believe in time. We liked to fold our magic wings and dip our toes in the sand. There were ghosts flying at the carnival and fortune tellers tempting the mind. We chose to ride the roller coasters in the sky in attempt to touch the stars. It came suddenly. They didn't have to think about it, you either feel it or you don't.  Perhaps it was all a matter of love,  the more you love someone, the stronger and stranger they become.

yacht club beach maxi dress by Wildfox 

light pink stars bathing suit by Wildfox

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

lace coverup by Nastygal

photos by JagLever

when i go

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IMG_6679 IMG_6731 IMG_6736 IMG_6741 IMG_6890 IMG_6897 IMG_6902 soon1

I once knew a boy from Michigan who told me this, "The theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable." I knew what he was talking about. I said, "What if I told you I was willing to run with everything I have and never looked back. You see, the world is beating alive inside me and I have to get it out."

He knew what I was talking about too. What the brain sees and what falls on the retina are often not identical. We did not falter when we spoke. He grew up much the same as I did. We dipped our feet into the cold clear shore. I felt his cold lips brush across my shoulder. I'd try to survive the day just to hold him against me for a few seconds. On this one white eve, he told me he had to go. I understood, with blades of ice blue in my eyes.

When he left, I ran into the sea with everything I had. I left nothing on the shore. The world was beating inside me and suddenly ran out in the depth of the dark and the blink of an eye.

cotton candy tee by UNIF

vapor moto jacket by UNIF 

mod sunglasses by Quay 

photos by Bliss Katherine 

She is dusk, She is dawn

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vibes2 vibes1 vibes3 IMG_4675 copyvibes6 IMG_4705 copy vibes8If this world stops burning brightly for us, then we shall create a new world. We shall give it walls, and curtains, and bedsheets and carpets. We shall decorate it in a grand, ornate matter and match our silverware to the sun. Have you ever been that girl that felt so alive? That burned so bright because she bled herself with every word. She gave the world virtually everything she had, and it gave it right back to her. She vibrated with the treasures of the earth and wished to posses nothing. Everything she had, she gave it all away. Whatever she did, she did with all her heart. And so they said, "she is dusk, she is dawn, she is vibes."


pink crop top by iamvibes

granny sunglasses by wildfox

floral shorts by nastygal

cream sunhat by american apparel 

human alien shoes by jeffrey campbell

photos by Sh0oka


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dirtylittlehearts2 followyouwhereeveryourmindgo1dirtylittlehearts<31 dirtylittlehearts1 IMG_4346 copy movies1 movies2dirtylittlehearts3 highlife1 IMG_4339 copy prettylittlehearts5Dirty little hearts. Dirty little girl in her dirty little life. Dirty little thoughts in her dirty little mind. Dirty little lips, dirty little lies. Summer of love. What would I have to do to call you mine? 21 years young, and living to die. Watching movies with the sound off. We're making magic for the fuck of it. Still eating gummy bear vitamins and frozen popsicles. Now the world's in color. She tastes like a tangerine. People wanna know how we can be that weird. We just keep on living with our appetite for sweet, sweet adventure.

red circle sunglasses vintage from Becon's Closet (Brooklyn)

red heart lenon sweater by Wildfox Couture

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka

the of valley of death

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IMG_3988 copy 235 valley2

And although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my hope still remains. I've got waves that are tossing me, crashing all over my beliefs. And in all sincerity, I want to be yours. Pull me out of this mess I'm in, lead my soul back home again. If I can fight a little longer, I know it will make me stronger. I'll just keep holding on to what I believe, until it manifests in me.

california crop top by Wildfox

lace shorts by Gina Marie Vintage

hell boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by jaglever


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IMG_3112 copy IMG_3111 copyIMG_3106 copy IMG_3110 copy IMG_3127 copy IMG_3133 copy IMG_3136 copy IMG_3152 copy IMG_3160 copy IMG_3177 copy IMG_3179 copy IMG_3224 copyIMG_3287 copy shopm1 IMG_3288 copy

Girls who skate. No fucks given since 91'. Dating DJs and painting the park with glitter. Making boys fall and tripping bitches. Rap music covered in mirror sunnies. Vintage dresses, channeling my inner Reality Bites. 90s love on lock. Kissing girls behind the bleachers and reading classic novels. She rode in on a skateboard and out with her hat twisted back.

Reality bites rose dress by Moira Noree Vintage

summer rose halter top   by Moira Noree Vintage

little disco shorts by Moira Noree Vintage

electric blue sweater by Moira Noree Vintage 


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8905967960_97c37604c7_b 8905978986_13f3637943_b8905950234_668c5c568e_b 8905306133_620060966b_b 8905319109_047610814f_b

Tropical summer frost. Feather heat and hibiscus flowers. Rich oranges and purples in the air. Textured plants. Reflective sunglasses, crystal blue mirror images. Get ready for the summer frost. Wear flowers on your shorts and in your hair with liquid blue in your eyes. Summer's hot, are you?

I'm so inspired when it comes to the weather getting warmer. I start building my outfits around my sunglasses. What are your favorite type of sunglasses for this season? As I've said before, I'm really feeling the blue tinted mirror frames. I'm thinking of getting an aviator pair.

Let summer and sunglasses inspire you, kisses from Manhattan.


mirror sunglasses by Nastygal

fur crop jacket by B.B. Dakota 

tropical shorts by Nastygal

easy cream moto tee by Nastygal 

hellbound shoes by UNIF 


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When I'm not running from Starbucks to the subway in a little sweater, aviators and platforms, you can usually find me in all black and white. Nothing is better to me than a pair of leather pants paired with a really nice white tee by Cheap Monday or Diesel. Not only is it subtle, but it's easy cool. Although with the heat coming our way, leather pants seem to become less and less of an option. I wanted to come up with a few summer looks that still keep that black and white cool, but matched with the rising temperatures. Here, I'm wearing mirror sunnies (one of my summer staples!), paired with a mesh tee by Nastygal and white zip shorts. I love mesh and zippers for summer as well. I like the harsh feel of them on a lightweight summer garment. What are your June staples?

mirror sunglasses from Nastygal 

black summer mesh tee by Nastygal 

white easy zip shorts by Nastygal

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Y.O for Products of Mars

seeing stars

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redstar2redstar81 redstar82luckystars1IMG_2676 copyIMG_2704 copyredstar83redstar86

I'm seeing stars. Lemonade dreams and lace platforms.When you're young, not much matters. We're up chasing the daylight with dreams painted in our hair. That's what they said, "What we have here is a dreamer, someone completely out of touch with reality." Well if reality is where you live, I don't think I want to go there. I'd rather sing love songs and play in the sand. Strip and run into the water when the moon hits the tide. When you find something you care about, that's all you've got.

star lennon sweater by Wildfox Couture 

satin ballet platforms by Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox Couture

circle chanel shades in white by Wildfox Couture 

running through the desert

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pusherlovegirl1recactus2 recactus11 cactusre33cactus2 cactus4 cactus6 cactus8

While I powder my nose, he will tie his shoes. And if I try to get close, he is already gone. Don't know where he's going. I don't know where he's been, but he is restless at night, and he has horrible dreams. So we lay in the dark, we've got nothing to stay, just the beating of hearts. I don't know what we're doing. I don't know what we've done, but the summer fire is coming, so I think we should run.

And while I brush my hair, he will put on his shirt. And we will step outside, checking that the coast is clear on both sides, because we don't want to be seen by anyone. I won't tell my mother, it's better she don't know. And he won't tell his folks, cause they're already ghosts. We'll just keep each other as safe as we can, until we reach the boarder, until we make our plan, to run.

-- daughter

unicorn purple haze crystal by Crystal Cactus 

moonstone gold bullet by Crystal Cactus

dress by Nastygal

60s sunnies by Nastygal


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1-Cover 2-inside cover4-credits 5-TitlePage 6-hello-kitty1 7-hello-kitty2 8-Candy1-1 9-Candy1-2 10-Candy2-1 11-Candy2-2 12-Prom1-1 13-Prom1-2 14-Prom2-1 15-Prom2-2 16-711-1 17-711-2 18-beach1-1 19-beach1-2 20-beach2-1 21-beach2-2 22-Gallery-1 23-Gallery-2 24 25 26-3-edit 27-1-edit 28-4 copy 29-5 copy 30-6 copy 31-7.5 copy 32-8 copy 33-9 34-13 copy 35-12 copy 36-back

School Daze. Raising hell in the hallways. High heels and uniform skirts. Drug store makeup and Lisa Frank stickers. Covering notebooks in boys names and glitter. Skipping lunch to ride to the beach. Boys in cars. Drinking champagne at prom. Girls in leggings in the hallways. Lunch time gossip. Ice cream and candy as a meal. Being girls, no boys allowed.

As many of you know, Rebecca Michelle worked with me this semester for her high school internship. She is a beautiful soul and a talented artist. I was so lucky to have her work with me for I HATE BLONDE. We had so much fun creating all the lovely images for this zine. Each photoshoot was an adventure. We actually had a prom, a beach adventure, etc, etc. All of this is just what we captured from the few days we spent together. I'm excited for to go off to art school in New York and discover herself as the beautiful artist she is.


deep sea sands

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beachedit6editbeach1 beachedit55 beachedit99 beachedit210beachedit7 beachedit12 beachedit13 beach77 beachedit2 beachedit3 beachedit4 beachedit6 beach11 beach150118920-R2-036-16A copy 0118920-R2-038-17A copy 0118921-R2-032-14A copy 0118921-R2-034-15A copy 0118921-R2-036-16A copy 0118921-R2-038-17A copy 0118921-R2-040-18A copy 0118921-R2-042-19A copy 0118921-R2-050-23A copy 0118921-R2-052-24A copy0118921-R1-028-12A copy

Rock and roll. Let summer burn on your skin. Deep sea sands and surfer blood on repeat. Aviator sunglasses and a sense of adventure. Hope brings adventure and vice versa. School's out for summer, hit the beach. Find your friends and walk along the coast. Tomorrow won't always be promised, so be the person that you look up to today.

hope tee by Mystique Boutique NYC

rock and troll tee by Mystique Boutique NYC

jean shorts by Mystique Boutique NYC

stud shoes by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV


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0118920-R1-024-10A 0118920-R1-026-11A 0118920-R1-028-12A 0118920-R1-030-13A 0118920-R1-032-14A 0118920-R1-034-15A 0118920-R1-038-17A 0118920-R1-040-18A 0118920-R1-042-19A 0118920-R1-044-20A 0118920-R1-050-23A 0118920-R1-052-24A

Grow young. We're up all night to get lucky. The gift of life keeps on giving. We've come to far to give up who we are, so we say screw a day job. Screw doing anything that involves sitting behind a desk. The human body was made to do great things. It was made for exploring the world. The heart is too strong to hide under a tie behind a desk. Grow guts, and work for yourself. Make you dream a reality and let go. No one person writes the rules for life, you have to be your own author. You have to live with all your heart until it pours out of you.

Sorry I've been away my loves, but... I am proud to announce to you all that I am officially a college graduate! It feels so so good! My graduation weekend was so beautiful. My family came into town and we spend the weekend in a penthouse on the 25th floor downtown laying in bed, ordering room service and laughing together. I don't know what I would do without them. They make it possible for me to follow my dreams. I think the day I grew up was the day I stopped believing that they were somehow trying to hold me back or work against me. I realized that they really just want me to be happy. They want me to be healthy and wear a big smile. My dad always says, "I'd love you if you just breathed in and out." I think that's important. It makes it so that everything I accomplish, I do so for me. Not for Mom, Not for Dad, Not for Uncle Ed, for ME!

Basically what I'm saying is follow your passion with all your heart. Let your art kill you. Express yourself until you pass out and then wake up and do it all over again. I plan on spending this summer figuring out just what I want to do with this blog, where my next steps are, and loving the people around me.

Remember, if you are an artist, that's incredibly powerful. People are scared of you. People are frightened by people who actually have what it takes to live what they love.


bracelets by Jac Vanek X Element 

grow young shirt by Jac Vanek X Element 

sunflower duffle bag by Jac Vanek X Element 

Quit Your Day Job jacket by Jac Vanek X Element 


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plain poprag1 poprag3 IMG_8898 copy poprageousrainbow19371 poprageousrainbow4

Summer blood rush, sugar on the asphalt. Hitting the pavement under the palm trees. Scratching the itch at the top of your mouth to throw-down. Buying into your own summer dreams. When the warm hits, I turn into the skateboarding quicksilver bitch. Late for class, Bevis and Butt-head backpack with the few things I need, as I skate off to school. Make mistakes, sink into the sweetness all around you.

Palm Tree Leggings by Poprageous

White Helga Boots by Deandri 

Surfer Crop Top by Nastygal

60's Blue Bleach Sunnies by Nastygal

photos by Kiara Jade 

she's got a 90's smile

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smile8_edited-1smile4_edited-1smile2 smile1 IMG_8761 IMG_8749 copy smile9-9077 smile666

Spring is alive in her apartment. She came here to live, to breath and to love. The window brings in the light. She's watched the seasons change as they came through her city view every morning. In the midst of the grand winter, she could hardly fathom getting out of bed, but it's getting less scary. Spring is less intimidating, it's welcoming and warm like a temperature she had never known. She doesn't turn her face back into the deep white of her sheets anymore, there's a warmth outside that's stronger than her bed.

Youth finds itself again with the emergence of spring. As the season is reborn, so is the soul. Yearning for the coast, Venice mornings and sleeping on the beach. Perhaps faith will be restored in Brooklyn, the vintage-esqe 90's youth that emerges in all it's residents as the sun comes out. Temperatures rise, shirts crop and parks open. Swimming in the sun, aren't you the girl that I met last June?

Gold Garters by Shop Gypsum 

90's Smile Lennon Sweater by Wildfox

Human Aliens by Jeffrey Campbell 

photography by Kiara Jade

flower girls

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mamalion flowergirls1 flowergirl2 flowergirls3 flowergirls4 img021

I'm just an orphan from the sky.  My mama rides a lion, my dad wears ashes and snakes. My mama is a warrior, she kill demons in her place. They never leave my side. My mama drinks from a skull cup, you got any demons and she'll sip them up. They live up on the mountain, they're the eternal fountain. Flower children of the eternal spring. I plant my seeds in friendships that won't spoil, friendships that are so very loyal.

om shakti om

x x

egyptian princess dress by Lovely Sally

flower crowns made from real roses

dip dye fur jacket from Miss KL  

playground love

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I'll follow you around the playground. We can burn your troubles away in the sun. You're safe on the slide, for some time. Hide and seek. We can throw wood chips. Life's sweet seconds pass on by. Feed the inner child till it's full with bliss. We'll lay the blanket out for a picnic and share our food. Just me, you and the pale blue sky. I'm not gonna stop until you're mine.

Here's a full look I pulled for Akira last week for spring. I'm really loving this lace v-neck romper. I'm stoked to wear it to the beach with sandals as well. I also picked out this lightweight stud denim jacket. I'm a sucker for anything studs on the shoulder. And of course, I had to pair this light pastel spring look with some good Jc's. The shape and the gold studs are so on point, just make sure not to sit down on your ass too hard... I tried it, it hurts. (Reference photo #2) 

Hehe! <3

Lace Romper by Akira Black Label

Stud Denim Jacket  by Akira Black Label

White Shadow Stud Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Be the Girl you loved in Retrograde

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IMG_6954 IMG_6985 IMG_6993 IMG_7002 IMG_7011 IMG_7014 IMG_7026Chill out. Sip carbon on the side of the pool and wear your favorite snapback. Skeleton rings and spikes. Seeing the world 50 floors up and listening to Simple Plan. A steaming hot tub and a cannonball competition with the boys. Neon laces and 90s aesthetic. No loud clubs with bad vibes, just old fashioned hangouts with the boys on the 28th floor balcony, jumping into the pool and playing music. Sit back, throw your phone on the hotel bed and



chill out sweatshirt by Jac Vanek 

shit snapback by UNIF

plaid pants by The Editor's Market 

white spike shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Bliss Katherine