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ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-41ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-42ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-43ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-44ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-45ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-46ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-47ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-48ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-49ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-50ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-51"My face above the water. My feet can't touch the ground. And it feels like I can see the sands on the horizon, every time you are not around.

I'm slowly drifting away. Wave after wave. And it feels like I'm drowning, pulling against the stream.

I wish I could make it easy, easy to love me. But still I reach, to find a way. I'm stuck here in between. I'm looking for the right words to say.

And it feels like I'm drowning."

skeleton onepiece by Rebel Circus 

black + white fur jacket from Revolve

ballet bae by Dolls Kills

photos by Brittanny Taylor

all the rage back home

by Rachel Lynch in

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLove come over my head. She swore love is never done. You won't see her shaken. For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste. You don't have to be wound so tight, smoking on the balcony. The city feeds her. And she wasn't the only one who felt fed by such strange and awful things. Locked inside herself. Her only concern as an artist, as a human being for that matter, was to shoot for some kind of perfection with grace, but all on her own terms. No one else's.

bodysuit by lee + lani 

lace tights + fur jacket by Nasty Gal

Makeup by Brianna Moon

Hair by Kayla Valeria

photos by Brittanny Taylor

she lived at the plaza hotel

by Rachel Lynch in


It was once said, "nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza." She hoped it was true as she packed her heart shaped suitcase in excitement for the adventure that awaited.

The Plaza Hotel was the place of her dreams. All Fifth Avenue glamour. It's the kind of place you retire to after a day of cappuccinos and couture shopping. The Plaza first opened it's doors on October 1, 1907 in a flurry of impressive reviews in the most fashionable residential section of New York City.

They checked in early, walking through a front door of timeless chandeliers, already at a loss for where the concierge was. It had all the glory of a French chateau, and the prince and princesses were ready to check into their castle.

They settled on a 16th floor suite with a view of Fifth Avenue. Taking the golden elevator all the way up, the butler dropped their bags in the door and they promptly jumped onto the white bed, as soft and sinking as the sea.

She opened her heart suitcase and hung her dresses in the closet. A pastel blue dress, metallic platforms, a black bodysuit, a white bodysuit and a pink sequin gown for the most special of occasions. She also packed big necklaces of gold and silver and a tiara made of moon crystals.

There was a knock at the door. A special chocolate fudge cake had been delivered to their room with a bottle of french champagne. A card with her name in a heart lay atop the glass tray.

She slipped into her pink sparkle dress and crystal crown and took little bites of chocolate cake with a silver spoon, washed down with sips of bubbly champagne.

They began taking photos from the bed, then moved to the plush velvet baby blue chairs. The moved around all the fabulous furniture in the room, just like playing in a dollhouse. One of the dolls ordered an avocado sandwich, sat in the corner in her purple hair and purple dress, and had her own little tea party on the floor.

As the afternoon sun waned, they decided it would be a good idea to explore the rest of the hotel. They ran out of the room, brining along jewels and metallic shoes of all sorts. They snuck photos and giggles in the elevator, the lobby, and even the high tea room. They ran across red velvet rugs and caught the attention of everyone with their Royal Tenenbaums demeanor. They contemplated stealing a french telephone, but quickly dismissed that idea.

Upon returning to the room, they had more champagne delivered, chocolate covered strawberries and a tray of shrimp. It was the fanciest of fancy, the dream world made reality.

She felt the electricity of the champagne and decided to start changing her clothes. She threw her garments everywhere, trying on everything she had. He turned her crystal crown into a crown of flowers, and made her a princess skirt of black tool. They made a mess, but didn't mind at all. They hid in the sheer curtains and kissed in the bathroom. Happiness is something that cannot be touched or tasted, but she could feel it all around her.

The clock struck 7pm and the guests started to arrive. All of her beautiful friends dressed so lovely for the occasion. Their presence nearly melted her heart. It was like having everyone you love inside a giant castle of vanilla creaminess and melting in the sweetness of it all. They ordered even more french champagne and made a toast to the night, a toast to classic New York, a toast to artists and new friends. The night became a swirl of party games, spin the bottle, laughs and too many photographs. Kisses and large orders of room service. French fries, caviar, shrimp, whipped cream, and anything of the like was delivered to their door throughout the night. Then, they all decided to take a bubble bath as they laughed and listened to music. Luckily when you're staying at a palace, there's enough white plush towels to go around. Everything smelled like lavender and bubbles.

It was getting late, and as guests said their goodbyes, she stepped over piles of pink confetti to fall into her white-sea bed. She cuddled between people she adored very much, and felt as happy as a french princess.

All girls should live at The Plaza Hotel, or at least pretend to.

x x

white helix strapless dress by Nasty Gal

the rio one piece by Lee and Lani from Nasty Gal

just blue it dress by Nasty Gal

pink sequin vanna dress by Nasty Gal

skips a beat black bodysuit by Nasty Gal

metallic platforms by Giuseppe

photographer Jen Senn

art director David Aronson

makeup + hair Kayti Hurd 

Summer of Vans

by Rachel Lynch in

9A copy4A copy8A copy10A copy

11A copy 13 copy 14 copy 15 copy 16 copy 16A copy 18A copy 19A copy 20A copy 21A copy 23A copy 24A copy 25A copy 26A copy etblondeI was lucky enough to spend a summer night out in Brooklyn with Vans last week. I didn't have to go very far from my house to get there. (yay!) So my girls and I got a cheesy grocery store disposable camera and decided to photograph the night. We captured a little too much silliness, after the bands played at House of Vans, we jumped in a car to the West Village and got silly at one of my friend's bars. It was a really fun night ended in Game of Thrones slumber party (always). Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying summer as much as I am! New York is a fantastic place to be for these warm months and I am so fortune to call it home.

x x

rainbow playsuit by Nasty Gal

pink alien backpack by Dolls Kill

of all the rainbow girls

by Rachel Lynch in

P1050644 P1050645 P1050680 P1050684 P1050693 P1050702 P1050722 P1050732 P1050734 P1050736 P1050764 P1050767Of all the rainbow girls that swim around, you are singing freely. We arrive in a sea of blue, she changes all your plans. Cloudy in the mind, like the aqua sunrise. The teal that tries to sneak out, she runs around. She's just playing. The charm of the heart.

She took off her glasses in the sunset. Hearts hiding smiles of deep blue. Staring into a smile of the eyes. Paradise is a playground.

 rainbow romper by Nasty Gal

charm bracelet by Katie Dean

photos by Kristen Wrzesniewski


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IMG_4107 copyIMG_4174 copyIMG_4246 copyIMG_4150 copyIMG_4148 copyIMG_4143 copyIMG_4128 copyIMG_4122 copyIMG_4075 copyIMG_4037 copycake2cake1I heard your best friend say, "you shouldn't have treated her that way, you could've been a little bit kinder." He didn't send you no note, didn't give you no gift. He didn't even try to find ya.

Well, that's too bad, too bad, too bad on your birthday.

You were my love once, it lasted several months. And I was in love, even blinder. When you left me I cried, all my tears haven't dried. So I'm leavin' this little reminder.

And now you're the girl with cake on her face. Yeah, you're the one who's crying. Blow out the candles and make a wish.

I said it's too bad, too bad on your birthday.

I officially turn 23 today! I had the most magical birthday party of my life last night at the Plaza Hotel in Central Park South. With a great team, I shot an editorial that I can't wait to share with you all. I am surrounded by so much love, I don't know what I did to deserve it. Life keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, and I am forever grateful.

x x

photos by Kayti Hurd

Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge

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r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 r10 r11 r21 r22 r23 r1After I saw Religion's presentation last fashion week, I knew I wanted to feature some of their pieces on my blog. Slowly becoming one of my favorite labels, Religion uses black and white to create a lot of elegance. I'm dreaming of getting my hands on one of their white leather jackets and menswear backpacks.

Here, I am wearing their full length forest gown that's printed in an amazing black and white. The material is so soft and I adore the short sleeves. This is perfect casual lux and I honestly see this piece as being for a night out or running around doing errands in the city.

I hope you all have an excellent day and play dress up (even if it's for no one but yourself!)

x x

dress by RELIGION

photos by MDL

Mandarin & General

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d1 d3 d4 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9 d10 d11 d12 d13 d14 d15 d16 d17 d18 d19 d20 d21 d22 d23 d24 d25 d26 d27 d28 d30Last week, I was over at Omen PR in Soho and pulled this really cool two-piece set and jacket from Mandarin & General. They are a New york based contemporary women's wear line. I love the cut of the shorts and the shirt, they are really easy to wear. I feel like these two pieces are good if you're trying to dress classy, but still want to keep it causal. I also paired it will my favorite pair of gladiator sandals because I think it pulls the look together perfectly. How do you guys feel about two piece sets? I want to hear how you would style this!

Have a beautiful day!

x x

shorts + top + jacket by Mandarin & General

photos by MDL

the honey moon

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_MG_7578 _MG_7462 _MG_7477 _MG_7542 _MG_7545 _MG_7576 _MG_7507 _MG_7516 _MG_7523 _MG_7534 _MG_7457 _MG_7469Friday the 13th settles upon the city, a honey moon or rare size and beauty rises in the east. Natural phenomenon and super moon vibes, this is when the moon is closets to the earth. Lunar perigee. Summer nights are warm and enjoyable, you find yourself daydreaming more. Dream journals filled with illustrations and stories of your heart's deepest desires. When your heart knows something is right and you follow your heart, you experience progress and growth. Your dreams are created with the same body and the same brain as is the rest of your perceptual world. It is all yours -- you do not leave every night and take on a new brain to experience your nighttime reality. I believe your dreams do not reveal things about you but that they are you. Bathing in the moonlight, dream under the honey moon.

Like the moon, your dreams are something very near to you, already in your mouth and in your heart, you have only to carry it out.

happy honey moon my loves!

x x

crystal quartz moon headpiece by Stone Cooper

dress by Harare

photos by Emma Lauren

deep sea divers

by Rachel Lynch in

deepsea5deepsea1deepsea2deepsea6deepsea3deepsea4deepsea7deepsea8We were deep sea divers, on another man's planet. And I fell for you hard babe, but I never quite landed. Lights smother this city. Falling into the darkest of minds, busy building castles for a dead man. It's like I'm stuck in the air, product of the sky. Chasing clouds and hoping they lead a trail to you.

He's the shipwreck, and she's the sea. Peace is dead and evil lives. A life slips through the sands of time, through the hands of the cosmos. It's hard to tell the difference between what's dissolved in the sea, and the sea itself. The difference between reality, and the workings of the heart. 

But the light can make everything feel beautiful. Emerson said, "The whole course of things goes to teach us faith." She soon learned that the petty tyrants in her life were just as divine as those who provide her with encouragement and support. She learned to transcend. The unfortunate and evil are our greatest teachers. All that you were exposed to was in divine order. 

devil swimsuit + shoes by Nastygal

photos by Stylefeen

inspired by "deep sea diver" by Angel Haze

Coca-Cola Blonde

by Rachel Lynch in

54280026 copy54280023 copy54280019 copy54280005 copy54280017 copy54280016 copy54280014 copy54280013 copy54280012 copy54280011 copy54280009 copy54280008 copy54280001 copyMagic in a bottle, Brooklyn Lolita. Red shades and red lips, ready for a sunny afternoon on top of the world. It's all stardust and smiles, thigh-highs for miles. She was Lo, plain-Lo in the sunshine. Three taps of the toe, and cherries in her teeth. Strawberry gummies and soda pop. Blonde charms. She moves in her own way.

speak of the devil swimsuit by Nasty Gal

die-heart fan shades by Nasty Gal

moon sunnies by Wildfox Couture

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

film photos by Kayti Hurd 

Night by Night

by Rachel Lynch in

night2 night3 night4 night6 night7 night8 night9 night10 night12 night13 night20 night21 night22 night23 night24 night25 night26 night27 night28 night29 night31 night32 night33 night34 night35 night36 night39 night40 night41 night42 night43 night44 night45 night46 night47 night48 night51 night52 night53 night54 night55night49Come on girl, take the night off from dreaming and ride with me. Speeding over the Brooklyn Bridge and into the Manhattan skyline. Arrive at apartment 6C on the Lower East Side. Walk up, wine and playing dress up in the mirror. Red lips and vintage sequin garments on the floor. Curled hair, blonde locks and switching between sipping pink wine, and peeking at your look in the bathroom mirror. All dressed and ready for adventure, first stop the Bowery Hotel.

Boutique vibes and a burning fireplace, walk right up to the person in charge and demand a table. You pretend you're a hotel guest, and slip to the back. St Germaine champagne, $30 dollars a glass. Velvet chairs and Mona Lisa vibes, we're all smiles and class. Blonde hair hanging in the velvet ropes, boney arms and boots. Gold rings and empty glasses, it's on to the next location.

Glide inside a Moroccan restaurant on the Bowery, a glass of Rose and fresh hummus. The place was filled with glowing lights and red rugs you'll never be able to steal for your studio flat. We twist in our chairs and talk about our personal histories. None of us attached to anything in our past, we're ready for night adventure. Barley twenty-something and dripping in all that Manhattan has to offer, we take up the entire sidewalk with our giggles. Lovers in gold, blush.

Running around outside like wild East Village youth, we stop for M&M's and sit atop other people's Japanese motorcycles. She looks so cool in her new camaro, all teal and racing stripes. Slide your body across the top and smoke your cigarettes at the stars. Drunk on the feeling that we are gonna win, spirits and warm smoke circles. Got to think it off your mind. We run into a castle, swing our legs across the superb gold detail and sink into the velvet chairs. Hanging from a chandelier, we hear a sound over on Avenue A, and take off running.

The rhythm was all they needed to hear, they skipped the line and climbed five flights of rainbow stairs to the dance floor. And they danced their way into the night, through palm trees and djs and red-stained makeout sessions. Come close, nobody cares what's going on inside that mind. Hung in the feeling. Now the sound of loving is all they hear, as they cast themselves back inside before the New York sunrise. Got to keep it all in line.

sequin dress by Nasty Gal

photos by Jen Senn

Talk is Cheap

by Rachel Lynch in

rack10rack8rack6rack9rack7rack4rack3rack5rack1rack11Talk is cheap, my darling. You have to feel it on your own. The smiles, the city, the smells - you have to feel it all on your own. You have to soak it up with your own sweat and sight, even if it takes a million subways to get there. Life cannot be read or heard, it can only be felt immensely, swallowing, and intoxicating with one's own self.

Just some of my Monday thoughts for you guys, a little peak into my Sunday-night journal. I'm sort of in love with these star shoes by T.U.K., I feel like they match my spirit! May you all have a magical and blessed start to your week.<3 xx

star shoes by T.U.K. footwear

jacket by Minty Jungle 

smile bag by Minty Jungle

shorts by Lip Service

photos by Stylefeen

Minty Jungle

by Rachel Lynch in

mintyjunglr4 mintyjungle11 mintyjungle1 mintyjungle2 mintyjungle3 mintyjungle5 mintyjunglr9 mintyjungle6 mintyjungle7 mintyjungle8Lost blonde in the Minty Jungle. Jungle hair and warrior crop tops. Amazon vibes and leather details. High in the clouds. In it to win it and stuntin in sky colors. Appearing in magic. Metallic metals and reflective blues, it's summer in the city.

clash leather chiffon jacket by Minty Jungle

Tie Dye Chiffon Shorts by Minty Jungle

Happy Daze Cross-body bag by Minty Jungle

woody boot by T.U.K. Shoes

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Stylefeen

Make-up + Hair by Kayti Hurd


by Rachel Lynch in

har1 har2 har3 har4 har5Last week I stopped by Omen down in Soho. They let me browse through the racks of some of their top designers. I was really into this red leather dress by Harare. They are a young label out of NYC and I had attended their show during last fashion week. I love the quality of the pieces as well as the materials they use. (I mean, I'm a true sucker for anything leather!) Omen only represents the baddest in the game (they have a pentagram in the middle of their office floor) so I'm stoked to be working with them to bring you some sick dark looks over the next few weeks.

x x

red leather dress by Harare

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Derrick Lipschitz

Pretty in Peach at the Plaza Hotel

by Rachel Lynch in

50850034 copy50850036 copyheroine50850027 copy50850029 copy50850031 copy50850032 copy50850033 copy50850038 copyk450850009 copy50850019 copy50850021 copy50850025 copy50850026 copy50850014 copy50850017 copyk1k2

Pretty in peach. She escaped to the Plaza Hotel with flowers in her hair and flowers in her boots. Princess peach with blonde curls. Eluding the feelings of her first teen heartbreak, she promised to stay away from LA for a while. Too many boys in rock bands, too many broken hearts. She threw daises from her Brooklyn rooftop garden in her pink bag and headed uptown. Check in with her magical unicorn girlfriend just in time for tea. Sipping from gold porcelain cups under the crystal chandeliers, they dreamed about where they would go from here. They spoke of movies, fashion houses and roles in Broadway plays. New York was truly limitless, it was her oyster.

She was usually an adventurous little blonde, but not today. No, today she wanted to curl up in the white sheets of her hotel bed and heal her heartbreak in porcelain bubble baths and room service.

Angel of blonde tears and peach stars, she slipped off her boots and fell into a tub of lavender bubbles. A few of the flowers from her boots even slipped into the tub with her. It was a Monday, but she was in no mood to join the waking and working world. She much preferred to slip into the dreamland of her magical mind. Big New York City dreams were alive and spinning inside her head. She knew this heartbreak would not be her last, but it hurt like the end of the world. It brought tears of blue mascara dripping down her cheeks and into her bath. The crying felt healing, almost divine. The ability to feel everything was so beautiful, something she had not tried before.

Feeling clean from the bath, she dove her skin into the white sheets and snuggled her face into the stark white pillows. Bare skin, star sweater on the floor. She knew today was the first of many days of healing. Closing her watery blue eyes, she knew now it was better to have loved with everything she had, then to never have loved at all.

sweater, bag, sunnies by Wildfox

white thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell

hair + makeup / photos by Kayti Hurd

All Over You

by Rachel Lynch in

alloveryou1 alloveryou2 alloveryou3 alloveryou4 alloveryou5 alloveryou6 alloveryou7 alloveryou8

We never had a sense of there being a right or a wrong side of the room. She had razor sharp wit, a slighting sardonic drawl that comes with having lived a thoroughly adult life since her early teens. She had self-assurance by the bucket-load, but emanated it as charm rather than ego. We curled up in the Bowery Hotel's soft king bed and made sad faces when we had to leave it for our studio sublet.

Things are not what they seem. After a year of romance, she learned that he was capable of absolutely anything except moderation. Even when he wanted to rein himself in, whatever was building inside -- passion, inspiration, aggravation, hilarity -- inevitably came fire-hosing out. Artistic luminaries are often this way, detached and aloof to the feelings of their lovers.

She smells of midnight, barefoot in a baggy sweater. Another night of of watching him sink slowly into an oblivion of fear and chemicals. Inebriated as you can get off your latest sold painting. "Unlike you, I'm not afraid of life, or my passions," she said. Now begins the falling out, the shifting sands into courage. The courage to detach from the need to hold on to people and things. In essence, you can never own anyone or anything anyway.

bell bottoms by Lip Service Cult

metal bustier by UNIF

tights by Pretty Polly

charm bracelet and rings by Katie Dean

photos by Raymond Croft