divinity ghosts

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81210016 copy81210017 copy81210020 copy81210001 copy81210015 copy81210004 copy81210022 copy81210024 copyalllandcrabsanddivinityghostsnowitch181210001 copy81210005 copynowitch2-2Magic on the lips of brooklyn babes. All dark eyelashes and divinity ghosts. Wooden swinging doors and southern food. Film rolls and hues of forest green. Escape to the wild. A soul on the road. The journey lies within, but it takes place on many different sets. No man is a sinking ship, just a sea. Wake up raspberry. If what you do and what you say are congruent, you have a better chance of finding the living part. It's too big of a world to give up now.

Arizona tank by Nasty Gal

denim shorts by Nasty Gal 

brown hat by Nasty Gal

photos David Aronson


here comes the sun

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DSC_9879 DSC_9826 DSC_9839 DSC_9842 DSC_9847 DSC_9858 skandl1 DSC_9848 DSC_9849Probably the most magical pair of bell bottoms I've ever owned, I feel like Marcia Brady.. not Jan. Mad 70s vibes all around, I've teamed up with the skandl to bring you my daisy dream outfit. I picture myself walking the halls of my high school in this in the 70s, blasting Steve Miller Band, Neil Young, Joe Walsh and the Temptations. With flowers in my hair out in the lunch yard, and cruising home along the water in springtime Detroit in my baby blue caddy. Making a picnic for my friends in my backyard, crushing on JFK and dreaming of what we're going to be when we grow up.

Anyways, enjoy day dreaming... you can get the look here!


electric daisy top

photos by Kohl Murdock

Los Angeles Sticker Club

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stickerclubsundays 2A copy 4A copy la1 la2 1A copy la3 la4 la5Sticker Club Sundays. Fun spent in the back of a pizza parlor, collecting glitter smiles and sipping soda. Sunday feels off, so we make of it what we can, with pizza, fries, candy and disposable cameras. There is an emptiness on Sunday. An emptiness that can't be filled by silver napkin holders or clear soda straws. But we do our best, we sulk in junk food and overdose on Netflix. America on high, those days we can't seem to get creative.

LA ME tee by Too Ugly for L.A.

sunglasses by Wildfox

bitch relax hat by Miss KL 

dip-dye jacket by Chaser


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IMG_3500 copy IMG_3504 copy IMG_3512 copy IMG_3514 copy IMG_3518 copy IMG_3523 copy IMG_3528 copyValley of the Blondes, show you bitches how to stunt. Magic pills, one will make you smaller, one will make you taller.  A blue one will take your pain away and a pink one will bring you swag. Go hard till you're the only thing they talk about. Show em' what New York about.

pill tee by Anchorsand

red fur jacket by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Jaglever


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IMG_1535 copy sun2 sun3 sun4 sun5Hey, what's the matter with your feel right? Don't you feel right? What's the matter with your mind and all your sighing?

Nothing's the matter with your head baby, find it, come on and find it. To hell with it baby, cause you're fine and your mine and you look so divine. So come and get your love.


redbone 1974 

mustard vest by topshop

skull mirror sunglasses by karen walker

beach house pants by American Apparel

photos by Jaglever