American Hustle

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IMG_5851 copy IMG_5758 copy IMG_5778 copy IMG_5762 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5802 copy IMG_5783 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5803 copy IMG_5805 copy stella IMG_5833 copyLittle girl knocking at your door at midnight, blasting the Rolling Stones in lace ups. Sweet sixteen and leather boots, the kind iggy pop would of written a song about. Funky body and soul. She's here to break your heart and take your wallet. Strawberry space explosion.

saturn crop top by Jac Vanek

sequin disco shorts from Rock Refinery

salem boot by UNIF

yellow fur coat by Bitching and Junkfood

photos by Shooka

Los Angeles Sticker Club

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stickerclubsundays 2A copy 4A copy la1 la2 1A copy la3 la4 la5Sticker Club Sundays. Fun spent in the back of a pizza parlor, collecting glitter smiles and sipping soda. Sunday feels off, so we make of it what we can, with pizza, fries, candy and disposable cameras. There is an emptiness on Sunday. An emptiness that can't be filled by silver napkin holders or clear soda straws. But we do our best, we sulk in junk food and overdose on Netflix. America on high, those days we can't seem to get creative.

LA ME tee by Too Ugly for L.A.

sunglasses by Wildfox

bitch relax hat by Miss KL 

dip-dye jacket by Chaser


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asif12asif11asif10asif7asif6asif5asif4asif3asif2asif1AS IF!

I don't know about you, but my life feels like one giant crop top lately. Like, I can't stop wearing them. I don't know what's wrong with me. And I don't know if this is a fashion faux pas or a 90s stroke of genius.

The only thing that gives me slight hope is that Alexander Wang made some killer crops recently, and let's face it, that man can do no wrong. If he considers a nude leather crop top a necessary basic, then my eccentric collection of rainbow ones are ok, right?

Right. That's what I thought.

Winter may be coming, but that doesn't mean we have to hide our bodies. Be chic, be slutty, be you.

AS IF crop top by Dimepiece 

Sparkle pink shorts by 0-Mighty Weekend

rainbow monster fur jacket by Nastygal

sunglasses by Quay

photos by Fernando Gcervantes


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IMG_3164 copy IMG_3168 copy IMG_3296 copy IMG_3254 copy IMG_3255 copy IMG_3256 copy IMG_3257 copy IMG_3265 copyIMG_3278 copy IMG_3282 copy IMG_3349 copyDJ V3NUS in the club. Spinning music from the home planet. Sea shell top and leather bottoms, get with me. I can't help the way I'm feeling. I can't help but keep on dancing. Take me to your planet, take me to your leader. Could this be spooky out of this world love? Nothing's more haunting then a couple of aliens who don't belong here.

wine leather bustier by Nastygal

leather shorst by Nastygal

Bad belt by This is a Love Song

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

cat glasses by Zero UV

photos by Shooka

always coming back home to you

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IMG_7915 IMG_7953 IMG_8037

He held the register open while he counted her change. Running through the aisles of the Duane Reade. Knocking over candy and chips. Swear to God, wild nights here were my genesis. I stepped out into Union Square and thought; I got drunk, I made love, I got beat up in the spot. I've roamed this city through heat and three feet of snow. Some night the roads become empty and the people disappear. You can think for a second. You can feel an exceptional level of gratitude. Yet with all the thankfulness in my heart, I know I will never grasp it. My love for this city is too vast, and she is too confusing a lover, although her streets remain the same day after day. And sometimes New York is dope, for not what you have here, but what you don't. You work hard for nothing, but I don't think it's exactly nothing. You're getting something, it's just not tangible. We understand what it means to work for something you can't hold here. And we're okay with that. So I walk home with the sun on my back. It's the only culture I've got, bodegas and brick walls. These alleyways and streets have seen my best days. Enter subway, 6 train left. Dear New York, I'm always coming back home to you.

custom dungarees by Waitse

boots by Demoina 

sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by  Lauren Engel 

your heart is a rhythm

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IMG_1813 copy IMG_1791 copy IMG_1795 copy IMG_1787 copy IMG_1803 copyyour heart is a rhythm. smiling and dancing to the rhythm, you go about life. you go about it with an intense love. a love so real you cannot help but give it to everyone you meet. and you're not just in love with the people you encounter. you're in love with the world itself. every street corner, every tagged wall, every shop and chained fence. you get off the subway and step out into the new york city night. it never gets old. the street lights, the people speeding, the lovers parting, the breathing. it's all inside you. the lights, the moon, the moving cars, you feel it in your innermost being, your heart. sometimes, it leaves you breathless. you are overwhelmed and grateful. it is all so much a part of you that you cannot even bear the blinking thought of parting from it.

ombre chiffon long high-low dress by Jordan Taylor

pink sunnies by Karen Walker

pink shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

photos by Jaglever


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Are you feeling like a creature lately? Yeah, me too. Here's a way to get the easy alien look, throw on a outer space tee with some wild 60's esque print leggings and sunglasses that cover your face.

And speaking of sunglasses, me and these pink alien frames should probably part ways soon but, I like can't.. I'm obsessed. I'm saving up to get some new Jeremy Scott X Linda Farrow's soon/ maybe some new Karen Walkers. What are your favorite huge sunglasses right now?

Happy Monday Aliens


alien tee by Our Prince of Piece

andy warhol gun leggings by Poprageous

neon shorts by Our Prince of Piece

yellow ying-yang beanie by Our Prince of Peace

pink kitten sunglasses by Wildfox


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nastygal111nastygal1nastygal2nastygal16IMG_9456 copyIMG_9462 copynastygal111-1IMG_9445 copyIMG_9464 copyIMG_9423 copyIMG_9410 copyIMG_9424 copynasty11nasty12nastygal7nastygal5 copynastygalp345IMG_9475 copyIMG_9492 copynastygalpafter34nastygalp46nastypp

When I heard NastyGal was having a fashion week party, I was down. When I heard the party was in Brooklyn, I was even more down… I'm into not having to travel far. My girl Shooka has just landed and booked in a cab over to my place, where all I did to get ready was put my glitter platforms back on. It had been a long day of shows at Lincoln, but I was ready to have a little alien fun.
I got to have drinks and dance with my favorite bloggers: JagLever, Worn Out, Feral Creature, Lust for Life and Snakes Nest.
Stop asking, keep dancing. It was really nice to finally hang with Fereal Creature in real life, Shooka and I felt like we had known her since birth (which equaled a week long streak of fashion mischief.) We hung outside for way too long/maybe spent half the party there… but since I rocked fashion week with Njoy, I had to show off all my new fancy e-cigs, #chic. Aliens with e-cigs is a new concept, but I'm like sort of into it.
It's extra #chic because Njoy got me access to exclusive events like the Desigual runway show, the Charlotte Ronson show , the Style 369 after party, as well as The Cut's official after party, where I showed up looking like an alien. I'd apologize for it, but I don't think I have too.. It's New York after all, where we do whatever the fuck we want.
ecigs by Njoy
rainbow lakehouse tee by Wildfox
pink kitten frames by Wildfox
glitter platforms by Demoina

ELECTRIC RASPBERRY X I HATE BLONDE : the last sleepover of summer

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Summer is drawing to a close. Endless afternoons sneaking onto rooftop pools, sipping watermelon juice, and kissing the mirrors of country club powder rooms.
Hopping on their skateboards, collecting sunflowers, chewing Bubble Tape.
Holding hands and laughing ‘til tiny tears trickle down past their sun-kissed cheeks.
It’s been perfect.
But they’re all too aware that soon the autumn clouds will loom overhead.
They’ll bundle up beneath thick turtlenecks and sip hot chocolate at the corner bookstore. They’ll carve pumpkins and dip caramel apples. They’re excited for Fall, but for now, they relish in the last stretch of their coveted heat wave.
One last sleepover to ice their summer cake.
In their apartment, playing dress-up. Never too old to play pretend.
Pink platforms, strawberry Pocky. Champagne and martinis, Clueless on repeat.
Dreaming big. They’ve spent the last of their savings. They don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re going. But, they know for sure that they’ll be there together, wherever “there” is.
Out on the streets of New York, well past 3 a.m.- hunting for pizza, of course.
They grab two slices and lay out under the stars.
Finding constellations and mapping out their plans.
Plans for a forever friendship, for endless love, and for unforgettable memories.
Living life the way they’d always hoped they would. Fun and free.
summer daisy crop top by Kiley Kouture 
electric metallic leggings by Kiley Kouture 
bitch pink wildfox tee from Kiley Kouture 
shopping is my cardio sleepy tee by Wildfox Couture
say yes tee by Wildfox Couture  
alien blue space shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
words and collaboration with Electric Raspberry
photos by The Worn Out  

Say YES to house parties

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Say YES to house parties! The club kids are back with 90s swagger. A rainbow gang of platforms, studs and lace. We are the teen dream, living downtown with more DJ friends than we know what to do with. We can dance and laugh all night long. We celebrate life because it's summer and being young is so good. Electric music and a house full of dressed-up nonsense. We don't mean any of it. We just wanna have a good time and dance all night.

say yes rainbow shirt by Wildfox

paris arm cuff by Samii Ryan

shorts by Tripp NYC

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

fuck with aliens, you know we got it

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smile1 smile2 smile3smile4 smile5 smile6smile7 smile8smile9 smile10smile12 smile14 smile15 smile17smile18 smile20

Landing on planet Brooklyn, there's new rules in effect. If Barbie was an alien, she'd be yours truly, tucked away in her castle watching horror movies. I'm on top of a roof in Williamsburg, screaming, "get the fuck up out my way bitch." Hip-hop is my home, I have my shoes off. And if the Moon is the farthest that man's willing to go, then i'm gonna one up him. Hello Mars. And I don't know what I'm running from, but I'm running still. I tell them all what they're missing as I watch it unfold. Dancing up in the clouds, then landing back in my bedroom looking in the mirror like, "How'd I get this red dot on my head?"

the vegan leather bustier dress by Miss KL

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF  

the halfmoon magic sunglasses in black by Le Specs

the eyesee choker by UNIF

the goner shoe in black by UNIF

photos by Tessa Swag


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alien2alien3alien6alien1alien7 alien9alien4alien10alien11 IMG_6329 copyalien13 aliens8 aliens14

We can make the world stop. We run around wild, but find rest to the sound of emancipator in your bed. You wish you were the girl. Cold shoulders, hearts on fire. Once upon a time there was a girl, who lived on a planet that no longer exists. On this planet, everything was discovered and everything was possible. She had a castle in a tree. She made diamonds from stones and gave them to her friends. She didn't want anything. She was happy being wild and throwing her bed on the floor to the sounds of violins in the sky. At the end of the day, she'd collapse into it like a wave that reaches the shore. She had fulfilled her mission, she had completed her purpose. She found rest in knowing that she had done enough. In fact, she herself, was enough.

stay weird 


beam me up beach cover up by wear declared

cheap date crop top by wear declared

logo beanie by wear declared

hologram sunnies by wear declared

photos by Worn Out


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thealienpartypaty13 party2 party3 party6IMG_5314 copy party7 party10 part5 party1 IMG_5310 copy sjfh

Wild like aliens, out of this world. Everything I know says to fly.  I've been enjoying summer days and nights with my friends so much. They're all so creative and full of life. It's refreshing to be in a city surrounded by healing love and artistic spirits.

spike black top by UNIF

red moto shorts by UNIF

spike shoes by UNIF 

lullaby, let it fly

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asif1magic1 nightmare2 lullayby1 nightmare3sun1 nightmare5

Lullaby, let it fly. Hearts on fire, little nightmare lolita. I spend my days telling love stories that I lived in Los Angeles. You make me want to burn in the sun. She had known happiness, it light through her like the dusk. The sun falls back into the sky and you're way beyond the waves. The blue fell out of the sea and the sun came down in billows of lemons. She tasted the sky, and it was enough.

AS IF sweater by Wildfox Couture

Granny sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

sunhat by American Apparel 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka 

She is dusk, She is dawn

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vibes2 vibes1 vibes3 IMG_4675 copyvibes6 IMG_4705 copy vibes8If this world stops burning brightly for us, then we shall create a new world. We shall give it walls, and curtains, and bedsheets and carpets. We shall decorate it in a grand, ornate matter and match our silverware to the sun. Have you ever been that girl that felt so alive? That burned so bright because she bled herself with every word. She gave the world virtually everything she had, and it gave it right back to her. She vibrated with the treasures of the earth and wished to posses nothing. Everything she had, she gave it all away. Whatever she did, she did with all her heart. And so they said, "she is dusk, she is dawn, she is vibes."


pink crop top by iamvibes

granny sunglasses by wildfox

floral shorts by nastygal

cream sunhat by american apparel 

human alien shoes by jeffrey campbell

photos by Sh0oka


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weird1 cali1 weird3

What do we have here? People want to know how we can be this weird. It's nothing new. I just never needed permission, went out and lived the life that I chose. Do what you do for the fuck of it, for the love of it. You don't need anyone to tell you it's okay. Take pride in being different, wild and free.

silver sunnies by Quay

Simpsons crop top by  O-Mighty

white zip shorts by Nastygal

leather hat from Owen NYC 

shoes by Demoina


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dirtylittlehearts2 followyouwhereeveryourmindgo1dirtylittlehearts<31 dirtylittlehearts1 IMG_4346 copy movies1 movies2dirtylittlehearts3 highlife1 IMG_4339 copy prettylittlehearts5Dirty little hearts. Dirty little girl in her dirty little life. Dirty little thoughts in her dirty little mind. Dirty little lips, dirty little lies. Summer of love. What would I have to do to call you mine? 21 years young, and living to die. Watching movies with the sound off. We're making magic for the fuck of it. Still eating gummy bear vitamins and frozen popsicles. Now the world's in color. She tastes like a tangerine. People wanna know how we can be that weird. We just keep on living with our appetite for sweet, sweet adventure.

red circle sunglasses vintage from Becon's Closet (Brooklyn)

red heart lenon sweater by Wildfox Couture

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka


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blonde16 blondefunhouse17 blondelookbook11 blondeshop14blonde77 blondeedit7 blondeimage3 blondeimage5blonde19shopblonde13blondestore18 blondefunhouse26 blondefunhouse27 blondehouse28 blondeimage1 blondefunhouse25 blondeshop24blondestore22 blondestore23

Welcome inside the Blonde Fun House, where the wild girls wear fur and things go bump in the night. Too many toys and rainbow jewels covering the halls. Champagne pouring on the white sofa and sitting down to a rainbow candy diet. Sunglasses at night and golden pumps on the spiral staircase, we're seeing through kaleidoscopes. We are the wild ones, we are the blondes. 

What's up my sexy ladies? I'm so excited to announce that now you can shop items hand-picked by me through my new online store! I went on an awesome secret buying mission a little bit ago and picked out some goodies that are now for sale. This is a soft launch, there are only a few of each item... we'll be adding a lot more in a few weeks. Anyways, we had a dope time creating this lookbook and the entire team was so wonderful to work with. 

So check out my new online store, and start playing this summer in the fun house <3 


rainbow bright necklace by shop blonde

the garden floral skirt by shop blonde

yellow mellow child pleat skirt by shop blonde

pink pleat skirt by shop blonde

bone moto jacket by shop blonde

electric blonde pants by shop blonde

white Marilyn dress by shop blonde

gold eclipse bustier by magical wonderland

purple floral bustier by magical wonderland 

silver fantasy bra by magical wonderland 

set design by Jacquelin Stanford

make up and hair by Lisa Heitman

west village smile

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IMG_3461 copy IMG_3462 copy IMG_3466 copy IMG_3468 copy IMG_3469 copy IMG_3493 copy IMG_3456 copy smile1 smile6 smile7IMG_3541 copy IMG_3542 copy IMG_3554 copy IMG_3556 copyIMG_3566 copy IMG_3571 copy IMG_3573 copy

West village smile. Last week I wandered around the West Village with my best friend and fellow blogger, Tom Kivell. This is probably one of my most exciting shoots. During the first place we shot, we got in the way of Sarah Jessica Parker while she was walking out of her house. I literally didn't speak for 20 minutes. Probably the first time I was officially star struck. Anyways, after we got over hanging with SJP, we wandered the cobble streets and bought leather hats at Owen. Then headed to the standard for a cocktail and oysters before retiring to Brooklyn for late night drinks in Mason jars. I love the difference of the two places, and how in New York, you can experience it all in one day.

smile sweater by Wildfox Couture 

lace stockings by Victoria Secret

Human Alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

leather hat by OWEN

mirror sunglasses by Nastygal 


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IMG_3112 copy IMG_3111 copyIMG_3106 copy IMG_3110 copy IMG_3127 copy IMG_3133 copy IMG_3136 copy IMG_3152 copy IMG_3160 copy IMG_3177 copy IMG_3179 copy IMG_3224 copyIMG_3287 copy shopm1 IMG_3288 copy

Girls who skate. No fucks given since 91'. Dating DJs and painting the park with glitter. Making boys fall and tripping bitches. Rap music covered in mirror sunnies. Vintage dresses, channeling my inner Reality Bites. 90s love on lock. Kissing girls behind the bleachers and reading classic novels. She rode in on a skateboard and out with her hat twisted back.

Reality bites rose dress by Moira Noree Vintage

summer rose halter top   by Moira Noree Vintage

little disco shorts by Moira Noree Vintage

electric blue sweater by Moira Noree Vintage