believe me

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Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // Brittanny Taylor Photography // brittannytaylor.comI'm the only blonde that get the job done. I don't know a bitch that could cover for me. Yeah, got some game from my Daddy. His and hers Ferraris. I'm not tryna find nobody else to beat. If you mess with my shit, I'll put you down quick. I've been takin' shit light, you don't wanna hear me trip. Snappin' off on every single track. Believe me.

Get A Clue Crop Top by Petals and Peacocks

Beach Please Sweatshirt by Petals and Peacocks

photos by Brittanny Taylor


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t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8Light jumps out of me. You're a shark and I'm swimming. The ocean at the end of the lane. The short-lived swim that pulls us from one coast to the other. One body of water, where three shores meet. I vibrate back and forth within the waves, free as a bird and feeling the ocean in between my hair. Love is how you will stay alive in me, even after you are gone.

stay fly kimono by UNIF

clear sunnies by Wildfox

photos by Kristen Wrzesnienwski 

American Hustle

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IMG_5851 copy IMG_5758 copy IMG_5778 copy IMG_5762 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5802 copy IMG_5783 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5803 copy IMG_5805 copy stella IMG_5833 copyLittle girl knocking at your door at midnight, blasting the Rolling Stones in lace ups. Sweet sixteen and leather boots, the kind iggy pop would of written a song about. Funky body and soul. She's here to break your heart and take your wallet. Strawberry space explosion.

saturn crop top by Jac Vanek

sequin disco shorts from Rock Refinery

salem boot by UNIF

yellow fur coat by Bitching and Junkfood

photos by Shooka

my alien girlfriend

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1 2 3 4 5 8 10The girl from my dreams ain't from round here. She don't care bout the bull shit down here. I wish you'd come back and save me lady, cause these earth women wanna make me crazy. I try everyday to escape the world, fantasizing about my alien girl. Look into the sky to find love, cause these earth women are just too much.

She was standing over my bed. It must have been a dream, I tried to shake it from my head. Half asleep, until she reached out and touched me. No words needed, she spoke into my mind. Didn't make a sound, no need to. She could read through every thought I tried to hide.

She showed me how she came from a planet, where no one took their passion for granted.  I tried to understand, but I'm a one track mind staring at her space tits.

She wore a lavender velour space suit with gray boots. Titanium diamond studded waist too. A future 50,000 volt laser in the holster. She started chasing me, threw off my whole galaxy. And just when I  thought I'd ask for her name, she vaporized into a green light in the rain.

alien crop top by O-Mighty Weekend 

rainbow lace shorts by Tunnel Vision

pink space boots by Pleaser

sunglasses by Wildfox

teal fur by Nastygal 

words by  Molemen & Felt 

photos by Melly Lee 

alien baby

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RL1 RL2 RL3 RL4 RL5 RL6The myth is more potent that history. Just because it isn't written down, doesn't mean it didn't happen. The dream is more powerful than the facts. It's dreams that tend to lead us to search for answer, the answers that make the facts. Nothing is written in stone, we keep proving ourselves wrong, on a personal and cosmic level. The trick is to like proving yourself wrong, to like learning more than you already know. Ego gets in the way of intelligence and learning, in the most ridiculous way. Have the courage to believe in anything.


alien crop top by O-mighty Weekend

pink holographic shorts by O-mighty Weekend

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

jean jacket by Glamour Kills

photos by Tan Camera

weetize bat halloween

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halloween IMG_2871 copy IMG_2872 copyIMG_2881 copyIMG_2860 copyIMG_2859 copyIMG_2868 copyIMG_2874 copyIMG_2861 copyIMG_2856 copyIMG_2883 copyIMG_2884 copybat lips and he kissed her. a kiss about the full moon. a kiss in the candlelight. a kiss about the darkness. she hung in the shadows and flew in the purple sky. it was all hallow's eve, and weetize was dancing with her bat boy. they played dress up, but didn't look any more strange than they usually do. they were an odd little match, who collected friends and silver skulls. they were going to make halloween just what they wanted to be, full of giggles, champagne, makeup and candy. throwing chocolate into the sky, they kissed and danced and kicked over pumpkins. when midnight struck they returned home, and cuddled inside their bed with glowing eyes and open hearts.

inspired by the book "weetzie bat" by francesca lia block

bats hooded billy sweater by wildfox couture 

cat sunglasses by zero uv 

bodysuit by nastygal

photos by shooka


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Alien galatic colors, we make it light up like a church. Glitter, silver secret illuminati from outer space. Light years ahead of you, I'm the type to say a prayer and then go get what I just prayed for.

atheists tee by UNIF

galatic vapor moto by UNIF

glitter platforms by Demoina 

blue mirror sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by JagLever


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2-22-4 2-52-8 2-9 2-62-1When an alien needs coffee. Count em' one, two, three. You're so cute when you need caffeine. The looks you give are so contagious. Just let me in, lets waste time. Stay up and get down. Let's make it happen all night. You drain the life from me, and it feels so good. Alien girl.

coffee tee by Wildfox

lace cape by Nastygal

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

photos by JagLever


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Are you feeling like a creature lately? Yeah, me too. Here's a way to get the easy alien look, throw on a outer space tee with some wild 60's esque print leggings and sunglasses that cover your face.

And speaking of sunglasses, me and these pink alien frames should probably part ways soon but, I like can't.. I'm obsessed. I'm saving up to get some new Jeremy Scott X Linda Farrow's soon/ maybe some new Karen Walkers. What are your favorite huge sunglasses right now?

Happy Monday Aliens


alien tee by Our Prince of Piece

andy warhol gun leggings by Poprageous

neon shorts by Our Prince of Piece

yellow ying-yang beanie by Our Prince of Peace

pink kitten sunglasses by Wildfox


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nastygal111nastygal1nastygal2nastygal16IMG_9456 copyIMG_9462 copynastygal111-1IMG_9445 copyIMG_9464 copyIMG_9423 copyIMG_9410 copyIMG_9424 copynasty11nasty12nastygal7nastygal5 copynastygalp345IMG_9475 copyIMG_9492 copynastygalpafter34nastygalp46nastypp

When I heard NastyGal was having a fashion week party, I was down. When I heard the party was in Brooklyn, I was even more down… I'm into not having to travel far. My girl Shooka has just landed and booked in a cab over to my place, where all I did to get ready was put my glitter platforms back on. It had been a long day of shows at Lincoln, but I was ready to have a little alien fun.
I got to have drinks and dance with my favorite bloggers: JagLever, Worn Out, Feral Creature, Lust for Life and Snakes Nest.
Stop asking, keep dancing. It was really nice to finally hang with Fereal Creature in real life, Shooka and I felt like we had known her since birth (which equaled a week long streak of fashion mischief.) We hung outside for way too long/maybe spent half the party there… but since I rocked fashion week with Njoy, I had to show off all my new fancy e-cigs, #chic. Aliens with e-cigs is a new concept, but I'm like sort of into it.
It's extra #chic because Njoy got me access to exclusive events like the Desigual runway show, the Charlotte Ronson show , the Style 369 after party, as well as The Cut's official after party, where I showed up looking like an alien. I'd apologize for it, but I don't think I have too.. It's New York after all, where we do whatever the fuck we want.
ecigs by Njoy
rainbow lakehouse tee by Wildfox
pink kitten frames by Wildfox
glitter platforms by Demoina

NYFW DAY TWO: Rainbow Space Alien

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spacerainbowalien1fw5-13fw2-14IMG_9391 copyfw2-4fw2-7fw3-5fw2-1fw2-2

Today I was feeling like a rainbow space alien, obviously. Hehe, but really, getting a little extra sleep this morning before another big day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week never felt so good! I think I actually felt like wearing color because I woke up without an alarm, prayed and was able to grab a big peanut butter latte from the shop across the street before even thinking about fashion. Nothing like a peaceful morning to get you mentally prepared for the day.

While getting ready, I switched between Bassnectar and Emanicpator which got me in the mood to put on this Over the Rainbow Lakehouse tee by Wildfox  from their new Daisy's Girls collection. It matches perfectly with the kitten pink shades by them, but I like to call them my alien shades. Finally, I knew it was time to pull out the glitter platforms. I've been waiting to wear these babies for a while now and today finally felt like the day!  My dad calls me Jean Simmons when I wear them and I when I texted him a picture of my outfit today, he said I looked like Jean Simmons X Marlo Thomas. We used to love watching the show "That Girl" together, mostly because my dad says I remind him of her.

But voila, you have the tips to get your rainbow space alien look! Now it's time to get ready for the Nastygal party in Williamsburg tonight, can't wait!!


Over the Rainbow Lakehouse tee by Wildfox 

kitten pink shades by Wildfox

glitter platforms by Demoina

photos by JagLever 

Robots Don't Sleep

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_MG_2146-2726283483-O _MG_2148-Edit-2726284555-O _MG_2172-Edit-Edit-2726292170-O _MG_2173-Edit-2726292988-O _MG_2191-2726295620-O _MG_2201-2726296754-O _MG_2208-Edit-2726298886-O _MG_2223-2726302385-O _MG_2226-2726305047-O _MG_2238-Edit-2726306835-O _MG_2259-2726310094-O _MG_2274-2726314765-O _MG_2497-2726342252-O _MG_2499-2726345685-O _MG_2506-Edit-2726347464-O

Robots don't sleep. There's no place like outer space. Little robot boys dating alien girls. I love the way you say my name, like cellular harmonics. We can do it on Mars or get down on the moon. Heavy hands over the celestial bodies we inhabit. Our magnetic moments giving way to magnetospheres. We're lighter than the terrestrials but on fire like Venus and Mercury. You come to pick me up in your spaceship and I'm waiting here in my spacesuit. Electro music as we pass through outer space, making memories in the voids that exist between celestial bodies. I left my heart on Mars.

gold space suit by Closet Whore

black space suit by Close Whore

Moschino vintage leather rider jacket by Close Whore

photos by Calvin Bellas

breaking burritos

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DSC_3291DSC_3201DSC_3244DSC_3269DSC_3271DSC_3330DSC_3333DSC_3334DSC_3357DSC_3366DSC_3379DSC_3393DSC_3406DSC_3420DSC_3422DSC_3453DSC_3497 DSC_3500DSC_3511

Her pistol go, cause she a fashion killa'. Waking up to A$AP Rocky and Balenciaga. Jeremy Scott frames and thousand dollar platforms. Nothing is ever "ready to wear." Egyptian funk. Spikes and glitter. Get throwed right. She's just a little brooklyn girl getting ready for fashion week.

breaking bad leggings by Poprageous

Burrito Crop top by Danielle Guizio

platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor 

picasso baby

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whore10 tomford1whore11whore12whore15 whore17 whore18whore20wasted23whore2whore1whore4whore5whore7whore8whore3

Leo moon. Crafting spells in my castle. We're all just entertainers. Champagne on my breath. Frank Sinatra out my speakers. Turn my crib into the Louvre.  I'm in my apartment being a ghost. I fell in love with the bad guy. I've never switched teams, been real from the go. I'm still the girl to watch.


hipster circa 08' sunglasses by Zero UV

black panther leotard by Closet Whore 

black faux fur coat by Closet Whore

white dove swimsuit by Closet Whore 

vintage Moschino motorcycle jacket by Closet Whore

photos by Worn Out 

the art of peer pressure

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party6party4party7party2party17party13party20party21party23party24party27 party29party12party30party16party11party10party9party1partty14

Met her at this house party off Central. Told her, "Bitch, I've been on my vibe for like 20 years straight." We drank from blue cups to the music of youth, being young and dumb. No I don't remember you, I don't intend to. When we're on cloud nine, it's a murderous rhythm. You're looking around with clear blue eyes, wondering if anyone else is as awake as you. You decided to get lost in the moment of things, it's a mindset, nothing more.

666 smile backpack by UNIF

boy wanted tank by The Orphan's Arms

knee high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

Vapor Moto by UNIF

Vapor Hat by UNIF

Say YES to house parties

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Say YES to house parties! The club kids are back with 90s swagger. A rainbow gang of platforms, studs and lace. We are the teen dream, living downtown with more DJ friends than we know what to do with. We can dance and laugh all night long. We celebrate life because it's summer and being young is so good. Electric music and a house full of dressed-up nonsense. We don't mean any of it. We just wanna have a good time and dance all night.

say yes rainbow shirt by Wildfox

paris arm cuff by Samii Ryan

shorts by Tripp NYC

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

fuck with aliens, you know we got it

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smile1 smile2 smile3smile4 smile5 smile6smile7 smile8smile9 smile10smile12 smile14 smile15 smile17smile18 smile20

Landing on planet Brooklyn, there's new rules in effect. If Barbie was an alien, she'd be yours truly, tucked away in her castle watching horror movies. I'm on top of a roof in Williamsburg, screaming, "get the fuck up out my way bitch." Hip-hop is my home, I have my shoes off. And if the Moon is the farthest that man's willing to go, then i'm gonna one up him. Hello Mars. And I don't know what I'm running from, but I'm running still. I tell them all what they're missing as I watch it unfold. Dancing up in the clouds, then landing back in my bedroom looking in the mirror like, "How'd I get this red dot on my head?"

the vegan leather bustier dress by Miss KL

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF  

the halfmoon magic sunglasses in black by Le Specs

the eyesee choker by UNIF

the goner shoe in black by UNIF

photos by Tessa Swag

wow, aliens can get sexual too

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alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5 alien6 alien7alien1blackballon2 IMG_6196 IMG_6356 tomford1 moto1 tomford2tomford333

Wow, aliens can get sexual too. And you can call your momma right now and tell her you met an alien. The lower east side bungalow. Girls call your crib, I'm answering the phone. I am the baddest chic. This is the jump off. I run down your street blaring my music in a crop top, drinking sprite in neon platforms. Brunette barbie dressed like extraterrestrial-being leading the mob. Our presence is felt, believe me sweetie. All different flavors. Ain't born typical. Who says aliens can't survive on ice cream?

Santa Barbra Lenon Sweater by Wildfox Couture

pink neon alien shoes by Human Aliens for Jeffrey Campbell

kitti sunglasses by Quay Eyeware Australia 

pink crystal ball ring by Prophecy Rings

photos by Tessa Swag


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alien2alien3alien6alien1alien7 alien9alien4alien10alien11 IMG_6329 copyalien13 aliens8 aliens14

We can make the world stop. We run around wild, but find rest to the sound of emancipator in your bed. You wish you were the girl. Cold shoulders, hearts on fire. Once upon a time there was a girl, who lived on a planet that no longer exists. On this planet, everything was discovered and everything was possible. She had a castle in a tree. She made diamonds from stones and gave them to her friends. She didn't want anything. She was happy being wild and throwing her bed on the floor to the sounds of violins in the sky. At the end of the day, she'd collapse into it like a wave that reaches the shore. She had fulfilled her mission, she had completed her purpose. She found rest in knowing that she had done enough. In fact, she herself, was enough.

stay weird 


beam me up beach cover up by wear declared

cheap date crop top by wear declared

logo beanie by wear declared

hologram sunnies by wear declared

photos by Worn Out