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Black panther blonde girl. Dame de mort and black rose crown. When it got to wild in the west, she ran away to Paris to wear big hats and dance with boys. She hadn't been back since she went to school there as a young girl, smoking extra skinny cigarettes outside her classroom doors and doodling medical designs.

It was time to give birth to the soul again, a little death, a little escape -- that petite mort. 

black flower crown DIY

black circle sunglasses by Wildfox

black panther sweatshirt  from Dolls Kill 

Alize boots by Dr Marten 

photos by JagLever


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Blonde bangs it out for a colder NYC  in studded booties, black shades and a mohair sweater. I think I've found my perfect look for running from subway to subway this winter. The Dr Marten mohair sweater is exceptionally warm and the stud booties are perfect for day meetings/ extremely easy to get around in. Always keeping a black pair of shades on helps you fly under the radar.

What are your November nececities? Have you looked at Dr Martens boots if you're going to be braving the snow? Where are you getting a winter jacket from? (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one!)

mohair sweater by Dr Marten

studded Alize booties by Dr Marten

sunglasses by Celine 

photos by Rich Little Poor Boys