American Hustle

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IMG_5851 copy IMG_5758 copy IMG_5778 copy IMG_5762 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5802 copy IMG_5783 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5803 copy IMG_5805 copy stella IMG_5833 copyLittle girl knocking at your door at midnight, blasting the Rolling Stones in lace ups. Sweet sixteen and leather boots, the kind iggy pop would of written a song about. Funky body and soul. She's here to break your heart and take your wallet. Strawberry space explosion.

saturn crop top by Jac Vanek

sequin disco shorts from Rock Refinery

salem boot by UNIF

yellow fur coat by Bitching and Junkfood

photos by Shooka

Los Angeles Sticker Club

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stickerclubsundays 2A copy 4A copy la1 la2 1A copy la3 la4 la5Sticker Club Sundays. Fun spent in the back of a pizza parlor, collecting glitter smiles and sipping soda. Sunday feels off, so we make of it what we can, with pizza, fries, candy and disposable cameras. There is an emptiness on Sunday. An emptiness that can't be filled by silver napkin holders or clear soda straws. But we do our best, we sulk in junk food and overdose on Netflix. America on high, those days we can't seem to get creative.

LA ME tee by Too Ugly for L.A.

sunglasses by Wildfox

bitch relax hat by Miss KL 

dip-dye jacket by Chaser

adventure time // new york style

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IMG_7528 copy IMG_7532 copy IMG_7546 copy IMG_7548 copy IMG_7557 copyIMG_7566 copy IMG_7569 copy IMG_7580 copy IMG_7585 copy IMG_7586 copy IMG_7587 copy IMG_7592 copy IMG_7593 copy IMG_7614 copy IMG_7651 copyIMG_7653 copy IMG_7657 copy IMG_7680 copy IMG_7682 copy IMG_7684 copyIMG_7400 copy IMG_7414 copy IMG_7415 copy IMG_7429 copy IMG_7438 copy IMG_7451 copy IMG_7521 copy

I will be wild as a child, look at me feeling so free now. I lose all my air just laughing. There is so much to explore. And everything is so covered in commercials, we forget the simple magic that resides inside every door. It's one of those nights we want to make the mundane magical. There is no reason, other than our own personal happiness. Robbing grocery stories of their toilet paper supply, standing in ice machines, hiding in parking lots and heading down a rabbit hole with a ghost glow stick. You can't always depend on others to make you smile, sometimes you have to just laugh at yourself.

black hoodie sweater by Widow

black leather shorts by Nastygal

gold glitter boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

smile sunglasses by Jeremy Scott 

photos by Tessa Abrahams