I Luh Ya Papi

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I Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeI Hate Blonde "Pull your trigger, go and get your gun off. Gonna tie my hair up top. Put a pin in it, now I'm ready, let it rock. Keep it number 1, that's easy mathematics. If you wanna kill the body, gotta start with the head.  Got a girl catching feelings. I'm loving me some you. Started from the bottom, then we went roof. " 

A-List Swimsuit by Dar be Dar

Armageden Platform Bootie by Akira

photos by Brittanny Taylor

french hotels and summer in the city

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Last week I spent the day sneaking into French Hotels and running around Chicago's Gold Coast with the lovely, Mariah Naella. Akira let me choose a few pieces from their store that I thought were perfect for summer. Needless to say, I'm in love with the little green tie romper. A couple days ago I threw it on for a date with a green butterfly in my hair. It's low-key, but still very put together. The cream dress is really wonderful as well, I wore it out to the Owl Bar a few nights ago with little Dolce Vita ankle boots. It's been hard in New York because it's been too hot to make anything look chic, but we're trying. I recommend Akira's site for cute basic dresses and tops to keep you cool and put together for the rest of this hot, hot July! xx

sheer button front dress by Shop Akira

strapless peplum top in mint by Shop Akira

tie front romper in emerald by Shop Akira

all jewelry by Dalliance Accessories 

blue rose crown by Roses and Clementines 

photos by Mariah Naella


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blonde16 blondefunhouse17 blondelookbook11 blondeshop14blonde77 blondeedit7 blondeimage3 blondeimage5blonde19shopblonde13blondestore18 blondefunhouse26 blondefunhouse27 blondehouse28 blondeimage1 blondefunhouse25 blondeshop24blondestore22 blondestore23

Welcome inside the Blonde Fun House, where the wild girls wear fur and things go bump in the night. Too many toys and rainbow jewels covering the halls. Champagne pouring on the white sofa and sitting down to a rainbow candy diet. Sunglasses at night and golden pumps on the spiral staircase, we're seeing through kaleidoscopes. We are the wild ones, we are the blondes. 

What's up my sexy ladies? I'm so excited to announce that now you can shop items hand-picked by me through my new online store! I went on an awesome secret buying mission a little bit ago and picked out some goodies that are now for sale. This is a soft launch, there are only a few of each item... we'll be adding a lot more in a few weeks. Anyways, we had a dope time creating this lookbook and the entire team was so wonderful to work with. 

So check out my new online store, and start playing this summer in the fun house <3 


rainbow bright necklace by shop blonde

the garden floral skirt by shop blonde

yellow mellow child pleat skirt by shop blonde

pink pleat skirt by shop blonde

bone moto jacket by shop blonde

electric blonde pants by shop blonde

white Marilyn dress by shop blonde

gold eclipse bustier by magical wonderland

purple floral bustier by magical wonderland 

silver fantasy bra by magical wonderland 

set design by Jacquelin Stanford

make up and hair by Lisa Heitman

William, It Was Really Nothing

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IMG_9529 IMG_9544 RachelRichardson

William, it was really nothing. I'm in a high rise where I'll just stretch out and wait. My mind is at peace at the top of the city. I could fall 42 stories to the concrete, but I'm not thinking about that now. I'm not happy and I'm not sad. Will the world end when we fall asleep? Stream of consciousness to the Smiths.

panic on the streets of London sweater by Sheinside 

Jeffrey Campbell Hell Yes Boot from Shop Akira

photos by Brandon Farrington